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Primary Source: Documents in Western Civilization This is both a rich collection of textual and visual documents-many never before available to a wider audience-and an indispensable tool for working with sources. Extensively developed with the guidance of historians and teachers, this DVD-ROM includes over 800 sources in Western civilization history-from cave art, to text documents, to satellite images of Earth from space. All sources are accompanied by headnotes and focus questions, and are searchable by topic, region, or theme. In addition, a built-in tutorial guides students through the process of working with documents. Please refer to the back of the book for a complete listing of sources.
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Table of contents

Introduction (35,000 BCE - 10,000 BCE) Before History*Marshall Sahlins, "The Original Affluent Society,"*Jane Goodall, from "The Challenge Lies in All of Us" The Ancient World (5000 BCE - 500 CE) The Ancient Middle East Text Sources:*Hittie Law Code: Excerpts from The Code of Nesilim*Ptahhotep, Excerpt from the Egyptian Book of Instructions*Excerpts from The Epic of Gilgamesh*The Code of Hammurabi*The Book of Job and Jewish Literature*The "Cyrus Cylinder": The First Declaration of Religious Freedom*David Rindos, from "Symbosis, Instability, and the Origins and Spread of Agriculture: A New Model"*Charles Darwin, "Cultivated Plants: Cereal and Culinary Plants"*An Egyptian Hymn to the Nile Visual Sources:*Hominid tools*The Standard of Ur*Dolmen of Kerhan*Egyptian obelisks*Cuneiform tablet*Assyrian winged bull*Assyrian warriors*Assyrian King list*Abu Simbel The Dark Ages and Archaic Greece Text Sources:*Tyrtaeus: The Spartan Creed, c. 650 BCE*Lyric Poetry: Archilochus and Sappho, 650-590 BCE*Homer: Debate Among the Greeks at Troy, c. 750 BCE*Herodotus: Themistocles' Cleverness at the Battle of Salamis, c. 430 BCE*Herodotus: Demaratus Explains Greek "Freedom" to Xerxes, c. 430 BCE*Herodotus: "The Beginning of Evils for the Greeks" in the Ionian Revolt, c. 430 BCE*Education and the Family in Sparta, c. 100 CE Visual Sources:*Greek athletics Classical and Hellenistic Civilization Text Sources:*Thucydides: The Debate on the Sicilian Expedition, c. 420 BCE*Socrates' Apology, as Reported by Plato, c. 390 BCE*On the Murder of Eratosthenes: A Husband's Defense, c. 403 BCE*Drama: Antigone, by Sophocles, c. 441 BCE*Pericles' Funeral Oration by Thucydides, c. 420 BCE*Maccabees: Resistance to Hellenization in the Hellenistic Period, c. 100 BCE Visual Sources:*Thucydides*The Parthenon*Illustration of a paradox of Zeno and Elea*Detail of a statue from Delphi*Archimedes' mirror Rome: From Republic to Empire Text Sources:*Women in Roman Politics: Manipulators or Manipulated?, c. 100 CE*The "Laudatio Turiae": A Grieving Husband's Tribute to his Remarkable Wife, c. 15 BCE*Slaves in the Roman Countryside, c. 150 BCE - 50 CE*Polybius: "Why Romans and Not Greeks Govern the World", c. 140 BCE*Livy: The Rape of Lucretia and the Origins of the Republic, c. 10 BCE*Appian of Alexandria, "War, Slaves, and Land Reform: Tiberius Gracchus", c. 150 BCE Visual Sources:*Statue of Caesar Augustus*Roman Forum Imperial Rome and Early Christianity Text Sources:*Traditional Roman Religious Practices, 382*Tertullian, "What has Jerusalem to do with Athens?", c. 200*Perpertua: The Autobiography of a Christian Martyr, c. 203*Juvenal: A Satirical View of Women, c. 100*Gnostic Teachings on Jesus, Accordning to Irenaeus, c. 170*Eusebius of Caesarea on the Nicean Council and the Creed, c. 330*Augustus' Moral Legislation: Family Values, 18 BCE*The Acts of the Apostles: Paul Pronounces the "Good News" in Greece, c. 100 Visual Sources:*Roman aqueduct The Middle Ages (500 CE - 1500 CE) Islam, Byzantium, and the Making of Europe Text Sources:*The