Physico-Chemical Behaviour of Atmospheric Pollutants (1989)

Physico-Chemical Behaviour of Atmospheric Pollutants (1989) : Air Pollution Research Reports

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In October 1979 the First European Symposium on Physico-Chemical Behaviour of Atmospheric Pollutants was held In Ispra (Italy); 83 scientists attended the conference contributing 44 papers. Ten years later, the Fifth European Symposium on Physico-Chemical Behaviour of Atmospheric Pollutants, organized as for the previous Symposia In the framework of the Concerted Action *COST 611, was held in Varese (Italy) from 25 to 28 September 1989. This Volume contains the oral papers and the posters presented at this Symposium. Participation at this Conference Is more than doubled of that In 1979 In terms of scientists (185) and contributed papers (110). This simple comparison demonstrates once more the growing attention of the scientific community to the problems related to the pollution of the atmosphere. During these years, Important new Issues have arisen (global pol lutlon/cl Imatlc changes) whl Ie old ones have been reviewed due to new experimental evidence (depletion of stratospheric ozone). The Symposium offered the best opportunity for a review of the current studies and technical progress achieved In the various sectors of the Concerted Action since the Fourth Symposium held In Stresa (Italy) In September 1986. In 1987 the scientific programme and the operational structures of the COST 611 Project were revised. The Project Is now structured into three Working Parties: 1. Development of Analytical Methods to measure Trace Components of the Atmosphere. 2. Atmospheric Chemical and Photochemical Processes. 3. Field measurements and their Interpretation.
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Table of contents

