Pocket Guide to the National Electrical Code 1999 Edition

Pocket Guide to the National Electrical Code 1999 Edition

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This complete revision to the best-selling "Vest Pocket Guide to the National Electrical Code" reflects all 1999 code changes -- all in a handy, convenient format professionals can take anywhere! Coverage includes wiring methods, design, protection and materials; as well as equipment for general use, including cords, cables, fixtures, heating equipment, air-conditioning, refrigeration, transformers, capacitors, resistors and storage batteries. You'll find all the most widely-used information about special occupancies, including Class I, II, and III locations; healthcare facilities; garages; repair and storage facilities and many other locations. The book covers a wide variety of special equipment and conditions, and includes detailed information on communications systems. Every section includes cross-references to the code itself, so it easy to find out more whenever you want.show more

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  • Paperback | 448 pages
  • 82.55 x 146.05 x 25.4mm | 181.44g
  • Pearson Education (US)
  • Prentice Hall
  • Upper Saddle River, United States
  • English
  • 0130207241
  • 9780130207241

Table of contents

CONTENTS List of Tables PrefaceJJJJxv 1JJGeneralJJJJ1 100JJDefinitionsJJJJ1 110JJRequirements for Electrical InstallationsJJJJ2 2JJWiring Design and ProtectionJJJJ5 200JJUse and Identification of Grounded ConductorsJJJJ5 210JJBranch CircuitsJJJJ7 215JJFeedersJJJJ19 220JJBranch-Circuit, Feeder, and Service CalculationsJJJJ20 225JJOutside Branch Circuits and FeedersJJJJ33 230JJServicesJJJJ39 240JJOvercurrent ProtectionJJJJ46 250JJGroundingJJJJ53 280JJSurge ArrestersJJJJ71 3JJWiring Methods and MaterialsJJJJ72 300JJWiring MethodsJJJJ72 305JJTemporary WiringJJJJ77 310JJConductors for General WiringJJJJ78 318JJCable TraysJJJJ101 320JJOpen Wiring on InsulatorsJJJJ105 321JJMessenger Supported WiringJJJJ106 324JJConcealed Knob-and-Tube WiringJJJJ106 325JJIntegrated Gas Spacer CableQType IGSJJJJ107 326JJMedium Voltage CableQType MVJJJJ108 328JJFlat Conductor CableQType FCCJJJJ109 330JJMineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed CableQ Type MIJJJJ111 331JJElectrical Nonmetallic TubingJJJJ112 333JJArmored CableQType ACJJJJ113 334JJMetal-Clad CableJJJJ114 336JJNonmetallic-Sheathed CableQTypes NM, NMC, and NMSJJJJ116 338JJService-Entrance CableQTypes SE and USEJJJJ118 339JJUnderground Feeder and Branch-Circuit CableQType UFJJJJ119 340JJPower and Control Tray CableQ Type TCJJJJ120 342JJNonmetallic ExtensionsJJJJ121 343JJNonmetallic Underground Conduit With ConductorsJJJJ122 345JJIntermediate Metal ConduitJJJJ123 346JJRigid Metal ConduitJJJJ125 347JJRigid Nonmetallic ConduitJJJJ129 348JJElectrical Metallic TubingJJJJ132 349JJFlexible Metallic TubingJJJJ134 350JJFlexible Metal ConduitJJJJ135 351JJLiquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit and Liquidtight Flexible Nonmetallic ConduitJJJJ137 352JJSurface Metal Raceways and Surface Nonmetallic RacewaysJJJJ140 353JJMultioutlet AssemblyJJJJ142 354JJUnderfloor RacewaysJJJJ142 356JJCellular Metal Floor RacewaysJJJJ143 358JJCellular Concrete Floor RacewaysJJJJ143 362JJMetal Wireways and Nonmetallic WirewaysJJJJ143 363JJFlat Cable AssembliesPPType FCJJJJ143 364JJBuswaysJJJJ143 365JJCablebusJJJJ143 370JJOutlet, Device, Pull and Junction Boxes, Conduit Bodies and FittingsJJJJ144 373JJCabinets, Cutout Boxes, and Metal Socket EnclosuresJJJJ151 374JJAuxiliary GuttersJJJJ152 380JJSwitchesJJJJ153 384JJSwitchboards and PanelboardsJJJJ154 4JJEquipment for General UseJJJJ159 400JJFlexible Cords and CablesJJJJ159 402JJFixture WiresJJJJ161 410JJLighting Fixtures, Lampholders, Lamps, and ReceptaclesJJJJ162 411JJLighting Systems Operating at 30 Volts or LessJJJJ169 422JJAppliancesJJJJ169 424JJFixed Electric Space Heating EquipmentJJJJ174 426JJFixed Outdoor Electric De-icing and Snow-Melting EquipmentJJJJ180 427JJFixed Electric Heating Equipment for Pipelines and VesselsJJJJ183 430JJMotors, Motor