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  • 12-17
  • Hardback | 343 pages
  • 150 x 213 x 33mm | 454g
  • New York, NY, United States
  • English
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  • 0399159444
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4,194 ratings
4.11 out of 5 stars
5 42% (1,780)
4 34% (1,413)
3 18% (757)
2 4% (178)
1 2% (66)

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(Source: I won a digital copy of this book.) This is the second book in the 'Black City' series, and kicks of a couple of months after the end of book 1 'Black City'. **Warning - some unavoidable spoilers for book 1 'Black City'.** Ash and Natalie are continuing on with the fight to stop Puritan Rose from bringing in a segregation law, which will force all of the Darklings into concentration camps. Unfortunately Puritan Rose will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and he's not above killing people if it pushes things his way. Soon things are really out of control, and Ash and Natalie find themselves fleeing for their lives, in hopes of finding a weapon called Ora, which is supposed to affect only those with the v-gene, hence allowing them to bring down the Sentry. Can they find Ora in time? How far will Puritan Rose go to get rid of anyone not 100% human? And how long can Ash and Natalie keep running for? This was a great sequel to 'Black City', and I loved the action. Natalie and Ash remained strong in this instalment, leading the downtrodden, and trying to save people from the wrath of Puritan Rose. I loved how their relationship had developed, and how devoted they were to one another, but I also disliked the way they kept secrets from one another that they thought would cause them pain. While keeping secrets might have seemed like a good idea, it ultimately just made them hurt each other even more. I liked the storyline in this book, and I liked the action. There seemed to be something constantly going on, and always something to run from, and I liked the adrenalin and the chase. There were several deaths and new developments that I didn't see coming, and I liked that even though there was quite a bit of travelling in this book that it wasn't dull. There were a couple of plot points that confused me a little, but thankfully the action made up for these, and I'm hoping that some of these will be cleared up in the final book! The ending to this one was good, but we were left with a big cliff-hanger! I really want to read the next book now to find out what happens! Overall; a good second instalment with lots of action. 8 out of more
by Sarah Elizabeth
First, thank you so much to Elizabeth Richards and Stacey of Penguin for the ARC of Phoenix! It's so pretty and totally pet-worthy, I jumped around my house when it arrived in my doorstep. I had a freakish grin for sure then. And thank you to Kate of The Bookaholic Blurbs for hosting the #PhoenixPHTour and letting me join! Still, honesty is my policy and all you'll ever read here are my honest thoughts. For those of you who don't know, I also joined the #BlackCityPHTour before. Sadly, I only gave Black City 3 stars. I know, that's low for Black City because fraggin' hell, Black City was amazing! I explained it in my review that I'm just allergic to instalove and that I wasn't a fan of the Evangeline storyline but I did admit that it was just me and that the world that Elizabeth Richards crafted was so rich and vivid. And you know what? Reading Phoenix has made me rethink that rating. As I was reading Phoenix, I kept on wondering how the heck did I give Black City only three stars. I was so fully immersed in the novel that I can't stop turning the pages. I read Phoenix during a commute, all day, all night, I even brought it to the bathroom. That's how glued I was to the book. Reading Phoenix made me remember how rich the story world Elizabeth Richards has forged and breathed into life. The pages were alive, with action, conflict and romance. It felt like I was in Ash and Natalie's world. Just from the epilogue, I felt like this is going to be a five-star novel for me. Elizabeth Richards describing the ant that Purian Rose saw in his balcony during the prologue had my skin forming goosebumps from the focus on the details and the looming sense of an upcoming disaster. Reading Phoenix was like pumping your own adrenaline to your veins. The action, the scheming, the mind games, the fighting, the burning, everything was as vivid as a film. I was certainly holding my breath a lot of times. As with Black City, there was the overarching conflict and the smaller conflicts. Phoenix did not lack in building tension and problems at all, but it also solved them along the way, which made for a very satisfying read. Well, that satisfaction came after the thrashing. Yes, I was thrashing all over our couch while reading Phoenix. Elizabeth just knows how to make you rage, how to feel pity, how to do everything just to hug a character. It was that good. Phoenix also showed us more to the story world of the Black City series. We meet more Darklings, Lupines and Bastets and we got to learn, know and explore the other states in the United Sentry States. I would like to commend, applaud and thank Elizabeth Richards for giving us a look into the world she melded. Black City was focused in the state of Black City but with Phoenix, the rebellion has gained a stronger foothold and the whole of the United Sentry States is now in uproar. I had a kick out of reading, more like seeing, the whole picture of this rebellion. What is a great dystopian without its rebellion? Full of blood and lives lost, Phoenix gave us the uprising befitting of Purian Rose's crimes. The characters we all know and love (or hate) made themselves all the more lovable (or despicable). I adore Natalie's compassion and her pathological need to help those in need. Of course she doesn't get her way all the time and sometimes it comes across as selfish or naive, but I appreciate how she just wants to help anybody in danger or in need. Long gone is the whiny and bratty Sentry girl and in here is the girl behind the face of the rebellion. Here is a brave lady who will fight for her family and for the rebellion. Ash, as well, rose up to the challenge and became the face of the rebellion. Not just the face but also one of the minds of the rebellion. He may have had done some decisions I didn't approve of but it was true to his character and feelings. Sebastian is the most inhumane character I have ever had the chance to know and I abhor him. I discussed this with Kazhy of My Library in the Making but I think Sebastian is way more evil than Purian Rose. Purian Rose has skewed morals and he seriously thinks that he's doing this for the greater good. But Sebastian, I despise him with every fiber of my being. We also meet new characters in