Peptide Growth Factors, Part C: Volume 198

Peptide Growth Factors, Part C: Volume 198

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This volume includes sections dealing with specific growth factors in which new, updated, or alternative procedures are presented for purification, bioassay, radiolabeling and radioreceptor assay, immunoassay, receptor identification, and quantification and includes general techniques for the study of growth factors. For those unfamiliar with a particular area such as the oncogene-growth factor relationship orientation chapters have been included.
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Praise for the Series
"The Methods in Enzymology series represents the gold-standard."
"Incomparably useful."
"It is a true 'methods' series, including almost every detail from basic theory to sources of equipment and reagents, with timely documentation provided on each page."
"The series has been following the growing, changing and creation of new areas of science. It should be on the shelves of all libraries in the world as a whole collection."
"The appearance of another volume in that excellent series, Methods in Enzymology, is always a cause for appreciation for those who wish to successfully carry out a particular technique or prepare an enzyme or metabolic intermediate without the tiresome prospect of searching through unfamiliar literature and perhaps selecting an unproven method which is not easily reproduced."
"If we had some way to find the work most often consulted in the laboratory, it could well be the multi-volume series Methods in Enzymology...a great work."
"A series that has established itself as a definitive reference for biochemists."
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Table of contents

Insulin-Like Growth Factor, Nerve Growth Factor, and Platelet-Derived Growth Factor:
B. Nilsson, G. Forsberg, and M. Hartmanis, Expression and Purification of Recombinant Insulin-Like Growth Factors from Escherichia coli.
A. Ullrich, Insulin-Like Growth Factor I Receptor cDNA Cloning.
M.A. Lesniak, L. Bassas, J. Roth, and J.M. Hill, Autoradiographic Localization of Insulin-Like Growth Factor I Receptors in Rat Brain and Chick Embryo.
M.H. Tuszynski and F.H. Gage, In Vivo Assay of Neuron-Specific Effects of Nerve Growth Factor.
M. Fahnestock, Detection and Assay of Nerve Growth Factor mRNA. M.V. Chao, Detection of Nerve Growth Factor Receptors after Gene Transfer.
L. Claesson-Welsh, A. Eriksson, B. Westermark, and C.-H. Heldin, ~Cloning and Expression of Human Platelet-Derived Growth Factor ~ga and ~gb Receptors.
L.A. Serunian, K.R. Auger, and L.C. Cantley, Identification and Quantification of Polyphosphoinositides Produced in Response to Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Stimulation.
Fibroblast Growth Factor:
Y. Shing, Biaffinity Chromatography of Fibroblast Growth Factors.
S.A. Thompson, A.A. Protter, L. Bitting, J.C. Fiddes, and J.A. Abraham, Cloning, Recombinant Expression, and Characterization of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor.
S. Rogelj, D.F. Stern, and M. Klagsbrun, Construction and Expression of Transforming Gene Resulting from Fusion of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Gene with Signal Peptide Sequence.
T. Yoshida, K. Miyagawa, H. Sakamoto, T. Sugimura, and M. ~Terada, Identification and Characterization of Fibroblast Growth Factor-Related Transforming Gene hst-1.
J.-J. Feige and A. Baird, Phosphorylation and Identification of Phosphorylated Forms of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor.
Y. Yoshitake, K. Matsuzaki, and K. Nishikawa, Derivation of Monoclonal Antibody to Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor and Its Application.
M. Kan, E.-G. Shi, and W.L. McKeehan, Identification and Assay of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors.
Epidermal Growth Factor, Transforming Growth Factor ~ga, and Related Factors:
B. Mroczkowski, Expression of Epidermal Growth Factor Precursor cDNA in Animal Cells.
C. Lucas, T.S. Bringman, and R. Derynck, Generation of Antibodies and Assays for Transforming Growth Factor ~ga.
D. Defeo-Jones, J.Y. Tai, and A. Oliff, Molecular and Biochemical Approaches to Structure-Function Analysis of Transforming Growth Factor ~ga.
G. Schultz and D. Twardzik, Assessment of Biological Activity of Synthetic Fragments of Transforming Growth Factor ~ga.
