Permo-Triassic Salt Provinces of Europe, North Africa and the Atlantic Margins

Permo-Triassic Salt Provinces of Europe, North Africa and the Atlantic Margins : Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Potential

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Permo-Triassic Salt Provinces of Europe, North Africa and the Atlantic Margins: Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Potential deals with the evolution and tectonic significance of the Triassic evaporite rocks in the Alpine orogenic system and the Neogene basins in the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa, and the western Mediterranean. As the nature of the Triassic evaporite sequences, the varied diapiric structures they feed, and the occurrence of hydrocarbons suggest that the Triassic evaporites represent an efficient system to trap hydrocarbons, this book explores the topic with a wide swath, also devoting content to a relatively unexplored topic, the mobilization and deformation of the Triassic salt in the western and northern Tethys (from Iberia and North Africa, Pyrenees and Alps, Adriatic and Ionian) during the subsequent Alpine orogenic processes. The book includes chapters updating varied topics, like the Permian and Triassic chronostratigraphic scales, palaeogeographic reconstructions of the western Tethys since the Late Permian, the petroleum systems associated with Permo-Triassic salt, allochthonous salt tectonics, and a latest revision of salt tectonic processes in the Permian Zechstein Basin, the Atlantic Margins (from Barents Sea, Scotia, Portugal, Morocco, and Mauritania), the Alpine folded belts in Europe, and the various Triassic salt provinces in North Africa.

The book is the go-to guide for salt tectonic researchers and those working in the hydrocarbon exploration industry.
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Table of contents

Part I: Salt Tectonics in Time and Space 1. Permo-Triassic basins and tectonics in Europe, North Africa and the Atlantic Margins: A synthesis 2. The Permian and Triassic Chronostratigraphic Scales 3. Late Permian - Early Jurassic Paleogeography of Western Tethys and the World 4. An overview of allochthonous salt tectonics 5. The internal structure of the Zechstein salt and related drilling risks in the northern Netherlands 6. Petroleum systems and play types associated with Permotriassic salt

Part II: Zechstein Basin 7. Palaeogeographic Evolution of Latest Permian and Triassic Salt Basins in Northwest Europe 8. Composition, Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Significance of Zechstein Supergroup Salt on the United Kingdom and Norwegian Continental Shelves: A Review 9. Structure and evolution of the Glueckstadt Graben in relation to the other post-Permian sub-basins of the Central European Basin System 10. The tectonic history of the Zechstein Basin in the Netherlands and Germany 11. Permo-Triassic Evaporites of the Polish Basin and their bearing on the Tectonic Evolution and hydrocarbon system, an Overview

Part III: Atlantic Margins 12. Salt tectonics of the Norwegian Barents Sea and Northeast Greenland shelf 13. A review of Mesozoic-Cenozoic salt tectonics along the Scotian margin, eastern Canada 14. Influence of Salt diapirism on the basin architecture and hydrocarbon prospects of the Western Iberian Margin 15. Salt Tectonics along the Atlantic Margin of NW Africa (Morocco and Mauritania) 16. Salt Tectonics within the offshore Asturian Basin: North Iberian Margin

Part IV: Alpine Folded Belts 17. Salt and strike-slip tectonics as main drivers in the structural evolution of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin, Spain 18. The Southern Pyrenees: a salt-based fold and thrust belt 19. Allochthonous Triassic and Salt Tectonic processes in the Betic-Rif Orogenic Arc 20. The role of the Triassic evaporites underneath the North Alpine foreland 21. The Eastern Alps: multistage development of extremely deformed evaporites 22. Salt Tectonics in the Carnian evaporite basin of the Eastern Balkan-Forebalkan region of Bulgaria 23. The Triassic evaporites in the evolution of the Adriatic Basin 24. The Ionian fold-and-thrust belt in central and southern Albania: a petroleum province involving Triassic evaporites

Part V: North Africa 25. Styles of salt tectonics in central Tunisia: an overview 26. Salt Tectonics in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco 27. Development of an Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic evaporite basin on the Saharan Platform, North Africa
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Review quote

"There has been an explosion of research in the past 50 years in other salt basins, particularly the Gulf of Mexico, taking attention away from the Permo-Triassic salt basins in Europe. This volume redresses the balance, bringing together leading salt researchers around the world to make a significant step towards restoring the Permo-Triassic salt basins to the prominent position they deserve" --Michael R. Hudec, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin
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About Juan I. Soto

Juan I. Soto is a Professor of Geodynamics in the Granada University and in the Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra, Spain, working in structural geology and tectonics. His expertise includes salt and shale tectonic processes, seismic interpretation, late orogenic extension, and metamorphic and thermal evolution of extended terrains. He has worked in the Betics and the Alboran Sea in the Western Mediterranean, the Caspian Basin, the eastern Caribbean basins and the Mexican Gulf of Mexico. He has analyzed the structural and basin evolution during the mobilization of clay-rich, overpressured sediments comparing the resulting structures with those formed by salt tectonic processes. Dr. Flinch received his Ph. D. in Geology and Geophysics from Rice University. Before joining Repsol he worked as a consultant for Lagoven (ancient affiliate of PDVSA) in Venezuela and for Total on numerous exploration projects in Latin America and western Africa. He has published many papers on structural geology of the Pyrenees, structural geology and sequence stratigraphy of the Rif in Morocco, the Allochthonous salt of the Betic Cordillera in Spain, the Northern Colombia Accretionary Wedge, the Eastern Venezuelan folded belt, the Gulf of Paria in Trinidad and Venezuela, the Subandean area in Bolivia, and the Sierra Leone-Liberia margin in West Africa.Expertise: global hydrocarbon exploration, new ventures exploration, regional and tectonic analysis, seismic Interpretation and structural geology. Gabor Tari holds an MSc degree in Geophysics from Eoetvoes University of Budapest, Hungary, and a Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics from Rice University, Houston, Texas. After starting with Amoco on Romanian exploration projects in 1994, he transferred to the Angola Team in 1996. Gabor continued to work at BP Amoco until 1999 when he joined Vanco Energy Company. At Vanco, as Chief Geophysicist and then as Vice President of Geosciences, he worked mostly on projects in Africa. Since 2007, Gabor has been with OMV in Vienna, Austria, working as the Group Chief Geologist on various Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and African basins.
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