Session I - Development of Analytical Methods to Measure Trace Components of The Atmosphere.- Summary of Session I.- Determination of NH3, HNO3 and NH4NO3 in ambient air by automated thermodenuder systems and a wet annular denuder system.- Nouveau dispositif inertiel et diffusionnel pour la mesure de la granulometrie des aerosols.- A passive diffusion tube sampler for the measurement of atmospheric NO2. A new approach.- Studies on the spectroscopy and chemistry of some atmospheric hydroperoxides with a tunable diode laser.- A method for methyl iodide measurement in the lower troposphere.- Laboratory intercomparisons in the EMEP (European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme).- Air and precipitation quality and trends in Europe. Results of the EMEP network.- The relationship between ozone, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in boundary layer episodes.- Ground based cloud and fog experiments.- Intercomparison of wet-only collectors for measuring wet deposition.- Field intercomparison exercise on nitric acid and nitrate measurement: critical evaluation of the results.- Trends of photochemical oxidants observed during the intercomparison field exercise on nitric acid and nitrate measurements held in Montelibretti.- Gas phase measurements of NH3 and NH4+ with Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy and Gas Stripping Scrubber in combination with Flow Injection Analysis.- Simultaneously sampling of NH3, HNO3, HNO2, HCl, SO2 and H2O2 in ambient air by a wet annular denuder system.- Determination of organic peroxides.- Trotospheric OH radical measurement techniques: recent developments.- Three methods of hydrogen peroxide determination in rainwater.- Measurements of the non-filterable share of heavy metals and metalloids in ambient air 114.- Statistical methods in intercalibration studies of SO2 and NOX monitors.- Determination of sulfur compounds in atmospheric matrices after derivatization using a GC-FPD method - A laboratory study with respect to possible applications.- The physico-chemical properties of aerosols in relation to their extinction coefficient.- Generation of standard atmospheres of nitrous acid.- A new analyzer for sulfuric acid and sulfur aerosols in ambient air: development and measurements.- Session II/A - Atmospheric Chemical and Photochemical Processes.- Summary of session II.- Laboratory kinetic studies of reactions of iodine species occurring in marine atmosphere.- Reactions of IO radicals with sulphur containing compounds.- Atmospheric behaviour of chloroacetaldehydes.- Products and mechanism of the reaction between NO3 and dimethylsulphide in air.- Reactions of peroxyacetyl radicals with sulfur compounds.- The BrO + ClO reaction and the polar stratospheric ozone.- The kinetics of the reaction ClO + ClO = Cl2O2 and its implications for polar ozone depletions.- The reactions of NO3 with atoms and radicals.- Possible heterogeneous reaction processes inducing depletion of the ozone layer in the stratospheric Antartica.- Degradation products of chlorinated hydrocarbons.- Atmospheric removal processes for chlorine-containing compounds.- UV spectrum and kinetics of the trichloromethyl radical.- FTIR studies of the reaction between the nitrate radical and haloethenes. Part. I Vinylchloride.- Spectroscopic measurements of NO2, O3, SO2, IO and NO3 in maritime air.- Session II/B - Atmospheric Chemical And Photochemical Processes Joint Eurotrac - Cost 611 - Project Halipp.- A pulse radiolysis study of the chemistry of oxysulphur radicals in aqueous solution.- Kinetics of the reactions of the S04 radical with SO4-, S2O82-, H2O and Fe2+.- Mechanism of the homogeneous liquid oxidation of sulphur(IV) to sulphur(VI) by hydrogen peroxide.- OH quantum yields for the photodecomposition of FE(III) hydroxo complexes in aqueous solution and the reaction of OH with hydroxymethanesulfonate.- Trace gas exchange kinetics at the air/water interface.- Heterogeneous production of CI atoms under simulated tropospheric conditions in a smog chamber.- Phototransformation of O-Xylene over atmospheric solid aerosols in the presence of O2 and H2O.- Etude en enceinte de simulation de la photodegradation du naphtalene en presence de particules.- Absolute OH quantum yields in the laser photolysis of aqueous solutions of nitrate, nitrite and H2
O2 AT 308 and 351 NM.- Session II/C - Atmospheric Chemical And Photochemical Processes Joint Eurotrac-Cost 611 - Project Lactoz.- Reactions of OH radicals with alkyl nitrates.- Tropospheric oxidation of toluene: reactions of some intermediate radicals.- Adduct formation of OH with benzene and toluene and reaction of the adducts with NO and N02.- Temperature dependence of reactions of the nitrate radical with alkanes.- Heterogeneous transformation of nitrogen containing compounds: pan decomposition.- Methylperoxy self-reaction: products and branching ratio between 223 and 333 K.- Kinetic study of the equilibria: CH3O2 + NO2 CH3O2NO2 and CH3C(O)O2 + NO2 CH3C(O)O2NO2 in the gas phase by flash photolysis.- Laser photofragment emission: a novel technique for the study of gas phase reactions of the CH302 radical.- Arrhenius parameters for the gas-phase reaction of ozone with a series of 1-Alkenes over the temperature range 240-324K.- Photooxidation study of Methylethylketone and methylvinylketone.- Room temperature rate coefficient for the reaction between CH3O2 and NO3.- The reaction of OH with C2H2 and the subsequent reaction of hydroxyvinyl with O2.- Laboratory studies of HOCH2CH2O2 radicals produced by the photolysis of 2-iodoethanol in the presence of O2.- Reaction of monoterpene hydrocarbons with O3, SO2 and NO2 -Formation of acidic compounds.- Products and mechanism of the gas phase reaction between the nitrate radical and arenes.- The Self-Reaction of the NO3 Radical.- Session III/A - Field Measurements and Their Interpretation.- Summary of session III.- A two years study of oxidants (pan and ozone) in a forested area.- Study of rain and fogs collected in the Vosges region (1986-1988).- Coxy's in the atmosphere.- The Deposition of acidifying components on wet surfaces -Occurrence and chemical composition of dew.- A comparative study of two microphysical schemes for mesocale modeling of pollutant transport and deposition.- Daily profil study of the atmospheric DMS concentration near to an intense coastal source at the "Pointe de Penmarc'H".- Principal component analysis of wet deposition in finland.- Nitrous acid at Mainz: Observation and implication for its formation Mechanism.- Interregional modeling of air pollution in Portugal: preliminary results.- An advanced model for the description of conversion processes of nitrogen oxides in plumes of large point sources.- Contribution d'un panache de centrale thermique aux depots acides. Calculs a l'aide du code parade de depots humides et de compositions chimiques de pluies.- Estimation of wet and dry deposition of Pb and Cd over the Ligurian sea.- Low molecular weight organic compounds in the PO valley fog water.- High concentrations of sulfur dioxide in the middle and upper troposphere - case studies and meteorological analysis.- Ion deposition due to fog water interception at high elevations.- Aircraft measurements of hydrogen peroxide over the Northeasten United States.- Results of Aircraft measurements of transboundary mass fluxes of air pollutants over the Federal Republic of Germany.- Measurements of gaseous hydrogen peroxide in Southern Germany.- Data interpretation from a transportable laboratory in a complex coastal site.- Measurements of NO and NOy between 0-14 KM altitude over Europe.- Formaldehyde measurements in the free troposphere.- Formic and acetic acid in presence of cloud and dew water.- One-Year measurements of pan in the Paris basin: temperature and wind direction effect.- Temporal variations of formaldehyde in continental air masses.- Transport and deposition of S - and N - Compounds in central Europe modelled as annual averages.- Daily profil study of the atmospheric formaldehyde concentrations at the "pointe de Penmarc'H" under pure marine conditions.- Modelling the influence of meteorological and other factors on the chemistry of oxidized nitrogen compounds.- Temporal Variability of atmospheric Pb, Cu and Mn concentrations and fluxes over the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea.- Identification of polycyclic aromatic nitro derivatives during a winter photochemical episode in Paris.- Monitoring of Peroxides and other Trace Gas Constituents at a high Alpine Station.- Flux measurements over prairie Grasslands in Northern Colorado.- Session III/B - Field Measurements and Their Interpretation 1988 Polastern Cruise Ant VII/1.- Measurements of photolysis frequencies of O3 and NO2 and ambient O3 concentration on the polarstem cruise ant VII/1.- The Meridional distribution of ozone and water vapor over the Atlantic Ocean between 30 DegreesS and 52 DegreesN in September/October 1988.- Hydrogen peroxide concentration variations in marine Tropospheric atmosphere.- Polarstern 1988: Measurements of trace gases using tunable diode lasers and intercomparisons with other methods.- Detection of nitric acid in air by a laser-photolysis fragment-fluorescence (LPFF) method 651.- The latitudinal distribution of light non-methane hydrocarbons over the Mid-Atlantic between 40 DegreesN and 30 DegreesS.- The latitudinal distribution of NMHC in the Atlantic and their fluxes into the atmosphere.- Formaldehyde background levels over the Atlantic Ocean during the polarstem crossing from Bremerhaven to Rio Grande do Sul.- Methanesulfonate and non-sea-salt sulfate in the marine aerosol and precipitation.- DMS distribution study over the atlantic ocean during the polarstem crossing from Bremerhaven to Rio Grande do Sul.- Biogenic sulfur compounds in seawater and the marine atmosphere.- Net total radiation at the sea surface of the Atlantic ocean between 30 DegreesN and 30 DegreesS.- Surface NO- and NO2 -mixing ratios measured between 30 DegreesN and 30 DegreesS in the Atlantic region.- Measurements of peroxyacetyl nitrate in the marine atmosphere.- Concentration and sources of trace elements over the Atlantic Ocean.- Summary of the Symposium.- List of Participants.- Index of Authors.
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