Quran*Science and Mathematics: Al-Ghazzali, "On the Separation of Mathematics and Religion"*Prologue of the Corpus Juris Civillis, c. 530*Priscus Panites at the Court of Attila the Hun, c. 450*Liutprand of Cremona, Report of His Mission to Constantinople, 968*Excerpts from Feudal Contracts, c. 1200*Doom and Gloom in the 9th Century: The Annals of Xanten, c. 850*Benedict of Nursia: The Rule, c. 530*Baghdad: City of Wonders, c. 800*The Confession of Saint Patrick, c. 450*The Book of Emperors and Kings: Charlemagne and Pope Leo III, c. 1150 Visual Sources:*The interior of the Hagia Sophia*The Dome of the Rock*Quarn's first chapter*Norse ship*Medina*Mecca*Jvari Monastery, Georgia*Armenian Monastery*Al quibla schematic map*Ptolemaic world map*First national atlas of England*First Dutch national atlas The Consolidation and Interaction of States and Ideas Text Sources:*The Penitentials, c. 1575*Philip II Augustus Expels the Jews from France, 1182*Letter of Pope Gregory VII to the Bishop of Metz, 1081*Christian Armies Beseige Lisbon, 1147*Beh ed-Din: Richard I Massacres Prisoners after Taking Acre, c. 1195*A Brief Description of the Seven Sacraments of the Church, 1438*Unam Sanctam: PopeBoniface VIII on the Two Swords, 1302*Benjamin of Tudela, from Book of Travels*Anna of Comnena, from the Alexiad Visual Sources:*View of Nanjing*View of Acre*Vardzia monastery complex, Georgia*The Tondo of St. Mamai*Tamar, ruler of Georgia*St. John the Evangelist from a twelfth-century manuscript*Saladdin*Mosque of al-Azhar*Medieval medicine*Extract from the Domesday Book*Eleventh-century illuminated Gospel manuscript*Cod fishing*Byzantines fighting the Bulgarians*Medieval Islamic map of the world*Islamic world map Society and Culture in the High Middle Ages Text Sources:*Excerpt from William of Rubricks Account of the Mongols*The Ideal Merchant's Wife, c. 1450*St, Thomas Aquinas: Faith and Reason in the Summa Against the Gentiles, 1259-1264*Sports in the City of London, 1180*Professor Abelard Confronts Bernard of Clairvaux, c. 1140*Marco Polo, excerpts from Travels, c. 1300*Manorial Court Records, 1246-1247*Guilds: Regulating the Craft, 1347*Excerpts from the Life and Travels of Rabban Bar Swama*College Life: Letters between Students and their Fathers, c. 1200*"For the Honor of the Guild": Social and Civic Responsibilities, 1421-1425 Visual Sources:*The Book of Adam*Mongol Yurt*Islamic science and alchemy*Islamic astronomy and astrology*Illustration from The Properties of Things*Illustration from Die Proprietatibus Rerum The Late Middle Ages - Crisis and Recovery Text Sources:*The Lollard Conclusions, 1394*The Execution of Heretics: Saints and Witches, 1389-1427*Propositions of John Wycliffe, as Described in the Church's Condemnation, 1415*Marco Polo at the Court of Kublai Khan, c. 1300*How They Died: Coroner's Rolls from the 14th Century, 1322-1337*Flagellants Attempt to Ward Off the Black Death, 1349*Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron: The Tale of the Three Rings, c. 1350 Visual Sources:*Wheel of Fortune*The First Horseman of the Apocalypse*The Black Death*The baptism of Clovis*Medieval world view*Medieval medical illustration*Medieval depiction of Adam & Eve*Image of the universe, from the Nuremberg Chronicle*Illustrations from The Travels of Sir John of Mandeville*Illustration from The Life of Christ*French customary laws I *French customary laws II *French customary laws III*French customary laws IV*First printed medical text with illustrations*T-O Map from Isidore of Seville The West in Transformation (1350 - 1700) The Renaissance Text Sources:*Giorgio Vasari on the Life of Michelangelo, 1550*Petrarch: Rules for a Successful Ruler, c. 1350*Niccolo Machiavelli: From the Discourses on Livy, 1513-1517*Marriage in the Renaissance: A Serious Business, 1464-1465*Lorenzo Valla Skewers the Supposed "Donation of