Politics Revisited

Politics Revisited

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Politics is a dirty game. Any attempt at, describing our own political past in Sri-Lankan context, even more dirty and is considered a risky task.It was not in my ream of interest or expertise. My book on ‘Freedom Revisited’ was an attempt to describe how we lost our basic freedom after independence.I was ‘Born Free’ but ended up in a state where mafiosi activities were instituted gradually by deliberate and stepwise manner. Hence, I avoided any description of temporal political activities in the six decades of my description from ‘Born Free’ to ‘Freedom Lost’ to Freedom Abused, in that book. My bone of contention in that book was how to Free the Freedom of want of better definition of civil behavior we gained after foreign occupation and later independence.Freedom is a political term, in that sense the book could not be considered free from politics. It was only a forerunner for asking the pertinent question indirectly, how could we get out of the unholy mess we were in and aspire for freedom of expression for all, in the current century.There was no intention of writing a book as a follow up but the current changes in our country made me to be politically active in an intellectual sphere of activity, if not in the grass root level.Man is a political animal and even a temporary divorce from it is almost impossible.Sri-Lankan family relationships are closely guarded as in mafia families, perhaps much better than mafia. This is specially so in politics.In any case, if not, for the occupation by the British in Sri-Lanka and their administration and recording of birth and death, any genealogy or descent of political families could not be verified, as at present.I wonder what would have been the situation in this country, if it had not been captured by the British?We would not have had any political system evolving and without such a system a book of this nature would not have been possible. Any semblance of administration without a political system by nature would be draconian.Many murders have been committed and many laws and regulations were twisted, just for the sake of family name, wealth and appropriation of property and politics.This is specially so in dealing liquor licenses and major business dealings. Now of course, there is illegal drug industry to be added to the list of new and emerging trends. It is pretty obvious that they do not spare any boundaries or status, especially the involvement of political masters. Money is the name of the game and how one becomes rich does not matter. I often wonder how some have become enormously rich but their method of operation to become so wealthy is only circumstantial evidence and surmise and there is nothing substantial in records of financial columns.I try to keep all personalities in third person character as much as possible without even Christian name tags attached since, Sri-Lankan names are very common. But in certain regards if a particular journalist was killed for no reason other than doing what he/she is supposed to do, I have to mention the name for posterity, especially if the crime sequence was not properly investigated by the authorities.There are illegal medical operators in this country who take the name tag of a dead doctor in the very long past and pharmacists without any training and operating under grandfather's license issued during British time.The legal system is at its lowest, some of their operations are shady and their involvement in politics make them even worse adversaries. No one with political connection has been charged except the minions and brought under existing laws, even after the end of the war. The prolong war had made legal system and police investigations impotent. The system has all the loopholes that were in Sicily a century ago and local underworld now probably has international connections including the Chinese operators.show more

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