Physics and Materials Science of Vortex States, Flux Pinning and Dynamics

Physics and Materials Science of Vortex States, Flux Pinning and Dynamics

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This book contains most, but regrettably not all, the papers that were presented at the Advanced Research Study Institute, ASI, held at the Fantasia Hotel, Kusadasi, Turkey, July 26 - August 8, 1998. A powerful incentive to the development of vortex physics in superconductors, that has began with Abrikosov Vortices in Shubnikov's Mixed State, was realized after the discovery of the high-Tc superconductivity. Indeed, a number of the most intriguing phenomena and states of the flux line lattice are observed in high-Tc superconducting materials due to their high anisotropy, intrinsically layered crys- tal structure, extremely small coherence length and the possibility of coexistence of superconducting vortex states with high-energy thermal fluctuation. These pe- culiarities are demonstrated as the 2D flux line lattice of point-vortices (pan- cakes), Josephson vortices or strings in parallel and/or tilted magnetic fields, flux line lattice melting into vortex liquid and its freezing into vortex "solid" (e. g. , crystal-or glass-like) state.
It is well known, that the main reason for conditioning of the vortex ensemble state and behavior (except the extrinsic factors, such as applied magnetic field or temperature) is a set of intrinsic/extrinsic superconduct- ing material properties caused by the crystal nature and symmetry, atoms ar- rangement, anisotropy, as well as by the spectrum of crystal defects, their dimen- sions, arrangement and density.
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Table of contents

I: Flux Penetration And Pinning.- Vortex Pinning and Jc in High-Tc Superconductors: Advance from Understanding Toward Some Practical Issues.- Magnetic Flux Penetration Into the High-Temperature Superconductors.- Statics and Dynamics of the Flux-Line Lattice in Realistic Geometries.- Pinning Mechanisms in High-Tc Superconductors.- Microstructures and Critical Currents in High-Tc Superconductors.- Mechanical and Squid Measurements on Nb Thin Films: Learning from a Conventional Superconductor.- Flux Instabilities in Current-Carrying Type-II Superconductors.- Magneto-Optical Studies of Magnetization Processes in High-Tc Superconductors.- Experimental Evaluation of the Role of Geometrical and Surface Barriers in BSCCO-2212 Crystals.- Paul Flux Pinning in (RE) Ni2B2C Superconductors.- Scanning Squid Microscopy of Flux Distributions and Motion Near Surface Features in NbSe2.- Anisotropy Induced Crossover from Fractal to Non-Fractal Flux Penetration in High-Tc Thin Films.- Magnetic Flux Noise and Pinning in Low and High-Tc Superconducting Films.- Effect of Pinning Sites on the Decay of the Orientational Order of a Vortex Lattice.- Strong Pinning Mechanisms in High-Tc Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-? Thin Films.- Influence of Columnar Defects on Critical Currents, Pinning Forces and Irreversibility Fields in (Tm1-xYx)Ba2Cu3O7 Single Crystals up to 50 T.- II: Vortex Dynamics.- Vortex Melting and the Liquid State in YBa2Cu30x.- Vortex Lattice and Dissipation Related Properties at High Frequency in Layered High Tc Superconductors.- The Susceptibility of the Vortex Lattice.- Statistical Mechanics of Vortex Lines.- Josephson Vortex Dynamics in Layered Structures.- High Resolution Specific Heat Experiments on the Vortex Melting Line in MBa2Cu3Ox (M=Y, Dy and Eu)Crystals: Observation of First- and Second-Order Transitions up to 16T.- On the Intermediate State and the Melting Transition in High-Tc BSCCO Single Crystal Superconductors.- Commensurability Oscillations and Smectic Vortex Phase Transition in YBa2Cu3Oy Single Crystals.- 19 F NMR Study of Vortex Lattice Evolution in Fluorinated YBCO System.- Evidence for Two Vortex Species in Niobium Films in Parallel Fields.- Vortex Lattice Melting Probed by Nernst Effect.- Emission of Radiation by Vortex Arrays Motion in DC Transformer.- Vortex Dynamics in Bulk HTS with Levitation Techniques.- Crossover From Pointlike to Linelike Vortex Creep in Superconducting Films with Columnar Defects.- What is the Vortex Lattice Melting, Reality or Fiction?.- III: General.- Extended Ginzburg-Landau Theory of HTS: The Coulping of the Superconducting to a Structural Phase Transition Strongly Enhances Tc.- Anisotropy and Transport Properties in Substituted and Intercalated High Temperature Superconductors Studied by Raman Spectroscopy.- Dynamics of the Phase Separation of LA 2CUO4+x Single Crystals.- Interpretation of the Non-Linear Inductive Response of Superconducting Films.- Magnetooptic Measurements of the Local AC Susceptibility in High-Temperature Superconductors in a Wide Frequency Range.- Plasmons in Nanotube Bundles.- IV: Applcations.- Applications of High Temperature Superconductors.
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