The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm : The Complete First Edition

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When Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published their Children's and Household Tales in 1812, followed by a second volume in 1815, they had no idea that such stories as "Rapunzel," "Hansel and Gretel," and "Cinderella" would become the most celebrated in the world. Yet few people today are familiar with the majority of tales from the two early volumes, since in the next four decades the Grimms would publish six other editions, each extensively revised in content and style. For the very first time, The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm makes available in English all 156 stories from the 1812 and 1815 editions. These narrative gems, newly translated and brought together in one beautiful book, are accompanied by sumptuous new illustrations from award-winning artist Andrea Dezso.From "The Frog King" to "The Golden Key," wondrous worlds unfold-heroes and heroines are rewarded, weaker animals triumph over the strong, and simple bumpkins prove themselves not so simple after all. Esteemed fairy tale scholar Jack Zipes offers accessible translations that retain the spare description and engaging storytelling style of the originals. Indeed, this is what makes the tales from the 1812 and 1815 editions unique-they reflect diverse voices, rooted in oral traditions, that are absent from the Grimms' later, more embellished collections of tales. Zipes's introduction gives important historical context, and the book includes the Grimms' prefaces and notes.A delight to read, The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm presents these peerless stories to a whole new generation of more

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Review quote

"It's one thing to read Zipes's erudite commentary on the tales, and quite another to discover these differences for oneself in the reading experience, and thus I encourage folklorists, fairy-tale scholars, and lay readers alike to peruse the pages of the first edition of the Grimms' tales. The illustrations by Andrea Dezso--stark, simple, and beautiful--are an additional treat."--Jeana Jorgensen, Journal of Folklore Research "What a treat these stories are, presented to readers now with [Jack Zipes'] masterful translations. The tales are, in turn, moving, brutal, and always unequivocally plainspoken, a refreshing thing to read after so many edited versions. The book also includes exquisite black-and-white cut-paper illustrations from visual artist Andrea Dezso."--Julie Danielson, Kirkus "[The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm: The Complete First Edition] tempts like the devil to read the tales again, gasp at their brazen heroes, and wander their forest paths."--Willis Goth Regier, World Literature Today "Zipes puts forth expert and readable analysis and thoughts on the Grimms, and provides an excellent critical starting point to foster interest in the brothers' history and continuing legacy."--Sam Harby, Nudge Books "[A]ccepted as probably the world's greatest authority on the Grimms and fairy tales in general, Zipes is well qualified to redress the common perception of the brothers' published works."--Kevin Murphy, Magonia "Jack Zipes's new translation of the original two volumes of the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales is a revelation. . . . I know I'll be going back to this book, time and again in the years to come."--Benjamin Read, Books To Look For "The U.S.'s most prolific and deeply insightful fairy tales scholar, Zipes offers a keen and sophisticated, fresh and colloquia, first-time translation--complete with discerning introduction--of the Grimm's original two-volume opus of 156 stories, first published in 1812 and 1815."--Choice "The venerable Jack Zipes, one of the shiniest scholars in fairy tale studies, has brought us a lovely treat, which is a new translation of the first edition of the Grimm Fairy Tales, decorated with wonderfully creepy illustrations by Andrea Dezso. . . . It's an excellent little book. If not a replacement for whatever illustrated fairy tale collection you had as a child, it's certainly a valuable addition to the library of a fairytale-loving child or adult."--Reading the End "[T]hese unexpurgated Grimms' stories are really for older readers who want to delve into the strange stuff that is German folk tales. Deszo's black and white cut-paper illustrations convey a world in which boundaries between the practical and improbable are as fluid and shifting as a dream. 'The miraculous makes self-evident what is wrong with the real world,' writes Zipes in his learned, accessible introduction, and that's as good a key as any by which to enter this extraordinary territory."