Plasma-Surface Interactions and Processing of Materials

Plasma-Surface Interactions and Processing of Materials

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An understanding of the processes involved in the basic and applied physics and chemistry of the interaction of plasmas with materials is vital to the evolution of technologies such as those relevant to microelectronics, fusion and space.
The subjects dealt with in the book include: the physics and chemistry of plasmas, plasma diagnostics, physical sputtering and chemical etching, plasma assisted deposition of thin films, ion and electron bombardment, and plasma processing of inorganic and polymeric materials.
The book represents a concentration of a substantial amount of knowledge acquired in this area - knowledge which was hitherto widely scattered throughout the literature - and thus establishes a baseline reference work for both established and tyro research workers.
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  • Hardback | 558 pages
  • 156 x 234 x 31.75mm | 2,160g
  • Dordrecht, Netherlands
  • English
  • 1990 ed.
  • XIV, 558 p.
  • 0792305841
  • 9780792305842

Table of contents

Basic Physics of Plasmas/Discharges: Production of Active Species.- Plasma Chemistry in Etching.- Optical Diagnostic Techniques for Low Pressure Plasma Processing.- Measuring Eedf in Gas Discharge Plasmas.- Transport Phenomena in Plasma Processing.- Kinetics of a Low-Pressure H2 Multipole Discharge Used for GaAs Treatment.- Ar and Ti Excited States in the Vicinity of the Substrate during Magnetron Sputtering of Ti.- Modeling of the Plasma Nitriding Process.- Plasma Measurements in a Magnetron Sputtering Device.- Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurements of Ion Distribution Functions.- Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurements in Plasma Etching Processes.- Effect of Modulation on the Plasma Deposition of Hydrogenated and Fluorinated Silicon Nitride.- Partial Pressure Analysis of CF4/O2 Plasmas.- Surface Characterization of Corona Discharge Treated Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate).- The Physics of the Sputter Erosion Process.- Basic Phenomena in Reactive Etching of Materials.- Particle Bombardment Effects in thin Film Deposition.- Low-Energy Ion/Surface Interactions during Film Growth from the Vapor Phase: Effects on Nucleation and Growth Kinetics, Defect Structure, and Elemental Incorporation Probabilities.- Low-Energy Accelerated-Ion Doping of Si During Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Incorporation Probabilities, Depth Distribution, and Electrical Properties.- In Situ Substrate Chemical Analysis during Sputter Deposition.- Reactive Ion Beam Etching Studies of Tungsten with CF4 Using Ion Scattering Spectroscopy.- Estimation of Structural Damage Induced by Technological Processes on the Surface of Crystalline Binary Compounds by X-Ray Photoelectron Diffraction: Application to Reactive Ion Etching of GaAs(001) Surfaces.- In-Situ XPS Studies of thin Silicon Nitride Films on III-V Semiconductors Produced by Remote Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition.- Compositional and Structural Analysis of RF Sputtered Hydrogenated Amorphous Si1-xGex Alloys.- Thin Film Inhomogeneity Characterization by Ion Beam Technique.- Theoretical Analysis of the Influence of Foil Inhomogeneities on the Angular Variation of the Energy-Loss.- Applications of Plasma Etching.- The Application of Plasmas to thin Film Depostion Processes.- Plasma-Enhanced CVD of Silicon-Related Compounds.- Plasma-Assisted Deposition of Polymers.- RBS, SIMS, AES and ESCA Analysis of Surfaces.- The Process Transfer of Oxygen Reactive Ion Etching of Polymide between Different Etch Equipments.- Reactive Ion Etching of Silicon Containing Resists.- Surface Treatment of PP Films by a Non Equilibrium Low Pressure Plasma of NH3, N2, Ar.- Ion Beam and Plasma-Induced Etching in Structuring Electronic Devices.- Plasma Induced Polymerization.- Technological Considerations on thin Films Process Based on NTa2.- Surface Modification of Biomaterials with Plasma Glow Discharge Processes.- Rutherford Backscattering and Nuclear Reaction Analysis Study of Plasma Oxidation Silicides.- Recent Magnetron Design at Minho University - Characterization.- A Novel Microwave Ion Source as a New Tool for Submicron Etching of Microelectronic Devices.- Laser Coating of Engineering Materials for Increased Wear Resistance.- A Two-Stand Laboratory Facility for the Study of Laser Supported Plasma-Surface Interaction.- Effects of a Partial Orientation of Cu++ Complexes in YBa2Cu3O7-x Pellets.
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