A Pocket Dictionary

A Pocket Dictionary

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: ...to make, to create Goreuad, n. a bettering Goreuaeth, n. optimism Goreuant, n. optimacy Goreuo, v. to make better Goreurad, n. a troding Goreuraid, a. done with gold Goreuro, v. to gild Gorewi, v. to freeze slightly Gorewydd, n. bodily vigour Gorewyn, n. mantling foam Gorewynu, v. to foam over Gorfainc, n. a supreme seat Gorfaint, n. an oversize Gorfalch, a. supercilious Gorfan, a. extremely lofty Gorfanal, n. broom-rape Gorfanson, n. a muttering Gorfant, n. upper mandible Gorfantol, n. overbalance Gorfantoli, v. to overbalance Gorfaran, n. a grand front Gorfas, a. extremely shallow Gorfawr, a. extremely great Gorfeddu, to possess overmuch Gorfeiddio, v. to over-dare Gorfelyn, a. very yellow Gorferw, n. froth, scum Gorferwi, v. to bubble Gorfethiant, n. extreme debility Gorfethu, v. to fail completely Gorfin, n. the outer edge Gorflawdd, n. extreme uproar Gorflun, a. very tiresome Gorfloedd, n. an outcry Gorflwch, n. goblet, cup Gorflwng, a. very sullen Gorfod, n. impulse: necessity; mastery victory: v. to get superior; to necessitate, to oblige, to be obliged Gorfodaeth, n. compulsion Gorfodedd, n. ascendency Gorfodiad, n. a compelling Gorfodog, a. being compelled Gorfodogaeth, n. obligation Gorfodogi, v. to take obligatory Gorfodol, a. compulsive Gorfuledd, n. triumph; gladness Gorfoleddiad, n. a triumphing Gorfoleddu, v. to triumph, to rejoice greatly Gorfoleddus, a. triumphant Gorfoli, v. to flatter Gorfoliant, n. adulation Gorfras, a. over gross, over fat Gorfraint, n. superior privilege Gorfrau, a. extremely brittle Gorfraw, n. extreme panic Gorfrwd, a. very ardent Gorfryd, n. magnanimity Gorfrydiant, n. a paroxysm Gorfrydio, v. to overheat Gorfrydol, a. magnanimous Gorfrys, n. great haste Gorfuan, a. being over quick Gorfudd, n. supreme gain Gorfygu, v. to vanquish Gorfyd, n. rivalship, envy Gorfyniad, n. emulation Gorfynig, a. emulous, envious Gorfynog, a. emulous, envious Gorfynu, n. ascent, up-hill Gorfynydd, n. an ascent Gorfyw, a. living...show more

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  • black & white illustrations
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