--Deirdre Baker, Toronto Star "With Disney's adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's fairy tale mash-up musical Into the Woods finding a wide, wide-smiling reception at the box office, it's the perfect time to consider the source: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's dark and stormy tales. . . . Andrea Dezso's illustrations--black-and-white, woodcut-like silhouettes--add the right note of eerie timelessness to these wondrous, wondrously strange yarns."--Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer "As nature, admittedly sharp in tooth, claw and thorn, intended."--James Kidd, South China Morning Post "Zipes's translation of the first edition of the collection by the Brothers Grimm is a wonderful addition to the material available in English."--Rowan Williams, New Statesman "Who wouldn't want to read a story called The Singing Bone? 156 fables--their collected works--newly translated but easily just as creepy and weird."--Globe and Mail "A far more unsettling, exhilarating, oral and adult encounter than you might expect of 'fairy stories.'"--Arifa Akbar, Independent "Zipes has produced the inaugural English translation of the two original volumes in a gutsy, robust style--warts-and-all."--Marguerite Johnson, The Conversation "Think you know fairy tales? Be prepared for a nasty shock."--Andrew Donaldson, Rand Daily Mail "The new book, published by Princeton University Press, offers a fascinating insight into how the collection has changed with the times."--Nick Enoch, Mail Online "[B]eguiling collections that are both a showcase of the enduring fascination with tales of the marvelous and strange and a celebration of those scholars who continue to research the realm of folklore. They unearth gems, and further our understanding of the stories and storytellers' place in the cultural history of their respective countries and, more broadly, in the universal human need to tell and listen to stories. . . . The rewards of these collections are irresistible."--Rebecca K. Morrison, Independent "[R]emarkable. . . . Zipes's introduction . . . is illuminating. . . . This is the uncut Brothers Grimm: shocking, funny, and at times downright weird."--Rebecca K. Morrison, Independent "Never before published in English, the first edition of the Brothers Grimms' tales reveals an unsanitised version of the stories that have been told at bedtime for more than 200 years. . . . His version of the original 156 stories . . . shows a very different side to the well-known tales, as well as including some gruesome new additions."--Alison Flood, The Guardian "Zipes, who edited and translated the new collection, has done splendid work, first in arguing for the early tales' significance. . . . Zipes' most important achievement, though, is simply putting the complete, uncensored tales before readers to judge for themselves. . . . The Original Folk and Fairy Tales--beautifully illustrated by Andrea Dezso, by the way--isn't the Disneyfied version of the Brothers Grimm that we all grew up with. But for readers whose tastes lean more to, say, Tim Burton, wading into the collection might feel like stumbling into an agreeably dark and Gothic forest."--Doug Childers, Richmond Times-Dispatch "[M]agnificent . . . what makes this newly released original volume especially enchanting are the breathtaking illustrations by Romanian-born artist Andrea Dezso."--Maria Popova, Brain Pickings "Thoroughly engaging, Zipes' translations into colloquial American English breathe life into these stories. Award-winning artist Andrea Dezso's cut-paper black and white illustrations capture the essence of this strange and enchanting world that will entice fans of mystical realms and those interested in better understanding the Grimms' enduring influence on literature."--Barbara Basbanes Richter, Fine Books & Collections "[T]he new Zipes translation of the first edition, with all its notes and annotations, is a must, a treasure for anyone with a serious interest in fairy tales, the motifs of which linger perpetually in the collective mind."--Carmel Bird, Sydney Morning Herald "This new translation . . . allows those without German expertise a chance to re-experience familiar stories in all their original Hemingwayesque terseness."--Michael Dirda, Washington Post "[A] faithful translation--accompanied by striking black-and-white illustrations, evocative of shadow theatre, by Andrea Dezso. . . . [T]he Grimms are spare, spinning the tales into beautifully wrought short stories."--Francesca Wade, Times Literary Supplement "This collection contains many of the most-loved fairy tales in the history of the form . . . The book is a classic, formed like a mosaic of precious small pieces, each one glinting with its own color and character, glass and crystalline, but somehow hard, unyielding."--Marina Warner, New York Review of Books One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for 2015One of The Independent's Best Books of 2014One of South China Morning Post's Best Books of 2014One of The Globe and Mail 75 Book Ideas for Christmas 2014show more