Constantine", c. 1440*Benvenuto Cellini: The Life of an Artist, 1558-1562*Advice to Lorenzo de Medici: On Wifely Duties, 1416 Visual Sources:*Woodcut by Albrecht Durer showing perpective*The Copernican solar system*Sketches by Leonardo da Vinci for fortifying cities*Printers and booksellers I*Printers and booksellers II*Printers and booksellers III*Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man*Illustrations from The Emperor's Astronomy*Durer, Adam and Eve*Drawing from Leonardo da Vinci's Codice Atlantico*Cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore Church, Florence Reformations and Counter-Reformations Text Sources:*Catherine Zell, "Letter to Ludwig Rabus", 1556-1558*The Act of Supremacy, 1534*Martin Luther's "Ninety-Five Theses", 1517*Desiderius Erasmus, "Pope Julius Excluded from Heaven", 1513-1514*John Calvin, Ecclesiastical Ordinances, 1533*Anonymous, "The Execution of Archbishop Cranmer", 1556*Anonymous Government Agent "Arrest of Edmund Campion and his Associates", 1581*The Edict of Nantes, 1598*The Council of Trent, 1545-1563*Acts of Uniformity, 1559 Visual Sources:*St. Francis Xavier and other Jesuit missionaries*Principles of magnetism*Johann Tetzel selling indulgences*Jesuit martyrs in Japan*Jesuit baptizing an Indian*Heretic burning at the stake*First book printing in the New World*Fifteenth-century portolan from Majorca The Development of Early-Modern States Text Sources:*Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon, Memoires*Cardinal Richelieu, Political Testament*Peter the Great, "Correspondence with Alexis"*Louis XIV, Memoires, for the Instruction of the Dauphin*Jean Bodin, Six Books of the Commonwealth, "The True Attributes of Sovereignty."*Hugo Grotius, selections from On the Law of War and Peace*Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan*Joacques-Benigne Bossuet, Politics Drawn from the Very Words of the Holy Scripture*The Peace of Westphalia Visual Sources:*Safavid battle tunic*Ottoman naval attack on the island of Gerbi*Hobbes, Leviathan I*Hobbes, Leviathan II*Map of the country of Georgia Early-Modern European Society Text Sources:*Witchcraft: Malleus Maleficarum*The Poor Laws*Swabian Peasants, "The Twelve Articles"*Martin Luther, "Against the Robbing Murdering Hordes of Peasants"*La Colonie, "The Battle of Schellenberg"*Gluckel of Hamlen, Memoirs*Jean Baptiste Colbert, "Mercantilism: Dissertation on Alliances Visual Sources:*Ottoman law book*1151 Edition of Maimonides' Guide for the Perplexed Expanding Worlds Text Sources:*Letter from the Kings of Portugal to the King of Kongo*Rene Laudonniere, A Notable History of Florida*Bartolome de Las Casas, Very Brief Report on the Destruction of the Indians*Bartolome de Las Casas, "A Right with Roots in the Bible"*Jamestown Charter*Richard Frethorne, "Letter to Father and Mother"*Christopher Columbus, "The Letters of Columbus to Ferdinand and Isabel"*Cieza de Leon, "The Chronicle of Peru"*Anonymous, "The English Describe Pawatah's People"*"The Code Noir" Visual Sources:*Views of Cuzco*Views of Loango*View of Hormuz*Vespucci's encounter with Indians*Seal of Connecticut*Powhatan*Pocahontas*Mixtec creation myth*King Philip's War*John Smith*Indians planting corn*Illustrations from Jacques Le Moyne and Theodore de Bry of Indians I*Illustrations from Jacques Le Moyne and Theodore de Bry of Indians II*Illustrations from Jacques Le Moyne and Theodore de Bry of Indians III*Illustrations from Jacques Le Moyne and Theodore de Bry of Indians IV*Hispania slaying Leviathan*Great Zimbabwe*Francis Drake's encounter with Indians*Founding of Tenochtitlan*Early European depiction of the banana*Don Alvaro of Kongo*Columbus's encounter with the Indians*American cannibals*View of Cape Town*Sixteenth-century world map*Sixteenth-century map of the Atlantic*Seventeenth-century Portuguese trading posts in the Indian