Phoenix such as Elijah. Now, no spoilers but Elijah was such a sweet yet arrogant yet endearing yet sleazy character. I really enjoyed reading and getting to know him and I appreciate his back story. We know that Ash and Natalie are bloodmates and that their love for each other will never abate but it was a good call to put someone who can change that up, even though he's not really a threat. Elijah was refreshing to read. Now, I discussed about the story world, the conflict, the descriptions and the characters. Let's get to the romance. Oh, the romance. I know I didn't like Ash and Natalie's instalove at Black City but with them already together by Phoenix, I didn't mind it at all. The scenes were steamy but totally acceptable for the young adult genre. We all know that Ash is hot (doesn't help I picture him as Ezra Miller) and with the very vivid descriptions and storytelling, I just have to say that I had to fan myself at times. The steaminess was appreciated but more than that, I love how Ash and Natalie's relationship hit a few setbacks but that they just love each other so much that they eventually get back on track. It just made me feel that somewhere out there, I also have a bloodmate that will love me as much. Okay, I was kidding about the bloodmate, that's freaky, but you get the point. Their love was awe-inspiring in how much they care for each other, how much they want to protect each other, in how much they are willing to sacrifice and get over anything just for the other. Their love was so consuming and I was pretty much engulfed by the flames of their love. Adrenaline-rushing action, thrash-inducing conflicts, visual and lifelike descriptions, romance that is equally sweet and steamy, Phoenix is the perfect sequel to Black City. True to Elizabeth Richards fashion, Phoenix will want you to hack her computer and read the third book right after. I highly recommend the Black City series to all fans of the dystopian genre!show more
by Dianne @ Oops! I Read A Book Again
Starts with a bang and it feels like I never left this dark world. Get right back into ash's head as he's forced to make an impossible decision. Natalie or his people... All while leading a revolt healing from burns and fighting nightmares of burning from the attempted execution from the first book. The thing that draws me most though is the romance between Ash and Natalie. I Love their chemistry, moments together, physical and the soul sharing. Action and complications are never far behind though so I treasured each of those moments. The weird love triangle type thing both infuriated me and enthralled me. I saw the appeal of Elijah and understood what he saw in natalie but i am a big so it didn't fly for me in the end. So I am glad that there was more than what it was at the surface, and that nothing too stupid of a line was crossed. Understood why ash thought it and what he saw. His pain was so intense but still loyal... Which brings me back to the reason that I love Ash so much. Natalie was actually hiding something else, that i never saw coming and took my breath away. The pacing is intense and I loved the dual narration that continues in this one because I loved seeing both Ash and Natalie's perspectives. It ended leaving me yearning for the next book, which I will be getting my hands on the day it releases to find out what happens more
by Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books)
Phoenix takes off a few months after the horrible events in Black City such as the riot and Ash's execution which he miraculously survived. Purian Rose, the wicked leader of the United Sentry States wants to pass a law that will segregate the Darklings from humans. He wants Ash to vote in favor of it; or else, Natalie will die. Torn between saving his people and the girl he loves, Ash is thrust into a very serious and complex situation that tests his loyalty to the Darklings and to Natalie. The whole premise of Rose's Law has a hidden agenda that will shock readers at the moment of discovery. Soon, the war begins and citizens of the nation are forced to take sides to save their lives. In Black City, readers witnessed the beginning of Ash and Natalie's beautiful and alluring relationship. In Phoenix, on the other hand, that relationship deepens and evolves into a mature one. Despite the complicated circumstances in the story, Ash and Natalie showed how strong they are as a couple. Their relationship became rocky at some point yet both did not give up no matter how betrayed and hurt they felt. Now that is what you call true devotion. Readers will get to know more about Ash and Natalie in their internal monologues. Feelings of love, desire, heartbreak, grief, and bewilderment unfold their strengths and weaknesses in those monologues. Amid the difficult situations, there are of course sweet moments that will set readers' hearts ablaze. Reading the book was a grand adventure. Phoenix takes readers to dangerous and magnificent places in the United Sentry States that will leave them completely breathless. Each place Ash and Natalie went to with the sexy and gorgeous Bastet boy Elijah leads to startling revelations. Those scenes splintered my heart into pieces as I read them. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move. It felt like fiction became my reality. The emotions were so genuine and that's one of the factors I look for in a book. I believe being real comes from within and I definitely can say that Elizabeth Richards wrote Phoenix with all her heart, making the book timeless and most of all, priceless. Also, Phoenix wouldn't be as spectacular as it is without the heart-stopping tension surrounding the story. There were lots of running, hiding, and bloody battle scenes! I kept pounding my bedside table as I felt tension wrapping its arms around me. My mouth unleashed an outburst of "WHAT", "OMG" and "OH NO," with each expression ending in infinite exclamation points. Add to that my facial expressions which made my mom curious as to what was happening to me. New characters are also introduced in Phoenix that added spice and spark to the story. Each fresh face has an essential role and contribution that made the plot twists and turns very appealing and intense. Phoenix is a remarkable novel. I'm completely drawn to Elizabeth Richards' powerful writing. The vivid descriptions painted clear and striking images in my mind. And the emotions embedded within the brilliantly crafted prose make the novel a magnificent work of art. Like The Sight, this amazing sequel to Black City will certainly enclose readers in an enthralling experience they'll never forget. I seriously can't wait for Book 3! *This review is also posted on my blog, The Lifelong Bookworm. Link: http://jessellelovesbooks.wordpress.comshow more
by Jesselle Villegas
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