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"A massive and brilliant accomplishment--the first English translation of the original Grimm brothers' fairy tales. The plain telling is that much more forceful for its simplicity and directness, particularly in scenes of naked self-concern and brutality. Hate, spite, love, magic, all self-evident, heartbreaking, delightful. I will return to this book over and over, no doubt about it."--Donna Jo Napoli, author of The Wager "For a long time, Jack Zipes has explored fairy tale territory with an unstoppable love and prodigious energy. Now, in this complete translation of the first two editions of the Grimms' famous tales, Zipes has redrawn the map we thought we knew, and the Brothers' stories are made wonderfully strange again. This new and indispensable volume is beautifully presented."--Marina Warner, author of Stranger Magic: Charmed States and the Arabian Nights "This complete, unexpurgated, and insightfully annotated English-language edition of the Grimms' tales keeps readers anchored in the timeless world of the fairy tale. It will be treasured by all lovers of stories. Irresistible and unputdownable." --Shelley Frisch, translator of Kafka: The Years of Insight "This English translation of the landmark first edition of Grimms' folk and fairy tales makes available a very important text to everyone with an interest in these stories." --Donald Haase, Wayne State University "Jack Zipes's translations of the 156 tales in this significant edition are truly exquisite."--Ulrich C. Knoepflmacher, author of Ventures into Childland: Victorians, Fairy Tales, and Femininityshow more

About Jacob Grimm

Jack Zipes is the translator of The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Bantam), the editor of The Great Fairy Tale Tradition (Norton), and the author of Grimm Legacies (Princeton). He is professor emeritus of German and comparative literature at the University of Minnesota. Andrea Dezso is a visual artist who exhibits in museums and galleries worldwide and is associate professor of art at Hampshire more