Ocean*Seventeenth-century Portuguese map of the Indian Ocean*Samuel de Champlain's map of eastern North America*Plan of San Antonio, Texas*Ohio River Valley Thought and Culture in Early Modern Europe Text Sources:*William Harvey , Address to the Royal College of Physicians*Rene Descartes, The Discourse on Method and Metaphysical Meditations, "I Think, Therefore I Am"*Charles Perrault, Little Red Riding-Hood*Nicolaus Copernicus, excerpt from On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres*Isaac Newton, from Optiks*Galileo Galilei, "Third Letter on Sunspots"*Galileo Galilei, "Letter to Madame Christine of Lorraine, Grand Duchesse of Tuscany"*Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote*John Bunyan, Pilgrim's Progress*Francis Bacon, from Novum Organum Visual Sources:*Title page from Vico, Principii di una Scienza Nuova*Title page from Francis Bacon, Novum Organum*Sixteenth-century anatomical drawings, I*Sixteenth-century anatomical drawings, II*Pascal's Traitez*Newton's Opticks*Illustration showing the properties of a vacuum*Galileo's views of the moon*Frontspiece from Andreas Vesalius, On the Fabric of the Human Body*Descartes, illustration from Optics*Descartes' view of the universe*Anton von Leeuwenhoek Enlightenments and Revolutions (1700 - 1850) Economy and Society in the Eighteenth Century Text Sources:*Wortley Montagu, "Letter Regarding The Small Pox Vaccination"*Auguste Tissot, "Midwives"*The Encyclopedie "Bakers (Boulanger)"*Hannah More, "The Carpenter"*Jacques-Louis Menetra, Journal of My Life*Marquis de Condorcet, passage from Sketch for a Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind*Leeds Woolen Workers, "Petition"*James Lind, from A Treastise of the Scurvy*Richard Guest, The Creation of the Steam Loom*David Ricardo, excerpt from Principles of Political Economy and Taxation*David Ricardo, On Wages, "The Law of Iron Wages"*Daniel Defoe, selection from The Complete English Tradesman Visual Sources: *View of St. Petersburg from the first Russian newspaper*The New York fur trade*New England primer*Jewish medical text*Illustrations from Adam Olearius, Voyages*Illustration from Poor Richard's Almanack*Eighteenth-century powderhorn*Portuguese map of the Caribbean and South Atlantic Europeand the World in the Eighteenth Century Text Sources:*Willem Bosman, from A New and Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea Divided into the Gold, the Slave, and the Ivory Coasts*Philis Wheatly, "To the Right and Honourable William, Early of Dartmouth..."*Thomas Paine, "Common Sense"*Olaudah Equiano, Excerpt from The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano*Benjamin Franklin and the British Parliament, "Proceedings Regarding the Stamp Act"*Five African American Spirituals*Bryan Edwards, excerpt from "Observations of the ... Maroon Negroes of the Island of Jamaica"*Alexander Telfair, Instructions to an Overseer in a Cotton Plantation*John Adams, Thoughts on Government*"Newspaper Ads: Slavery in Rio de Janeiro" Visual Sources: *View of the Guinea coast*View of Guangzhou (Canton)*View of Cape Town*The slave ship Brookes*Sugar plantation, Brazil*Russian views of "People of the Empire"*Russian charter granted to the nobility*Revolutionary ladies, North Carolina*Prussian soldiers*Portrait of Olaudah Equiano*Pirate attack on Panama City*Illustration from Voyages and Travels I*Illustration from Voyages and Travels II*Illustration from "American Magazine", 1758*House in Benin*Gold coast dress*Captain Cook in the Sandwich Islands*Buccaneers*Boston Tea Party Revolution*Boston harbor*Battle of Yorktown*Advertisements for a slave auction*1755 Battle between British and Indians*"Tea-Tax Tempest", by Carl Guttenberg*View of Gibraltar*The Cape of Good Hope*Map of Kongo, Angola to Benguela *Map of the East Indies*Map of Africa from the Cedid Atlas The Enlightenment Text Sources:*Voltaire, Letters