The Proper Rules for Fasting!

The Proper Rules for Fasting!

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Many People have Fasted and Failed at it: beCause of a Lack of “The Proper RULES for FASTING!” Moreover, some People have even DIED for not Knowing the RULES. Therefore, we can Honestly say that Ignorance Killed them! In Fact, Ignorance is one of the Worst Enemies of Mankind; but, it does not have to be your Enemy: because you can now Educate yourself with a Capital E, and thus have a Great Advantage over the Chief Enemy, who is the Devil, himself, even that Great Deceiver, who has Successfully Deceived ALL of Mankind, and Especially those Ignorant People who Sincerely Believe that they are NOT Deceived, who are often the Chief Fools in this World of Woes, who are Blinded by their PRIDE: beCause of their Learning, or education without a Capital E, who Vainly Imagine that they might be Equal with Moses, Elijah, David, Daniel, or even with Jesus Christ, himself, who all did a LOT of Fasting and Praying, whom we would all do Well to Imitate to some Degree, and Especially when it comes to FASTING: beCause Fasting is Nature’s ONE and ONLY Sure Cure for whatever might Ail us, when Combined with a Proper Natural and Spiritual Diet. Therefore, be Wise, O Man of Greater Faith, and Humble yourself by Means of Fasting and Praying, according to the RULES, until you become like an Innocent Child with a Pure Mind and a Clean Body, which is a Requirement for Entering into the Holy Kingdom of All that is GOOD; or, even for Obtaining True Happiness! Yes, Jesus said, “Except a Man should Humble himself by Means of Fasting and Praying, until he becomes like an Innocent Child with a Pure Mind and a Clean Body, he shall in no Way Enter into the Holy Kingdom of All that is Good.” — The Gospel According to Saint Bartholomew 29:37, NMV. But, of course, you do not have to Believe it, and you may even Mock it; but, the Truth cannot be Proven to be WRong by any Means, or else it would not be the Pure Truth. Therefore, Humble yourself and Confess the Whole Truth, whatever it might be about any given Subject: beCause that is the one and only Way that you can Escape from the Traditional Prison of Outlandish Lies, by Passing Through the Doorway of Confession, which Door is Locked and Unlocked by the KEY of the Nolij of ALL that is Good and Evil. And those are just SOME of the Wonderful Truths that you can Learn in the Inspired Books of our Elected King, who Speaks with Power and Authority from GOD — that is, from the Great Creator God of this World, who Designed every Body to Heal itself, and without the Assistance of Medical Snakes, nor the Venom that is Lodged within their Heads, who Strike at the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge with the Poisonous Fangs of Hate and Revenge: beCause his Inspired Words of Provable Truths THREATEN to put all of them OUT of Business! Yes, you might Think that that would be a BAD Idea; but, it would Save the Tax Slaves and Insurance Slaves of the World hundreds of Trillions of Dollars over the Years, and especially those American Work Slaves and Drug Slaves, who Waste an Average of 4 Trillion Dollars per Year on Drugs and so-called “Health Care,” and seem to be getting into Worse Conditions than ever: beCause of Ignoring Natural and Spiritual Dietary LAWS and RULES, whereby they are Gambling with their Lives, and for no Good Reason: beCause it is Possible and most Practical for them to Raise their Standard of Living by many Times, while Obtaining Good Health and True Happiness! Yes, it Requires some Self-Discipline, O ye Starfishes from Unholywoods, Californicate, and ye Money-hungry Crocodiles from the Swamps of New Yuck City; but, given Time, and you will Learn, O ye Black and White Speckled Chickens and Spiritual Cowards. Indeed, even the FBI Bloodhounds might also Learn, as well as the Infernal Revenue Snakes (IRS) in the District of Criminals, in Washington — at least we Hope so; but, the Chances of the Low Court of Supreme Injustices Repenting is very Slender.
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