Novel aspects of the biology of Chrysomelidae

Novel aspects of the biology of Chrysomelidae

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Chrysomelidae, along with Curculionidae and Bruchidae, are the most important phytophagous Coleoptera. At least 37,000 species of leaf beetles belonging to 19 subfamilies have now been described, and more probably remain to be discovered, especially in the tropics. Many species are familiar agricultural pests. The Colorado potato beetle, the cereal beetle, flea beetle and the corn root worms are but a few of the well known pests. Because of the economic importance and biological diversity, chrysomelids are an important taxonomic group for scientific inquiry. This book is divided into eight parts, entitled palaeontology, larvae and larval biology, trophic selection, genetics and evolution defence mechanisms, anatomy and reproduction, pathogens and natural enemies, and general studies in biology. The biologies of agricultural and forestry pests, Leptinotarsa, Plagiodera, Entomoscelis, Paropsis, Mecistomela and Aspidomorpha are dealt with in detail. Others, such as Timarcha and those in the poorly known Megalopodinae, are covered in Part VIII. In this volume the American, European, Asian and Australian fauna occupy the greatest part.
This volume, together with Biology of Chrysomelidae (1988), provides a comprehensive coverage and helps to complete the picture of chrysomelid biology.
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Table of contents

Preface. Foreword. Part 1: Palaeontology. 1. Palaeontology of Leaf Beetles; J. Santiago-Blay. Part 2: Larvae and Larval Biology. 2. Eggs and oviposition in Chrysomelid Beetles; B.J. Selman. 3. Egg Bursters in the Chrysomelidae, with a Review of their Occurrence in the Chrysomeloidea (Coleoptera); M.l. Cox. 4. Origins of Parental Care in Chrysomelid Beetles; D.M. Windsor, J.C. Choe. 5. Larvae of Palaearctic Timarcha Latreille; W.R. Steinhausen. Part 3: Trophic Selection. 6. Hypotheses on Oligophagy: How far the Case of the Colorado Potato Beetle supports Them; T. Jermy. 7. The Chemosensory Basis of Host-Plant Recognition in Chrysomelidae; B.K. Mitchell. 8. Chemical Ecology of Diabrocites; R.L. Metcalf. 9. Entomophagy in Chrysomelidae: Adult Aristobrotica angulicollis (Erichson) Feeding on Adult Meloids (Coleoptera); A. Mafra-Neto, P. Jolivet. 10. Pollen Consumption and Digestion by Leaf Beetles; G.A. Samuelson. 11. Host Plants and Seasonal Abundance Patterns of Some Brazilian Chrysomelidae; L. Medeiros, J. Vasconcellos-Neto. 12. Review of the Biology and Host-Plants of Australian Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera) Associated with Acacia (Mimosaceae); T.J. Hawkeswood. 13. Host Plants of Neotropical Cassidinae; Z.J. Buzzi. Part 4: Genetics and Evolution. 14. Genome Size, Chromosomes and Egg-Chorion Ultrastructure in the Evolution of Chrysomelidae; E. Petitpierre. 15. Cytogenetics of Cassidinae; Evolution of Sex Chromosome Systems; A.I. PostiglioniKudrason. 16. Genetics of the Colorado Potato Beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say); G. Boiteau. 17. Molecular Techniques for Studying Systematics and Phylogeny of Chrysomelidae; Ting H. Hsiao. 18. Genetic and Phylogenetic Aspects of Host Plant Affiliation in Ophraella (Chrysomelinae: Galerucinae); D.J. Futuyma. 19. Sympatric Speciation in Galerucella; C. Nokkala, S. Nokkala. Part 5: Defense Mechanisms. 20. Egg Deposition and Protection of Eggs in Chrysomelidae; M. Hilker. 21. Antipredator Devices in Larvae of the Chrysomelidae. A Unified Synthesis for Defensive Eclecticism; M.S. Blum. 22. Chemical Defense of Adult Leaf Beetles Updated; J.M. Pasteels, M. Rowell-Rahier, J.-C. Braekman, D. Daloze. 23. Cycloalexy among Chrysomelid Larvae; J. Vasconcellos-Neto, P. Jolivet. 24. Waste Products as Chrysomelid Defenses; K.L. Olmstead. 25. Stridulation in Leaf Beetles (Coleoptera Chrysomelidae); M. Schmitt. 26. Chrysomelid Behavorial Counterploys to Secretive Canals in Plants; J.X. Becerra. 27. Physiological Colour Changes in Tortoise Beetles; P. Jolivet. Part 6: Anatomy and Reproduction. 28. Comparative Morphology of the Hindwing Venation of the Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera); K. Suzuki. 29. 'Retournement' of the Aedeagus in Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera); K.K. Verma. 30. The Female Organs of Symbiont Transmission in the Eumolpinae; M. Becker. 31. Unusually Large Sperm Cells in Alticinae:
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