on England*The Execution of Damiens*Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations*Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile*Baron de Montesquieu, Excerpt from The Spirit of the Laws*John Locke, Essay Concerning Human Understanding*Denis Diderot, Preliminary Discourse from The Encyclopedia*Catherine the Great, "Instructions for a New Law Code"*Cesare Beccaria, On Crimes and Punishments*Abu Taleb Khan, A Muslim Indian's Reactions to the West Visual Sources: *View of Isfahan*Torah Scroll*Title page from Japanese anatomy text c.1775*The Peking observatory*Study of the Aztec calendar stone*Blake's image of the creation*Aztec calendar wheel*Armenian missal*Armenian creation myth*American magnolia tree, 1731 The French Revolution Text Sources:*The National Convention, "Law on Suspects (1793)" and "Law of 22 Prairial Year II (1794)"*Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes, What is the Third Estate?*Maximilien Robespierre "Speech to National Convention: The Terror Justified"*Thomas Paine, Rights of Man*Louis XVI, "A Royal Reform Proposal"*French Peasants, Cahiers de doleances*Olympe de Gouges, "Declaration of the Rights of Woman"*Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France*"Petition of Women of the Third Estate" Visual Sources: *Origins of the French monarchy*French Revolution*Death of Marat*"Cult of Supreme Being," French Revolution Napoleon and the Age of Romanticism Text Sources:*William Wordsworth, Tintern Abbey*Sir Harry Smith, Autobiography*Charles Parquin, "Napolean's Army"*Mary Shelley, excerpt from Frankenstein*Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Prometheus*Francois Rene Chateaubriand, The Genius of Christianity*Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne, Memoirs of Napolean Bonaparte Visual Sources: *A Beethoven sonata The West Ascendant (1800 - 1914) Nationalism and State-Building in the West Text Sources:*Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America*T.B Macaulay, Speech on Parliamentary Reform*Jose Maria Morelos, Sentiments of the Nation*Karl von Clausewitz, On War, Arming the Nation*Joseph Mazzini, Life and Writings of Joseph Mazzini*Simon Bolivar, "Address to Second National Congress" Visual Sources: *Sequoyah*Reconstruction in the American South*Nineteenth-century globe*Lincoln remembrance*Cherokee Constitution*Black soldier, United States Civil War*Battle of Kinburn, 1855*"Parade on Tsarina's Meadow"*Map of the western United States Industrialization in the Nineteenth Century Text Sources:*Andrew Ure, from The Philosophy of Manufactures*The Sadler Report: Child Labor in the United Kingdom, 1832*Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, from The Communist Manifesto*Leon Faucher, "Prison Rules"*Edwin Chadwick, Summary from the Poor Law Commissioners*Chartist Movement: The People's Petition of 1838*Parliamentary Report on English Female Miners, 1842*British Parliament, "Inquiry: Child Labor"*Michael Bakunin, "Principles and Organization of the International Brotherhood" Visual Sources: *View of Charleston, ca. 1870*Slaves carrying cotton and picking cotton I*Slaves carrying cotton and picking cotton II*Slave shackles*Nineteenth-century whale chart*Mill on the Brandywine*Logging in Minnesota, 1893*Illinois Central Railroad poster*Homestead steel mill*Excelsior Iron Works*Cotton plantation*Child textile worker*Calcutta water dispenser*Bolivian child laborers*Birds of America by John Audubon I *Birds of America by John Audubon II*Architectural iron works*Uncle Tom's Cabin advertisement*Map of Greenland Society and Social Change in the Nineteenth Century Text Sources:*John Stuart Mill, excerpts from On Liberty*W.E.B. DuBois, from "Souls of Black Folk"*Doris Viersbeck, "Life Downstairs: A Servant's Life"*George Bernard Shaw, Mrs. Warren's Profession*Seneca Falls Convention, "Declaration