Parasitology: Flukes and Snails Revisited Series Number 123

Parasitology: Flukes and Snails Revisited Series Number 123

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Considerable progress has been made in recent years in unravelling the complexities of the snail-parasite relationship. The articles cover many different aspects, including ecology, parasite transmission, parasite interactions, evolutionary biology, molecular systematics and snail defense systems, emphasising the topical nature of this important area of parasite biology. Many new techniques are now used to investigate the intricacies of host-parasite relationships. Genome and post-genomic studies, such as the schistosome genome project, are set to revolutionise parasite biology and unravel molluscan genomes. The volume provides a useful and succinct overview and should also provide much impetus for future research.
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Table of contents

Preface D. Rollinson; Snail-trematode life history interaction: past trends and future directions R. E. Sorensen and D. J. Minchella; Trematode infection and the distribution and dynamics of parthenogenetic snail populations C. M. Lively; Genetic structure in natural populations of flukes and snails: a practical approach and review P. Jarne and A. Theron; Coevolution and compatability in the snail-schistozome system J. P. Webster and C. M. Davies; A perspective on the ecology of trematode communities in snails G. W. Esch, L. A. Curtis and M. A. Barger; Seasonality in the transmission of schistosomiasis and in populations of its snail intermediate hosts in and around a sugar irrigation scheme at Richard Toll, Senegal R. F. Sturrock, O.-T. Diaw, I. Talla, M. Niang, J.-P. Piau and A. Capron; Contributions to and review of dicrocoeliosis, with special reference to the intermediate hosts of Dityostelium M. Y. Manga-Gonzalez, C. Gonzalez-Lanza, E. Cabanas and R. Campo; Fasciola hepatica and lymnaeid snails occurring at very high altitude in South America S. Mas-Coma, I. R. Funatsu and M. D. Bargues; Multiple strategies of schistozomes to meet their requirements in the intermediate snail host M. De Jong-Brink, M. Bergamin-Sassen and M. Solis Soto; Receptor-ligand interactions and cellular signalling at the host-parasite interface T. P. Yoshino, J. P. Boyle and J. E. Humphries; Mechanisms of molluscan host resistance and of parasite strategies for survival C. J. Bayne, U. K. Hahn and R. C. Bender; The relationship between Schistosoma mansoni and Biomphalaria glabrata: genetic and molecular approaches F. A. Lewis, C. Patterson, M. Knight and C. S. Richards; Molecular approaches in the study of Biomphalaria glabrata-Schistosoma mansoni interactions: linkage analysis and gene expression profiling C. S. Jones, A. E. Lockyer, D. Rollinson and L. S. Noble; Genetic variability and molecular identification of Brazilian Biomphalaria species (Mollusca: Planorbidae) O. S. Carvalho, R. L. Caldeira, A. J. G. Simpson and T. H. D. A. Vidigal; Schistosoma mansoni and Biomphalaria: past history and future trends J. A. T. Morgan, R. J. De Jong, S. D. Snyder, G. M. Mkoji and E. S. Loker; Evolutionary relationships between trematodes and snails emphasizing schistosomes and paragonimids D. Blair, G. M. Davies and B. Wu; Interactions between intermediate snail hosts of the genus Bulinus and schistosomes of the Schistosoma haematobium group D. Rollinson, J. R. Stothard and V. R. Southgate; Bulinus species on Madagascar: molecular evolution, genetic markers and compatability with Schistosoma haematobium J. R. Stothard, P. Bremond, L. Andriaamaro, B. Sellin, E. Sellin and D. Rollinson; Molecular evolution of freshwater snail intermediate hosts within the Bulinus forskalii group C. S. Jones, D. Rollinson, R. Mimpfoundi, J. Ouma, H. C. Kariuki and L. R. Noble.
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