M. Shoyab and G.D. Plowman, Purification of Amphiregulin from Serum-Free Conditioned Medium of 12-O-Tetradecanoylphorbol 13-Acetate-Treated Cell Lines.
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and Related Receptors:
R. Lammers and A. Ullrich, Construction and Expression of Chimeric Cell Surface Receptors.
G.J. Heisermann and G.N. Gill, Identification of Phosphorylation Sites: Use of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor.
R. Kageyama and G.T. Merlino, In Vitro ~Transcription of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Gene.
P.H. Lin, R. Selinfreund, and W. Wharton, Isolation of Cell Membrane for Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Studies.
R.B. Pepinsky, Phosphorylation of Lipocortin-1 by the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor.
P.P. Di Fiore, O. Segatto, and S.A. Aaronson, Cloning, Expression, and Biological Effects of erbB-2/neu Gene in Mammalian Cells.
J.N. Myers, J.A. Drebin, T. Wada, and M.I. Greene, Biological Effects of Monoclonal Antireceptor Antibodies Reactive with neu Oncogene Product, p185neu.
S. Paik, C R. King, S. Simpson, and M.E. Lippman, Quantification of erbB-2/neu Levels in Tissue.
Transforming Growth Factor ~gb and Related Factors:
C. Lucas, B.M. Fendly, V.R. Mukku, W.L. Wong, and M.A. ~Palladino, Generation of Antibodies and Assays for Transforming Growth Factor ~gb.
Y. Ogawa and S.M. Seyedin, Purification of Transforming Growth Factors ~gb1 and ~gb2 from Bovine Bone and Cell Culture Assays.
D.A. Lawrence, Identification and Activation of Latent Transforming Growth Factor ~gb.
Y. Sakai and D. Barnes, Assay of Astrocyte Differentiation-Inducing Activity of Serum and Transforming Growth Factor ~gb.
R.H. Schwall and C. Lai, Erythroid Differentiation Bioassays for Activin.
T.K. Woodruff, J. Battaglia, J. Borree, G.C. Rice, and J.P. Mather, Labeling Inhibin and Identifying Inhibin Binding to Cell Surface Receptors.
D.T. MacLaughlin, J. Epstein, and P.K. Donahoe, Bioassay, Purification, Cloning, and Expression of M~adullerian Inhibiting ~Substance.
Other Growth Factors and Growth Inhibitors:
H.G. Thomas, J.H. Han, E. Balentien, R. Derynck, R. Bordoni, and A. Richmond, Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Melanoma Growth Stimulating Activity.
C.-H. Heldin, U. Hellman, F. Ishikawa, and K. Miyazono, Purification, Cloning, and Expression of Platelet-Derived Endothelial Cell Growth Factor.
N. Ferrara, D.W. Leung, G. Cachianes, J. Winer, and W.J. Henzel, Purification and Cloning of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Secreted by Pituitary Folliculostellate Cells.
C.W. Castor, E.M. Smith, M.C. Bignall, P.A. Hossler, and T.H. Sisson, Preparation and Bioassay of Connective Tissue Activating Peptide III and Its Isoforms.
Y. Kato, K. Nakashima, K. Sato, W. Yan, M. Iwamoto, and F. Suzuki, ~Purification of Growth Factors from Cartilage.
R. Grosse, F.-D. Boehmer, P. Langen, A. Kurtz, W. Lehmann, M. Mieth, and G. Wallukat, Purification, Biological Assay, and Immunoassay of Mammary-Derived Growth Inhibitor.
P.J. Polverini, N.P. Bouck, and F. Rastinejad, Assay and Purification of Naturally Occurring Inhibitor of Angiogenesis.
J.L. Wang, Derivation of Monoclonal Antibody Directed against Fibroblast Growth Regulator.
Techniques for Study of Growth Factor Activity:
A. Rizzino and P. Kazakoff, Iodination of Peptide Growth Factors: Platelet-Derived Growth Factor and Fibroblast Growth Factor.
B. Gabriel, V. Baldin, A.M. Roman, I. Bosc-Bierne, J. Noaillac-Depeyre, H. Prats, J. Teissi~aae, G. Bouche, and F. Amalric, Localization of Peptide ~Growth Factors in the Nucleus.
D.F. Stern, Antiphosphotyrosine Antibodies in Oncogene and Receptor Research.
G.R. Mundy, G.D. Roodman, L.F. Bonewald, R.O.C. Oreffo, and B.F. Boyce, Assays for Bone Resorption and Bone Formation.
Y. Matuo, N. Nishi, K. Matsumoto, K. Miyazaki, K. Matsumoto, F. Suzuki, and K. Nishikawa, 3-[(3-Cholamidopropyl)dimethylammonio]-1-propane Sulfonate as Noncytotoxic Stabilizing Agent for Growth Factors.
N. Sarvetnick, Transgenic Mouse Models for Growth Factor Studies.
Cross-Index to Prior Volumes: Previously Published Articles from Methods in Enzymology Related to Peptide Growth Factors.
Each chapter includes references.
Author Index.
Subject Index.
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