The Office Guide

The Office Guide

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For courses in Office Procedures, Machine Transcription, and English/Communication.This concise yet comprehensive reference handbook provides a visual overview of major grammar and punctuation rules, correct word usage, filing rules, mailing information, time zones, and document formats including resumes. It serves as an excellent source of information for students when they enter the workforce and need to create accurately and correctly formatted written more

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  • Spiral bound | 256 pages
  • 147.3 x 210.8 x 10.2mm | 226.8g
  • Pearson Education (US)
  • Pearson
  • Upper Saddle River, NJ, United States
  • English
  • 2nd edition
  • 0130945242
  • 9780130945242

Table of contents

I. GENERAL REFERENCE. Confusing Words. Other Troublesome Words. Foreign Words. Proofreaders' Marks. Word Division Rules. Spacing Rules. Address Rules and Guidelines. Two-Letter State Abbreviations. Abbreviations Street Addresses. Common U.S. Cities. International Mail. Time Zones. Time Differences.II. GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION. Glossary of Grammar Terms. 1. Periods. Lists. Requests.2. Question Mark. Series.3. Commas. Academic Degrees. Adverb Too. Appositions. Company Names. Compound Sentences. Consecutive Adjectives. Contrasting Expressions. Dates. Dependent Clauses. Direct Address. Infinitive Phrases. Jr. and Sr. Numbers. Omitted Words. Parenthetical Phrases. Participial Phrases. Prepositional Phrases. Quotations. Repeated Words. Series. Transitional Expressions.4. Semicolon. Dependent Clauses in a Series. Independent Clauses with Internal Punctuation. Independent Clauses without a Connective. Series with Internal Punctuation. Transitional Expressions.5. Colon. Following an Independent Clause.6. Quotation Marks. Direct Quotations. Paragraphs. Placement of Commas and Periods. Placement of Question Marks and Exclamation Points. Placement of Semicolon and Colon. Reference Sources, Articles, Poems, Radio and TV Programs. Slang or Unusual Words.7. Hyphen. Between Compound Adjectives. Consecutive Numbers and Time Passage. Self, Re, Co. Series Modifying the Same Noun.8. Apostrophe. Compound Words. Contractions. Joint Ownership. Plurals of Figures, Letters, Symbols, and Words. Possessives Used with Gerunds. Possessives: Words Ending in S. Possessives: Words Not Ending inS. Proper Names That End with the Sound of S or Z.9. Parentheses. Enumerated Items. Figures Written in Words. Punctuation.10. Capitalization. Books, Magazines, Articles, Speeches. Business and Organizations. Compass Points. Course Titles, Subjects, Degrees. Departments, Divisions, Sections, Committees and Boards. Documents and Laws. Government Agencies. Job Titles. Letters and Numbers. Places: Buildings, Rooms, Rivers, Streets, Mountains, and Monuments. Quoted Sentence. Races and Languages. Trade Names.11. Dash. Before Summarizing Words. In Place of Other Punctuation. To Stress Single Words. With Repetitions/Restatements.12. Numbers. Above and Below Ten. Above & Below 10 in Sentence. Ages. Amounts of $1 or More. Amounts under $1. Amounts of a Million or More. A.M. Beginning of a Sentence. Combinations. Dates. Days. Decimals. Fractions. Measurements. Months. Over a Million. Ordinals. Percentages. P.M. Years.13. Money. Amounts of $1 or More. Amounts under $1. Amounts over a Million.14. Percentages, Decimals, and Fractions. Decimals. Fractions. Percentages.15. Time. A.M., P.M., and O'clock. Days, Months, Years.16. Abbreviations. Academic Degrees. Business Names. Business Terms. Organizations. Radio and TV. Titles.17. Subject/Pronoun/Verb Agreement. Collective Nouns. Each, Every, Any. Either/Or. Ending in S That Are Plural. Ending in S That Aren't Plural. Ending in S with pair of. Fractions. Inverted Sentences. Nouns Ending in ics. Plural Indefinite Pronouns. Pronoun You. Singular Indefinite Pronouns. Some, Most, All. Subject/Phrase. Word Number. 18. Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement. Agreement in Number. Agreement in Person. Agreement with or and nor.19. Verb Tense Agreement. Future Perfect Tense. Future Tense. Past Perfect Tense. Present Perfect Tense. Present Tense.20. Document Formats. Overview of Letter Styles. Two-Page Letters. Inside Address. Attention Line. Salutation. Subject Line. Personal or Confidential Notations. Postscript Notations. Lists, Enumerations, Quotations. Closing, Reference, and Copy Notations. Company Name Used in Closing. Memorandums. Press Release. Agenda. Minutes. Itinerary. Reports. Envelopes with Mail or Handling Notations. Resume. Figures.21. Filing Procedures and Supplies. Steps in the Filing Process. Filing Supplies.22. Alphabetic Filing. Abbreviations. Articles/Minor Words. Federal Government Names. Hyphenated Names. Indexing Units. Names with Numerals. Names with Punctuation. Nothing Comes Before Something. Personal Names (General). Personal Names Used in Businesses and Organizations. Personal Names with Titles. Prefixes in Names and Businesses. Seniority and Academic Terms. State and Local Government Names. Symbols Used in Names.23. Numeric Filing. Consecutive Numeric Order. Middle-Digit Order. Numeric Filing Procedures. Terminal-Digit Order.24. Geographic Filing. Dictionary Arrangement. Encyclopedia Arrangement.25. Subject Filing. Dictionary Arrangement. Encyclopedia Arrangement.26. Cross Referencing. Abbreviations. Business Names. Personal more