of Sentiments"*Adelheid Popp, "Finding Work: Women Factory Workers"*Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (Of New Things)*John Stuart Mill, the Subjection of Women*George Eliot "Review: Margaret Fuller and Mary Wollstonecraft"*Booker T. Washington's, "Industrial Education for the Negro" Visual Sources: *Women suffrage parade*The "New Europes": Sydney*The "New Europes": New York City*The "New Europes": Johannesburg*The "New Europes": Detroit*The "New Europes": Cape Town*Tbilisi in the late nineteenth-century*Street scenes, Germany*Singer sewing machine advertisement*San Francisco earthquake *Italian immigrants in USA*Inuit family, 1918*Indian School, Pennsylvania*Immigrants sailing to USA*Georgian musicians*Georgian (Caucasus) peasants*Gas-smoothing iron*Dead horse in New York street*Chinese immigrants in USA*Frontspiece from Martin Chuzzlewit Nineteenth-Century Culture and Thought Text Sources:*Emile Zola, Nana*William James, from Pragmatism*Thorstein Veblen, excerpt from The Theory of Leisure Class*Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil*Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing, Psychopathia Sexualia*Frederick Winslow Taylor, "A Piece Rate System"*Charles Darwin, Autobiography*August Comte, "Course of Positive Philosophy" Visual Sources: *Pygmies, 1904 World's Fair*Muybridge photos*Frontspiece to al-Muqtataf*Egyptian statues *Edison's Vitascope*de Ovi Mamalian, by Karl von Baer*Christian missionaries in Africa, late nineteenth-century*Chinese pavilion, 1904 World's Fair*African's being baptized, South Africa, nineteenth-century*Map of Mauritius, nineteenth-century European Imperialism Text Sources:*Cecil Rhodes, "Confession of Faith"*Carl Peters, "A Manifesto for German Colonization"*Edward D. Morel, The Black Man's Burden*Lin Zexu, Letter to Queen Victoria*Mary Kingsley, Travels in West Africa*Raden Ayu Kartini, Letters of a Javanese Princess*Jules Ferry, from Le Tonkin et La Mere-Patrie Visual Sources: *Unloading coffee in Brazil*The Portsmouth Treaty, 1905*Tattooed Polynesian*Tattooed native of Nukahiwa*Quito textile factory, circa 1910*Portrait of Jose Rizal*Port of Valparaiso, Chile*Plague hospital, Bombay*Pears' soap advertisement*North-South reconciliation through the Spanish-American War*Mandan Sioux offering*Machine exhibit, 1904 World's Fair*Kimberley mine, South Africa*Japanese views of Commodore Perry's mission, 1853, I*Japanese views of Commodore Perry's mission, 1853, II*Japanese views of Commodore Perry's mission, 1853, III*Japanese views of Commodore Perry's mission, 1853, IV*Japanese views of Commodore Perry's mission, 1853, V*Japanese views of Commodore Perry's mission, 1853, VI*Filipino insurgents, ca. 1900*Field hospital, Philippines*Early churches in Hawaii I *Early churches in Hawaii II *Dinizulu, king of the Zulus*Chinese destroying opium*Ceylonese tea picker*Caucasian warriors wearing chain mail*Araucanian chief*Apache Indian prisoners, 1886*Americans in Yokohama, 1855*Afrikaaner guerrillas*African women protest while white rule in South Africa*A Muslim view of the Russian Empire The Modern World (1914 - Present) World War I Text Sources:*Woodrow Wilson, The Fourteen Points*The Balfour Declaration*Sofia Pavlova, "Taking Advantage of New Opportunities"*Sir Henry McMahon, Letter to Ali ibn Husain*Siegfried Sassoon, They*Nadezhda Krupskaya, "What a Communist Ought to Be Like"*Isaac Rosenberg, "Dead Man's Dump"*International Congress of Women, "Manifesto"*Huda Shaarawi, "Europe on the Eve of War"*Anna Eisenmenger, "A German Soldier Returns Home"*George Clemenceau, "French Demands at the Peace Conference"*"A French Bakery During the War" Visual Sources: *Women shipyard workers*Women munitions workers*Trench warfare, I*Trench warfare, II*Pancho Villa*French tanks*Black American soldiers*Austro-Hungarian soldiers wearing gas masks*Arab