Proceedings of the 1974 Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association <Pro>Proceedings of the 1974 Biennial Meeting Philosophy of Science Association.

Proceedings of the 1974 Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association <Pro>Proceedings of the 1974 Biennial Meeting Philosophy of Science Association. : Proceedings of the 1974 Biennial Meeting Philosophy of Science Association

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For this book, we have selected papers from symposia and contributed sessions at the fourth biennial meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, held at the University of Notre Dame on November 1-3, 1974. The meeting was lively and well-attended, and we regret that there was no way to record here the many stimulating discussions after the papers and during the informal hours. We also regret that we had in- sufficient space for all the contributed papers. Even more, some of the symposia were not available: those on systems and decision theory (c. W. Churchman, P. Suppes, I. Levi), and on the Marxist philosophy of science (M. W. Wartofsky, R. S. Cohen, E. N. Hiebert). Unhappily several individual contributions to other symposia were likewise not available: I. Velikovsky in the session on his own work and the politics of science, D. Finkelstein in the session on quantum logic. Memorial minutes were read for Alan Ross Anderson (prepared by Nuel Belnap) and for Imre Lakatos (prepared by Paul Feyerabend). They initiate this volume of philosophy of science in the mid-seventies.
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Table of contents

Symposium: the Unity of Science.- Unified Theories and Unified Science.- Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics and the Complexity of Reductions.- Theory Generalization, Problem Reduction and the Unity of Science.- Contributed Papers: Session I.- Galileo and Reasoning Ex Suppositione: The Methodology of the Two New Sciences.- The Erkenntnistheoretiker's Dilemma: J.B. Stallo's Attack on Atomism in his Concepts and Theories of Modern Physics (1881).- Symposium: Genetics, IQ and Education.- Fictionalism, Functionalism and Factor Analysis.- IQ, Heritability, and Human Nature.- The IQ Controversy and the Philosophy of Education.- Contributed Papers: Session II.- Evolutionary Rationality.- Laws and Meaning Postulates (in van Fraassen's View of Theories).- Meaning in Science and Mathematics.- Observationality and the Comparability of Theories.- Symposium: Science Education and the Philosophy of Science.- The Relevance of Philosophy of Science for Science Education.- Metaphorical Models of Mastery: Or, How to Learn to Do the Problems at the End of the Chapter of the Physics Textbook.- Philosophy of Science, History of Science, and Science Education.- Contributed Papers: Session III.- Causes and Deductive Explanation.- On Defending the Covering-Law 'Model' Comment:.- Dispositional Explanation and the Covering-Law Model: Response to Laird Addis.- The Likeness of Lawlikeness.- TWO Forms of Determinism.- The Conventionality of Slow-Transport Synchrony.- Symposium: Technology Assessment.- The Bicentenary of Technology Assessment.- Assurance and Agnosticism.- Technology Assessment as a Critique of a Civilization.- Symposium: Velikovsky and the Politics of Science.- The Domination of Astronomy Over Other Disciplines.- Some Comments on Velikovsky's Methodology.- Velikovsky Versus Academic Lag (The Problem of Hypothesis).- Symposium: Quantum Logic.- Quantum Logic.- The 'Logic' of 'Quantum Logic'.- Contributed Papers: Session IV.- Integrating the Philosophy and the Social Psychology of Science, or a Plague on Two Houses Divided.- The Illusions of Experience.- Symposium: Development of the Philosophy of Science.- Some Current Trends in Philosophy of Science: With Special Attention to Confirmation, Theoretical Entities, and Mind-Body.- History and Philosophy of Science: A Marriage of Convenience?.- Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Science.- Symposium: History and Philosophy of Biology.- Reductionism in Biology: Prospects and Problems.- Reduction in Genetics.- Informal Aspects of Theory Reduction.- Reductive Explanation: A Functional Account.- Contributed Papers: Session V.- How Do We Apply Science?.- What Is The Logical Interpretation Of Quantum Mechanics?.- Index of Names.
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