Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon

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Galen, a Syrena prince, searches land for a girl he's heard can communicate with fish. It's while Emma is on vacation at the beach that she meets Galen. Although their connection is immediate and powerful, Galen's not fully convinced that Emma's the one he's been looking for. That is, until a deadly encounter with a shark proves that Emma and her Gift may be the only thing that can save his kingdom. He needs her help--no matter what the risk.
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  • 12-17
  • Hardback | 326 pages
  • 148 x 216 x 30mm | 404g
  • New York, United States
  • English
  • 1250003326
  • 9781250003324
  • 68,644

Review quote

..".[has] a great deal of charm."--"Publishers Weekly" ..".intriguing..."--"School Library Journal""A refreshing story filled with vibrant characters, feisty humor, and an irresistible romance. This story of star-crossed lovers in a luscious coastal setting brings new life to the age-old myth of merfolk and left me swooning for more!"--Marissa Meyer, "New York Times"-bestselling author of "Cinder"
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About Anna Banks

Anna Banks grew up in a small town called Niceville (yes, really). She now lives in Crestview, Florida, with her husband and their daughter. This is her debut novel.
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49,262 ratings
4 out of 5 stars
5 40% (19,525)
4 33% (16,128)
3 19% (9,260)
2 6% (2,834)
1 3% (1,515)