delegates to the Versailles conference*American World War I poster*American machine gunners The West Between the Wars Text Sources:*Virginia Woolf, from A Room of One's Own*Werner Heisenberg, "Uncertainty"*Soviet Union "Law Code on Marriage" and "Law Code on Motherhood"*Joseph Stalin, Five Year Plan*John Maynard Keynes, from The End of Laissez-Faire*Irina Kniazeva, "A Life in a Peasant Village"*Heinrich Hauser, "With Germany's Unemployed"*Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, "Speech to the Nazi Women's Organization"*Constancia de la Mora, from In Place of Splendor*Chicago Commission on Race Relations, "The Negro in Chicago" A Study of Race Relations and a Race Riot"*Benito Mussolini, "The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism"*A. Dubova, "Living Someone Else's Life" Visual Sources: *Yugoslavs at well*Woodrow Wilson on his way to Versailles*Women bathers, 1920s*Victory parade, Paris*Stalinist poster*Spartacist demonstration, Germany*Spanish Civil War poster*Soviet poster*Shanghai in the 1920s*Russian factory, 1939*Rape of Nanjing*Poverty, southern United States*Nazi rally*Nazi party congress, Nuremburg*Movie theater, New York, 1920s*Migrant mother, Great Depression*Mexican migrants in USA, 1936*Looted food shop, Germany*London stock exchange, 1920s*Ku-Klux-Klan rally*Japanese in Tsingtao, China 1920s*Inflation in Germany*Hoover dam*Herbert Hoover speaks to a television audience, 1927*German persecution of the Jews*Execution by guillotine, France 1929*Chinatown, San Francisco, 1920s*Cars on Daytona beach, 1920s*British Empire poster, "Growing Markets for our Goods"*Bread line, 1930s*Bolshevik Revolution poster*Automobile advertisement, 1920s*Anti-Spartacist demonstration, Germany*Anti-Japanese sentiment, California, 1920s*1936 Berlin Olympics*"There's no way like the American way" billboard World War II Text Sources:*Winston Churchill, "Their Finest Hour"*Transcript of the Rape of Nanjing Sentencing*The Effects of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki*The Charter of the United Nations*The Buchenwald Report*Neville Chamberlain, In Search of Peace*Marc Bloch, from Strange Defeat*Heinrich Himmler, "Speech to SS Officers"*Franklin D. Roosevelt, "Call for Sacrifice"*Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, "The Atlantic Charter"*Emmanuel Ringelblum, "Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto"*Anna Petrovna Ostroumova-Lebedeva, "Leningrad Diary"*Adolf Hitler, "The Obersalzberg Speech"*A. Philip Randolph, "A Call to March on Washington" Visual Sources: *Warsaw ghetto*U.S. troops before D-Day*U.S. air bombing of Bologna*Tokyo shanty town, September 1945*Tokyo and Nuremburg war crimes trials, I*Tokyo and Nuremburg war crimes trials, II*The war in the Pacific*The internment of Japanese Americans, I*The internment of Japanese Americans, II*The internment of Japanese Americans, III*The Holocaust, I*The Holocaust, II*The destruction of Europe*Summits of the Allied leaders, I *Summits of the Allied leaders, II*Rosie the Riveter*Nazis executing Russian civilians*Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri *Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor*Hitler and Chamberlain*Hiroshima after the dropping of the atomic bomb*France surrenders to the Germans*D-Day*Civilian refugees in Europe*Bulgarian labor brigade*Atomic bomb mushroom cloud*American workers at B-17 bomber plant*American propaganda poster*American GIs in Holland*"United We Win" poster*US and Soviet forces meet, 1945 The Cold War Text Sources:*Winston Churchill, from "The Iron Curtain Speech"*Helga Schutz, "The Wall in My Back Yard"*Robert Schuman, "The Schuman Declaration"*Mikhail Gorbachev, Speech to the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union*Ladies Home Journal, "Young Mother"*Nikita S. Krushchev, "Address to the Twentieth Congress"*Joseph