Pardesism Human Science 101

Pardesism Human Science 101 : Pardes Primevalism Treeseeding Our Original Common-Sense on the Bible's Creation Story 1:1-2:3; World Reconstitution, from Crisis City to Paradise Earth!

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Education is the baton of culture in the race of civilization. Let not the crisis go to waste. Let's start, the PaRDeS ReConstitution! With Revelation at Mount Sinai to the Children of Israel, the Jews were entrusted the Torah; the charge being to make the Teaching intelligible to all humankind. Though late in coming, this is an enthusiast's proposal for World Reconstitution, based on the Bible's Creation Story 1:1-2:3. Be in your actions, values, and beliefs, as the calling in your heart. We need to stop stupefying education. The problem with teaching, is it has too many trees, and very little forest. In its place, we propose PaRDeS human-science. We all have a primeval PaRDeS, original common-sense, that is hard-wired in our hearts, as found encrypted in the Bible's Creation Story Genesis 1:1-2:3. The source-code is PaRDeS (PaRaDiSe): acronym for Peshat (Plain), Remez (Remite), Derash (Discover), and Sod (Secret). In plain English, Life (PaRDeS) declares: that we are Human Beings (Sod), made up of Body (Peshat), Mind (Remez), and Spirit (Derash). Herein we employ the user-friendly "Seed" model, a frame of a right triangle inside an ellipse, to help better visualize things. That is to say, that the whole is made up of a triad of parts, and these parts in turn go to constitute a whole, as do the sides and hypotenuse of a right triangle. Imagine the potential that this has to resolve the crisis of civilization, starting with education. Instead of "keeping things separate," herein is packaged theology, philosophy, science, and technology, unto a harmonious unity, in the best traditions of Moses, Pythagoras, Socrates, and Newton. Our forefathers did the Revolution, our grandparents, the Reform, now we, ReConstitution!show more

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About Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla

Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla has taught science for over a decade at an alternative and a juvenile justice center in Austin Texas, having previously lived in Mexico City where he made infant incubators. At one point in his life he felt a calling to make incubators for the human spirit instead, moved to the US, and since then started his second sailing having written numerous books. His generalist formation includes physics BS (UTAustin), physics DIC (Imperial College), MBA (Iberian American), and master's level philosophy from UNAM, Mexico City. Discovering Torah and his Latino Jew (1492) roots in 2010, he has since had a spiritual conversion to more