Table of contents

List of Figures xvAcknowledgments xviiIntroduction: Rediscovering the Original Tales of the Brothers Grimm xixNote on the Text and Translation xlvVOLUME IPREFACE TO VOLUME I 31. The Frog King, or Iron Henry (Der Froschkonig oder der eiserne Heinrich) 132. The Companionship of the Cat and Mouse (Katz und Maus in Gesellschaft) 163. The Virgin Mary's Child (Marienkind) 174. Good Bowling and Card Playing (Gut Kegel-und Kartenspiel) 215. The Wolf and the Seven Kids (Der Wolf und die sieben jungen Geisslein) 236. The Nightingale and the Blindworm (Von der Nachtigall und der Blindschleiche) 257. The Stolen Pennies (Von dem gestohlenen Heller) 268. The Hand with the Knife (Die Hand mit dem Messer) 269. The Twelve Brothers (Die zwolf Bruder) 2710. Riffraff (Das Lumpengesindel) 3211. Little Brother and Little Sister (Bruderchen und Schwesterchen) 3412. Rapunzel (Rapunzel) 3713. The Three Little Men in the Forest (Die drei Mannlein im Walde) 4014. Nasty Flax Spinning (Von dem bosen Flachsspinnen) 4215. Hansel and Gretel (Hansel und Gretel) 4316. Herr Fix-It-Up (Herr Fix und Fertig) 4917. The White Snake (Die weisse Schlange) 5318. The Journey of the Straw, the Coal, and the Bean (Strohhalm, Kohle und Bohne auf der Reise) 5519. The Fisherman and His Wife (Von den Fischer und siine Fru) 5620. A Story about a Brave Tailor (Von einem tapfern Schneider) 6221. Cinderella (Aschenputtel) 6922. How Some Children Played at Slaughtering (Wie Kinder Schlachtens mit einander gespielt haben) 7723. The Little Mouse, the Little Bird, and the Sausage (Von dem Mauschen, Vogelchen und der Bratwurst) 7924. Mother Holle (Frau Holle) 8125. The Three Ravens (Die drei Raben) 8326. Little Red Cap (Rothkappchen) 8527. Death and the Goose Boy (Der Tod und der Ganshirt) 8828. The Singing Bone (Der singende Knochen) 8929. The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs (Von dem Teufel mit drei goldenen Haaren) 9230. Little Louse and Little Flea (Lauschen und Flohchen) 9731. Maiden without Hands (Madchen ohne Hande) 9932. Clever Hans (Der gescheidte Hans) 10333. Puss in Boots (Der gestiefelte Kater) 11034. Hans's Trina (Hansens Trine) 11535. The Sparrow and His Four Children (Der Sperling und seine vier Kinder) 11636. The Little Magic Table, the Golden Donkey, and the Club in the Sack (Von dem Tischgen deck dich, dem Goldesel und dem Knuppel in dem Sack) 11937. The Tablecloth, the Knapsack, the Cannon Hat, and the Horn (Von der Serviette, dem Tornister, dem Kanonenhutlein und dem Horn) 12638. Mrs. Fox (Von der Frau Fuchsin) 12939. The Elves (Von den Wichtelmannern) 132About the Shoemaker for Whom They Did the Work (Von dem Schuster, dem sie die Arbeit gemacht) 132About a Servant Girl Who Acted as Godmother (Von einem Dienstmadchen, das Gevatter bei ihnen gestanden) 133About a Woman Whose Child They Had Exchanged (Von einer Frau, der sie das Kind vertauscht haben) 13340. The Robber Bridegroom (Der Rauberbrautigam) 13541. Herr Korbes (Herr Korbes) 13742. The Godfather (Der Herr Gevatter) 13843. The Strange Feast (Die wunderliche Gasterei) 14144. Godfather Death (Der Gevatter Tod) 14245. The Wandering of Thumbling, the Tailor's Son (Des Schneiders Daumerling Wanderschaft) 14346. Fitcher's Bird (Fitchers Vogel) 14647. The Juniper Tree (Van den Machandel-Boom) 14848. Old Sultan (Der alte Sultan) 15849. The Six Swans (Die sechs Schwane) 15950. Briar Rose (Dornroschen) 16251. The Foundling (Vom Fundevogel) 16552. King Thrushbeard (Konig Drosselbart) 16753. Little Snow White (Sneewittchen [Schneeweisschen]) 17054. Simple Hans (Hans Dumm) 17855. Rumpelstiltskin (Rumpelstilzchen) 18156. Sweetheart Roland (Der liebste Roland) 18257. The Golden Bird (Vom goldenen Vogel) 18558. Loyal Godfather Sparrow (Vom treuen Gevatter Sperling) 19159. Prince Swan (Prinz Schwan) 19460. The Golden Egg (Das Goldei) 19761. The Tailor Who Soon Became Rich (Von dem Schneider, der bald reich wurde) 19962. Bluebeard (Blaubart) 20263. The Golden Children (Goldkinder) 20564. The Simpleton (Von dem Dummling) 207The White Dove (Die weisse Taube) 207The Queen Bee (Die Bienenkonigin) 208The Three Feathers (Die drei Federn) 210The Golden Goose (Die goldene Gans) 21265. All Fur (Allerleirauh) 21666. Hurleburlebutz (Hurleburlebutz) 22067. The King with the Lion (Der Konig mit dem Lowen) 22368. The Summer and the Winter Garden (Von dem Sommer-und Wintergarten) 22569. Jorinda and Joringel ( Jorinde und Joringel) 22770. Okerlo (Der Okerlo) 23071. Princess Mouseskin (Prinzessin Mausehaut) 23372. The Pear Refused to Fall (Das Birnli will nit fallen) 23473. The Castle of Murder (Das Mordschloss) 23674. Johannes Waterspring and Caspar Waterspring (Von Johannes-Wassersprung und Caspar-Wassersprung) 23875. The Bird