Circuits, and ControllersJJJJ185 440JJAir Conditioning and Refrigerating EquipmentJJJJ199 445JJGeneratorsJJJJ203 450JJTransformers and Transformer Vaults (Including Secondary Ties)JJJJ203 455JJPhase ConvertersJJJJ203 460JJCapacitorsJJJJ203 470JJResistors and Reactors (for Rheostats, See Section 480-82)JJJJ203 480JJStorage BatteriesJJJJ203 490JJEquipment, over 600 Volts, NominalJJJJ203 5JJSpecial OccupanciesJJJJ204 500JJHazardous (Classified) Locations, Classes I, II, and III, Divisions 1 and 2JJJJ204 501JJClass I LocationsJJJJ206 502JJClass II LocationsJJJJ212 503JJClass III LocationsJJJJ217 504JJIntrinsically Safe SystemsJJJJ220 505JJClass I, Zone 0, 1, and 2 LocationsJJJJ220 510JJHazardous (Classified) LocationsQSpecificJJJJ220 511JJCommercial Garages, Repair and StorageJJJJ220 513JJAircraft HangarsJJJJ220 514JJGasoline Dispensing and Service StationsJJJJ220 515JJBulk Storage PlantsJJJJ220 516JJSpray Application, Dipping and Coating ProcessesJJJJ221 517JJHealth Care FacilitiesJJJJ221 518JJPlaces of AssemblyJJJJ229 520JJTheaters, Audience Areas of Motion Picture and Television Studios, and Similar LocationsJJJJ229 525JJCarnivals, Circuses, Fairs, and Similar EventsJJJJ229 530JJMotion Picture and Television Studios and Similar LocationsJJJJ229 540JJMotion Picture ProjectorsJJJJ229 545JJManufactured BuildingsJJJJ229 547JJAgricultural BuildingsJJJJ229 550JJMobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, and Mobile Home ParksJJJJ229 551JJRecreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle ParksJJJJ229 552JJPark TrailersJJJJ229 553JJFloating BuildingsJJJJ229 555JJMarinas and BoatyardsJJJJ229 6JJSpecial EquipmentJJJJ230 600JJElectric Signs and Outline LightingJJJJ230 604JJManufactured Wiring SystemsJJJJ230 605JJOffice FurnishingsJJJJ230 610JJCranes and HoistsJJJJ230 620JJElevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators, Moving Walks, Wheelchair Lifts, and Stairway Chair LiftsJJJJ230 625JJElectric Vehicle Charging System Equip- mentJJJJ230 630JJElectric WeldersJJJJ230 640JJAudio Signal Processing, Amplification, and Reproduction EquipmentJJJJ230 645JJInformation Technology EquipmentJJJJ230 650JJPipe OrgansJJJJ233 660JJX-Ray EquipmentJJJJ233 665JJInduction and Dielectric Heating EquipmentJJJJ233 668JJElectrolytic CellsJJJJ233 669JJElectroplatingJJJJ233 670JJIndustrial MachineryJJJJ233 675JJElectrically Driven or Controlled Irrigation MachinesJJJJ233 680JJSwimming Pools, Fountains, and Similar InstallationsJJJJ233 685JJIntegrated Electrical SystemsJJJJ233 690JJSolar Photovoltaic SystemsJJJJ233 695JJFire PumpsJJJJ233 7JJSpecial ConditionsJJJJ233 700JJEmergency SystemsJJJJ233 701JJLegally Required Standby SystemsJJJJ236 702JJOptional Standby SystemsJJJJ239 705JJInterconnected Electric Power Production SourcesJJJJ240 720JJCircuits and Equipment Operating at Less Than 50 VoltsJJJJ240 725JJClass 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Remote-Control, Signaling, and Power-Limited CircuitsJJJJ240 727JJInstrumentation Tray CablePPType ITCJJJJ240 760JJFire Alarm SystemsJJJJ240 770JJOptical Fiber Cables and RacewaysJJJJ240 780JJClosed-Loop and Programmed Power DistributionJJJJ240 8JJCommunications SystemsJJJJ240 800JJCommunications CircuitsJJJJ240 810JJRadio and Television EquipmentJJJJ240 820JJCommunity Antenna Television and Radio Distribution SystemsJJJJ240 830JJNetwork-Powered Broadband Communications SystemsJJJJ240 9JJTablesJJJJ241 TablesJJJJ241 Appendix AJJExtractsJJJJ275 Appendix BJJFormula Application, Information for Ampacities Calculated Under Engineering SupervisionJJJJ275 Appendix CJJConduit and Tubing Fill Tables for Conductors and Fixture Wire of the Same SizeJJJJ277 Appendix DJJExamplesJJJJ417show more

About Marvin J. Fischer

Marvin J. Fischer, P.E. has nearly 40 years of experience in electrical engineering and facilities management. He has been honored as Engineer of the Year by the American Society for Hospital Engineering, and is past Chairman of several leading healthcare engineering organizations, including the Engineers Advisory Committee of the Greater New York Hospital Association.show more