Poverty Hunger Riots Strikes Brutalities Election Deceptions and Civil Wars!

Poverty Hunger Riots Strikes Brutalities Election Deceptions and Civil Wars! : The High Price That We Earthlings Have Paid for Leaving the Good Land!

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To be frankly Honest about it, there is not enough space here for a Proper Description with a Capital P and D; but, you can easily find such a Description within the first few pages of this Enlightening book, itself. Indeed, www.Amazon.com.usa has kindly and generously presented every word of the first entire 30 pages of the book for you to study, free of charge. (If not now, in the future.) Please take advantage of it, since this is an Exceptionally Good Book with a Heart Rating. In other words, it will Communicate with your Heart, Head, Kidneys and Liver, you might say - that is, if you are not Suffering with Chronic Constipation of the Mind, as the BureauRATS in Washington, the District of Criminals, are obviously Suffering, who just ignored Howard Zinn's book, called: "A People's History of the United States," which leaves off where this book takes up the Important Issues of our Time, and presents the most Reasonable Solutions, if anyone is Searching for any such Solutions with a Capital S in both Cases. Most people are not. In fact, many silly people vainly imagine that Electing one of a half dozen self-flattering Political Parties will somehow "magically" Solve our Massive Problems; but, it never does and it never has and it never will: beCAUSE it is only a Grand Self-deception of a Deceived Mind, which is missing most of the very Important Information that is found within this Inspired Book and many others - none of which were written in Vain. Indeed, there is a Good Purpose for everything that is done under the Light of the Sunstar, and even in the Darkness of Ignorance by the Waning Moonlight, you might say, which is the Light that most People are now Stumbling around in: beCause we were all Born in it, and we cannot Help ourselves, except to Study Good Books, which give Sufficient Information to Actually Enlighten our Minds! And this is one of those Exceptionally Good Books, which you will not regret reading more than once. Guaranteed. However, in the meantime, we must try to Tolerate the many "Mistakes" that can be found within all such Literature: because those Faults are mostly the doings of the People who sell Computers. For Example, old computer programs do not work with modern computers. It is called Designed Obsolescence, which just Adds to the Extreme Poverty in this World of Woes.show more

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About MR Mark Revolutionary Twain Junior

Master Mark Revolutionary Twain, Junior, is an Inspired Author, who wrote this entire book within less than 2 weeks, which most authors could not have done within 2 years without bragging about it. Master Twain does not like to brag about it, neither; but, in some cases, it is a necessary Evil, just to Remind certain people that there is a great deal of Difference between an "Educated" and "Inspired" Author with a Capital E and I, and a lower-case "educated" person without the Gift of Inspiration, who must Strain his Brains just to squeeze out anything, much less contain enough Information to Fertilize the entire Garden! And the Sweet Fruits of Provable Truths within Master Twain's Personal Literary "Garden of Eden" are most DELICIOUS and Satisfying to the Soul, and will not Cause you to have a Diarrhea of the Mind, if you Feast on those Sweet Fruits with Moderation, as in one or 2 Chapters per Day, which can Prevent Chronic Constipation of the Mind, whereby most Politicians Suffer beyond Measure, and even have to hire Speech Writers.show more