Stalin, excerpts from the "Soviet Victory" Speech*John F. Kennedy, Address Before the General Assembly of the United Nations*James B. Stockdale, excerpt from A Vietnam Experience: Ten Years of Reflection*Henry A. Myers, "East Berliners Rise Up Against Soviet Oppression"*Helmut Kohl, Speech to the American Council on Germany*Harry S Truman, "The Truman Doctrine"*George Kennan, "The United States and Russia"*George C. Marshall, "The Marshall Plan"*Francois Mitterand, Speech to the United Nations Visual Sources: *Vietnamese refugees *US and British votes in the UN on the Suez Canal crisis, 1956*UN sprays DDT over Seoul *The "kitchen debate" between Nixon and Kruschev*Stalin monument, Prague*Soviet collective agriculture*Soviet agriculture*Segregation USA, 1950s, I*Segregation USA, 1950s, II*Polio vaccination*Outdoor market, Soviet Central Asia*Nixon in China*Nikita Krushchev visiting Albanian factory*Newspaper headline showing the "Red Scare", 1950s USA*Mossadegh supporters*Meeting between the Chinese, Soviet, Indean foreign ministers, 1962*Koreans in Japan mark homeland*Korean child receiving food aid*Kennedy in Berlin, 1963*Hungarian uprising, 1956*H-Bomb shelter*French nurse inoculating Indochinese baby*Chinese Communist guerrillas*Chinese artillery class*Cardinal Francis Spellman conducting mass in New York*Asian games, Tokyo, 1958*Anti-Vietnam protesters*Albanian-Chinese ties*1955 designer kitchenIdentity and Power in a Decolonizing World Text Sources:*United Nations, "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"*United Nations, "Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples"*Palestinian Declaration of Independence*Nelson Mandela, from Freedom, Justice and Dignity for All South Africa*Jawaharlal Nehru, "Why India is Non-Aligned"*Mohandas Ghandi, from Hind Swaraj*Kwame Nkrumah, from I Speak of Freedom: A Statement of African Ideology*Jomo Kenyatta, from Facing Mt. Kenya: The Tribal Life of the Gokuyu*Jawaharlal Nehru, "Why India is Non-Aligned"*Israel's Proclamation of Independence*Ho Chi Minh, "Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam"*Gamal Abdel Nasser, Speech on the Suez Canal*Frantz Fanon, from The Wretched of the Earth Visual Sources: *Tin Mining, Indonesia*Midwifery class, Burma*Mahatma Gandhi*Kwame Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere*Iranian students protest*Indonesian political rallies*Indonesian guerillas*Governor's residence of Indonesia*Female Irgun recruits, Israel*Construction of the Aswan High Dam, Egypt*Cocoa harvesting in Ghana*Cairo traffic Freedom, Conflict, and New Directions Text Sources:*Zlata Filipovi , from Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo*Vaclav Havel, "The Need for Transcendence in the Postmodern World"*Treaty on European Union*The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Article 2*Statement from Chancellor Schroeder on the Iraq Crisis*Sayyid Qutb, from Milestones*Pope John Paul II, from Centesimus Annus*Osama bin Laden, "World Islamic Front Statement"*National Organization from Women, Statement of Purpose*Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter from Birmingham City Jail*Justin Vaisse, from "Veiled Meaning"*Joerg Haider, from The Freedom I Mean*George W. Bush, Addresses*Deng Xiaoping, on introducing capitalist principles to China*Alain Destexhe, from Rwandaand Genocide in the Twentieth Century*A Constitution for Europe Visual Sources: *Smog in Los Angeles*Ozone poster*Operation Desert Storm*Moroccan health care worker*Moroccan child receiving immunization*Mayan religious ceremony*March on Washington, 1963*Man on the moon*Levittown, New York*Latino rights*International space station*Indian women receiving military training*Hurricane Katrina*Earth at night*Disabled Italians demand more government aid*Civil rights march, USA
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