Our customer reviews

Emma a normal teenage girl is vacationing in Florida with her best friend Chloe, when one day she runs into a handsome boy that makes her feel different. Different in a way that attraction can make a person feel disoriented. She doesn’t understand it when he shows up at school where he manages to be in almost each of her classes. What she doesn’t know is that Galen is a prince. A prince of the Syrenia people who live in the sea and can have legs and fins. I rather enjoyed reading through Emma’s eye and seeing a whole new mystical world unearth right in front of her. Confusing as the Syrenia world is, she quickly understands and accepts it which I thought was odd because I’d feel crazy to think such a thing as mermaids existed. I liked the viewpoints of both Emma and Galen. I enjoy reading from the boy’s perspective at times because it’s so brand new and fresh. And that ending made me fall off my seat! I need the next book now! Full of twists and turns, and drama built at its finest, Of Poseidon gave me another reason to love the sea and all its creatures under the deep.show more
by Giselle SM
(Source: I won a digital copy of this book.) 17-year-old Emma gets more than she bargained for when she goes on holiday with her best friend Chloe, when they are attacked by a shark and Chloe is killed. Unbeknown to Emma though, she attracted more than a shark that day at the beach when she bumped into Galen (literally), who recognised her as a Syrenka (mermaid), just like himself. Following her across the country, Galen is determined to find out everything he can about Emma, and her heritage, as well as the strange gift she has which marks her as a descendent of Poseidon. Why is Emma unaware of what she is? Why is she hiding on land? And can Galen stop his heart from getting in the way of his duty as Prince and brother to the King? This was turned out to be an okay mermaid story in the end, but the beginning was really rocky. For me the first 30% of this book was pretty cringe-worthy. I really could not believe what I was reading. First there was the shark attack, which was just totally unbelievable for me, then there was the immaturity of Emma, and let's face it, most of the other characters too (who liked to beat each other up for fun, or splash water at each other), not to mention Emma's mom, who kinda needs a paragraph all of her own. Emma's mom went totally over-the-top over some story about Galen carrying Emma to the nurse's office at school, and starts asking about a hidden relationship, which Emma denies, then starts asking if they broke up because she wouldn't sleep with him, to which Emma responds no, so her mother jumps to 'you aren't dating him, but you slept with him?' - What the fudge is she on? This was then followed up by her questioning Galen as to why he isn't sleeping with her daughter? 'Is there something wrong with her?' How do you even answer that? I mean seriously - that woman is seriously on the crazy juice. Anyway, I did think that a lot of the characters in this book were quite immature, although this did improve a bit as the book went on. Emma was actually pretty accepting about the whole Syrenka thing once she was forced to acknowledge it, and Galen seemed pretty normal considering that he was supposed to have lived under the sea for most of his life. Galen did come out with what was my favourite line in this book though, after Emma explained that her mother had been concerned that they were already sleeping together; 'She thinks we're more than dating.' Galen comments 'Then the least she could do is give us some privacy.' which was definitely the best line in the whole book for me. In terms of storyline this was okay, after the initial awkwardness and unbelievability (I think I might have made that word up), the book found its feet, and the second half was pretty good. That first 1/3 could have been a real deal-breaker though. There were a couple of things that happened that I hadn't predicted though, and I did get used to the slightly strange writing style too. I did like this book in the end, and I will be reading the sequel, especially seeing as this one does end with a cliff-hanger, I'm just hoping the second doesn't start with that same awkwardness. Overall; an okay mermaid story, if you can forgive the rocky start. 7 out of 10.show more
by Sarah Elizabeth
I went into the book with really high expectations because I had seen some very promising reviews of it on some blogs where the reviewers are known to be really tough and usually their reviews are pretty accurate in terms of how I'll enjoy it. Unfortunately, this book wasn't anything like what I thought it would be like. Right off the bat I was put off by Emma and then one by one the other characters began to get on my nerves. I honestly didn't care so much for any of them because they were very one dimensional and fake especially Emma. OMG was probably said by here every third page or so and by the end of it I was cringing anytime I saw anyone on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads use it for the longest time. There was also very little chemistry between any of the characters and it was as if their dialogue as well as their interactions were too forced almost as if the author was trying to hard to make her characters act like teenagers which made things very awkward. I also had trouble with the plot. It seemed so basic and more like a plot outline than an actual fully thought out and organized plot in a novel. There were so many gaps in the story where it was as if the authors focus on the story was jumping all over the place which caused a lot of confusion sometimes. I mean the book had the potential to be a really good read albeit not a unique one because mermaid novels are becoming more plentiful in the book world as of late but it could have been really good read. Sadly though, for me this one fell way short of my expectations I found very little to be redeemable about this novel except that it was a quick read for a vacation but was ultimately pretty forgettable. Despite all of this I will be reading the next book in the series just to see where the story goes. Though I didn't care for the book all that much that should by no means stop you from checking it out. If you were to read it though I think you should probably be a fan of Young Adult Novels with mermaids. * I received a free copy of this book from the published via NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own and I was not compensated in any way.show more
by Kimberly Roy
I LOVE stories about merpeople (Sorry, Galen)! They are just so refreshing and there are so many different things that you can do with them to make them stand out! Of Poseidon hits the mark for me, with an engaging tale of a girl-meets-boy and her world is INSTANTLY turned upside-down in SOOOO many ways. This book isn't all puppy dogs and unicorns. In fact, the first couple of chapters are pretty darn bleak. Without spoiling anything, I'll just say that Emma loses something important to her and it changes her. During this, however, Emma has Galen. It's not really a quick romance, though. Even though Emma and Galen CLEARLY have feelings for each other, there are obstacles in the way. Of Poseidon is told in both Emma's and Galen's voices. The reader, therefore, gets a look into both of their heads, which serves as a great way to keep the reader in the loop, even when the other characters may not be. Of Poseidon has mythology, royalty, and a few different love stories to keep your interest. I'll definitely be purchasing Of Triton. My Rating: 4.5/5show more
