Ogle Family Freemasonry and the City of Seven Hills Aka Rome

Ogle Family Freemasonry and the City of Seven Hills Aka Rome

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Rome was founded under a different name between 1000 and 1500 years before 753 bce. The city by more than a few sources of evidence was in part a continuation of the Trojan War, as well as an outlying city called Alba Longa. The first major rally point from the escaping Trojans was the future cite of Constantinople renamed by the Muslims to Istanbul. A minor closer rally point was the future location of the Counsel of Nicaea, which is where the books of the Bible were literally voted upon to create the current canonized and un-canonized books of the Bible. Prince of Troy Aeneas was sent out to build or upgrade an existing city e.g. Alba Longa to prepare for the influx of Jewish refugees "The Lost 13th Tribe of Israel The Trojan War survivors and the Slaves from the Hyksos Dorian shield wall whom managed to escape to join the ranks of the Trojans were ferried out of the War to two safe grounds. First to the future city of Rome, second to Northumberland aka the Kingdom of Yr Hen Ogle dd. The Punic War actually started immediately after the Trojan War, with those still young enough chased the Trojans from Troy to the City of Seven Hills. Itself was part of the Hyksos invasion evacuation from the Jews whom built the Pyramids. In effect the City of Seven Hills was built as an evacuation replacement for the Pyramids. The time from 1300 to 753 bce was carefully erased from the city's history, in part because the events in that more than half a millennia were entirely unpleasant for the attacking Hyksos army. Both the Dorians and Avaris were present at both Troy and The City of Seven Hills. The entire Helen, Menelaus, Paris love triangle is a pure fiction with less than 0 basis in fact. Helen and Menelaus would not have been within literally an arrow shot of each other. There is absolutely no possible way Helen would have been promised in marriage to him. It would be similar to the son of Al-Qaida being engaged to the daughter of Masada. However a love triangle most likely did exist between Moses aka Ajax the Lessor and Queen Hecuba and wife of King Priam. She was more than likely the daughter of Amenhotep iv Akhenaten. Moses followed the escaping Trojans to Alba Longa to keep fighting. His descendants and himself were the ones whom wrote the history down, if he wanted to lie, questioning his word or what he wrote down was an executable offense from the time of the Exodus aka the Trojan war and Levant Ghetto to King David. This is where the cascade effect from the end of the Trojan War becomes the War to destroy The Seven Hills and rename to Rome; erasing all the evidence from previous to the founding of Rome.show more

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