Phoenix (Vogel Phonix) 24176. The Carnation (Die Nelke) 24277. The Carpenter and the Turner (Vom Schreiner und Drechsler) 24478. The Old Grandfather and the Grandson (Der alte Grossvater und der Enkel) 24579. The Water Nixie (Die Wassernix) 24680. The Death of Little Hen (Von dem Tod des Huhnchens) 24681. The Blacksmith and the Devil (Der Schmidt und der Teufel) 24882. The Three Sisters (Die drei Schwestem) 25183. The Poor Maiden (Das arme Madchen) 26284. The Mother-in-Law (Die Schwiegermutter) 26385. Fragments (Fragmente) 264Snowflower (Schneeblume) 264The Princess with the Louse (Prinzessin mit der Laus) 264Prince Johannes (Vom Prinz Johannes) 265The Good Cloth (Der gute Lappen) 26586. The Fox and the Geese (Der Fuchs und die Ganse) 265VOLUME IIPREFACE TO VOLUME II 2691. The Poor Man and the Rich Man (Der Arme und der Reiche) 2742. The Singing, Springing Lark (Das singende, springende Loweneckerchen) 2773. The Goose Girl (Die Gansemagd) 2834. The Young Giant (Von einem jungen Riesen) 2895. The Gnome (Dat Erdmanneken) 2976. The King of the Golden Mountain (Der Konig vom goldenen Berg) 3017. The Raven (Die Rabe) 3078. The Clever Farmer's Daughter (Die kluge Bauemtochter) 3139. The Genie in the Glass (Der Geist im Glas) 31610. The Three Little Birds (De drei Vugelkens) 31911. The Water of Life (Das Wasser des Lebens) 32412. Doctor Know-It-All (Doctor Allwissend) 32913. The Frog Prince (Der Froschprinz) 33114. The Devil's Sooty Brother (Des Teufels russiger Bruder) 33315. The Devil in the Green Coat (Der Teufel Grunrock) 33716. The Wren and the Bear (Der Zaunkonig und der Bar) 34017. The Sweet Porridge (Vom sussen Brei) 34318. The Faithful Animals (Die treuen Thiere) 34319. Tales about Toads (Mahrchen von der Unke) 34720. The Poor Miller's Apprentice and the Cat (Der arme Mullerbursch und das Katzchen) 34821. The Crows (Die Krahen) 35122. Hans My Hedgehog (Hans mein Igel) 35423. The Little Shroud (Das Todtenhemdchen) 36024. The Jew in the Thornbush (Der Jud' im Dorn) 36025. The Expert Huntsman (Der gelernte Jager) 36326. The Fleshing Flail from Heaven (Der Dresschpflegel vom Himmel) 36827. The Children of the Two Kings (De beiden Kunnigeskinner) 36928. The Clever Little Tailor (Vom klugen Schneiderlein) 37729. The Bright Sun Will Bring It to Light (Die klare Sonne bringt's an den Tag) 38030. The Blue Light (Das blaue Licht) 38331. The Stubborn Child (Von einem eigensinnigen Kinde) 38632. The Three Army Surgeons (Die drei Feldscherer) 38633. The Lazy One and the Industrious One (Der Faule und der Fleissige) 38934. The Three Journeymen (Die drei Handwerksburschen) 39035. The Heavenly Wedding (Die himmlische Hochzeit) 39436. The Long Nose (Die lange Nase) 39537. The Old Woman in the Forest (Die Alte im Wald) 40138. The Three Brothers (Die drei Bruder) 40339. The Devil and His Grandmother (Der Teufel und seine Grossmutter) 40540. Faithful Ferdinand and Unfaithful Ferdinand (Ferenand getru und Ferenand ungetru) 40841. The Iron Stove (Der Eisen-Ofen) 41342. The Lazy Spinner (Die faule Spinnerin) 41843. The Lion and the Frog (Der Lowe und der Frosch) 42044. The Soldier and the Carpenter (Der Soldat und der Schreiner) 42245. Pretty Katrinelya and Pif-Paf-Poltree (Die schone Katrinelje und Pif, Paf, Poltrie) 42846. The Fox and the Horse (Der Fuchs und das Pferd) 43047. The Worn-out Dancing Shoes (Die zertanzten Schuhe) 43148. The Six Servants (Die sechs Diener) 43549. The White Bride and the Black Bride (Die weisse und schwarze Braut) 44050. The Wild Man (De wilde Mann) 44451. The Three Black Princesses (De drei schwatten Princessinnen) 44852. Knoist and His Three Sons (Knoist un sine dre Suhne) 45053. The Maiden from Brakel (Dat Maken von Brakel) 45054. The Domestic Servants (Das Hausgesinde) 45155. Little Lamb and Little Fish (Das Lammchen und Fischchen) 45256. Sesame Mountain (Simeliberg) 45457. The Children of Famine (Die Kinder in Hungersnoth) 45658. The Little Donkey (Das Eselein) 45659. The Ungrateful Son (Der undankbare Sohn) 46160. The Turnip (Die Rube) 46161. The Rejuvenated Little Old Man (Das junggegluhte Mannlein) 46462. The Animals of the Lord and the Devil (Des Herrn und des Teufels Gethier) 46663. The Beam (Der Hahnenbalken) 46764. The Old Beggar Woman (Die alte Bettelfrau) 46765. The Three Lazy Sons (Die drei Faulen) 46866. Saint Solicitous (Die heilige Frau Kummerniss) 46967. The Tale about the Land of Cockaigne (Das Marchen vom Schlauaffenland) 46968. The Tall Tale from Ditmarsh (Das Dietmarsische Lugen-Marchen) 47069. A Tale with a Riddle (Rathsel-Marchen) 47170. The Golden Key (Der goldene Schlussel) 471List of Contributors and Informants 475Notes to Volumes I and II 479Index of Tales 517show more

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