by Christy @ Captivated Reading
What an awesome book! I was hooked from the first chapter. I love mermaid stories but I don't read a lot of them. You and I would call them mermaids/mermen just don't let Galen hear you. He hates the 'M' word. To him they're Syrena. Emma is you'r average run of the mill clumsy girl, or is she? Emma is on vacation in Florida with her best friend, Chloe, when she bumps right into (literally) the uber hot Galen. They feel a connection right away. Shortly after their little run in the unthinkable happens, Chloe is attacked by a shark. That's when Emma finds out she exhibits some not so human qualities, she can not only talk to the shark but it understand her as well! This was such a hilarious story. I was laughing throughout the book. The characters were so funny. Emma: I liked her, but her clumsiness made me unable to not like her Galen: hot, funny, sarcastic, caring, totally swoon-worthy, an being a prince doesn't hurt ;) I liked the relationship between Emma and Galen, they were so funny together with their arguing and bickering. Rayna: Galen's twin sister, Toraf's 'mate' (wife) stubborn, she acted like a spoiled brat but it's only the first book in the series, you can't count her out just yet! Toraf: he was funny, and sweet The cover is beautiful. And the ending?! Ohmysweetgoodness! Such a cliffhanger ending, it makes me want to read the next book for sure! Thank you to Feiwel & Friends and NetGalley for this copy.show more
by Sarah
When I first saw this book cover, I simply thought "Stunning". There are plenty more words to describe it, yes. But my question is why, when one word sums it up so well?! It is striking and beautiful in it's simplicity. So given that I am a book cover addict, a self-confessed magpie who adds covers like this to her collection, I needed to know that the blurb for this book was just as good. I looked it up on Amazon and knew there and then that it was something I MUST read. So imagine my pure joy when 3 months before the release date, I see that they have the Galley on Net Galley - and it just so happens that I am auto-approved for anything I want from Macmillan. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. I was absolutely jumping with joy. I finally managed to sit down to read it on 16th February and like a fish to bait, it was definitely the catch of the day. Maybe even the year! OF POSEIDON was simply the most seductive book I have read in a long time. It had me in it's grips from the first word and it still hasn't let me go. I expected to like it, of course I did. But I didn't know I would fall so heavily in love. Anna Banks has fast-tracked her way to my favourite authors list. I love the way she writes. She has managed to capture my heart within just the first chapter of the book. That doesn't happen often. The characters in this story, ohmysweetgoodness, they are awesome! From the tall, sensual, delightful Galen to the hard-headed little beauty that is Emma. There are so many glorious characters in this story. I feel a little bit in love with them all. Emma is the main character, along with the dreamy Galen. Then there's Galen's sister, Rayna. Plus Rayna's mate Toraf. There's also the lovely doctor, Dr Milligan. They all hold little pieces of my heart for various reasons. Reasons I won't divulge. The simple fact is, I would be way to 'spoilery' and you would not forgive me at all. *swoons, I Love You Sweet Galen* I don't want to tell you too much of the story, for exactly the same reason. My mouth would run away with me and it would detract from the immense pleasure you will get by reading OF POSEIDON for yourself. Suffice, I feel, to say this: Emma and ger best friend are vactioning in Florida. They are spending time on the beautiful beaches when one day Emma bumps, quite literally, smack bang wollop into the dreamy Galen. After peeling her face off his abs, she takes a good look at him. He is quite simply stunning. Little does she know she is looking upon royalty. He is after all, the Prince of the Syrena. Galen and Emma both feel an attraction toward each other. You can literally see the sparks flying between them. When they touch, their is a tingly sensation. And I don't just mean in the pit of Emma's stomach. Though I'm sure her stomach was also doing all kinds of acrobatics. After a deadly scene with a shark, Galen is witness to the gifts Emma possesses, though she doesn't know about them at the time. Galen ends up following her all the way home to New Jersey and finds himself enrolled at her school. All to see if she is the girl who can save his kingdom. To find out if she possesses the gifts of Poseidon. Want to know more? Then I am afraid you will have to buy this sensational book for yourself. I am truly glad that I didn't have to wait until May for it. Though now I am chewing my left arm off waiitng for the next book. The only problem with getting a book like this in advance is, I have to wait even longer for the sequel. Anna Banks is by far one of the most talented debut authors I have come across in my time as a reader. She managed to hook me and reel me in with her beautiful words and they way in which she was able to create a world I was constantly desperate to discover more about. This is the first book I have read about mermaids, and I really regret calling them that, Galen wouldn't thank me for it, I'm sure. So what I mean to say is, it's the first book I have read about Syrena. There, that's better. I was in awe of the glorious world and characters that Anna weaved. It feels like she cast a magic spell over me and I was constantly trying to find spare time to read. It took me longer to finish than I would have liked. I wish I'd been able to dedicate more time in one sitting to it. However, I also wanted to draw it out so that it wasn't over too soon. Alas, the ending crept up on me far faster than my heart would have liked. And what an ending it was. Words cannot describe how my heart was pounding as I read that final page, so I won't even try. All I can say is, it was a complete stunner. Something I didn't see coming. That's the thing about this story on the whole, it was stunning. There were so many laugh-out-loud moments. Times when I wanted to punch someone, namely Rayna. There were times I wanted to smack Galen upside his beautiful royal head. Then there were the moments my eyes welled up and I could not stop the tears from falling. There were so many little intricacies that were brought to light as the story unfolded. Even the times I couldn't help but cry were a delight. Thank you Anna for writing such a beautiful, moving story. I eagerly await the next book. I only hope I can get that as an ARC from Net Galley too.show more
by Keren Kiesslinger
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