My iPad for Kids (Covers iOS 6 on iPad 3rd or 4th generation, and iPad mini)

My iPad for Kids (Covers iOS 6 on iPad 3rd or 4th generation, and iPad mini)

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My iPad for Kids is here to help your kids (and you!) get the most out of your iPad2, iPad 3rd or 4th generation, or iPad mini running iOS 6. Using full-color, step-by-step tasks, My iPad for Kids walks step-by-step through learning how to use your iPad for home, school, and just for fun! Grade specific chapters for grades 4-7 offer information on apps that are great resources for everything from music to art to spelling and math homework. In addition, you learn how to setup and configure all the features of your iPad, including connecting to networks, setting up and using email accounts, using Siri, downloading and installing apps, safely surfing the internet downloading and syncing music and videos, taking and sharing photos, playing games, as well as setting up restrictions (parental controls) and troubleshooting problems with your iPad, should any occur.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through learning how to use your iPad for home, school, and just for fun! Learn how to:

* Safely surf the Internet on the iPad to do research for school and find interesting facts.

* Use email, texting, and chat apps to stay in touch with friends, family, and teachers.

* Have fun (or do group projects for school) using FaceTime and Skype video chatting.

* Write emails, search the Web, and launch apps with your voice using Siri.

* Use the iPad in school and for homework. Four chapters of suggestions for grade-specific apps (4th through 7th grade) to help you excel in the classroom.

* Use the built-in Music app so you can rock out to your favorite tunes.

* Watch movies and TV shows from iTunes and videos on YouTube (only when homework is done, of course).

* Use iPad's built-in cameras to take photos and video of you and your friends. Use the Photo Booth app to make them even more interesting-or a little crazy!

* Set new high scores playing the tens of thousands of great games available at the App Store.

* Discover great apps for school or just for fun through recommendations in nearly every chapter.

* Reassure your parents that you can use your iPad and the Internet safely and responsibly.

* Become your own tech support team by learning to maintain and solve problems with your iPad, including tips on restarting, backing up, and cleaning the iPad.

* Read about the latest iPad technologies, including iOS 6, Siri, and 4G LTE.
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  • Paperback | 416 pages
  • 150 x 226 x 20mm | 621.42g
  • Que Corporation,U.S.
  • United States
  • English
  • 2nd edition
  • col. Illustrations
  • 0789748649
  • 9780789748645
  • 576,444

Table of contents

1 Please Touch: How the iPad Works 3

The On/Off/Sleep/Wake Button 4

Turning an iPad On and Off 4

Naptime for the iPad: Putting It to Sleep 4

Nice to Meet You: How to Know Which iPad You Have 5

Understanding the Buttons and Ports 6

Side Switch for Screen Lock or Mute 8

Controlling by Touch 9

Using the Home Screen 10

Know Your OS 12

2 Getting Started: Set Up and Sync Your iPad 15

Setting Up and Syncing Your iPad 16

Syncing with iTunes 24

Getting Music, Apps, and More at the iTunes Store 38

Downloading Using the iTunes App 38

Downloading Using the App Store App 41

iTunes Allowance: What It Is and Why Your Parents Should Give You One 44

Lost and Found: Find My iPad 46

Spotlight Search 48

Meet Your Digital Sidekick: Siri 49

Getting Answers with Siri 51

3 It's All Yours! Customizing Your iPad 55

Changing the Wallpaper and Lock Screen 55

Putting Pictures on Your iPad 57

Arranging Your Apps and Making Folders 58

Editing and Deleting Folders 61

Customizing Your iPad's Sounds 63

Choosing Your Sounds 63

Screen Brightness 64

4 Surf's Up! Using the Internet 67

The Two Kinds of iPads 67

Wi-Fi iPads 69

Wi-Fi + 4G iPads 71

Let's Go on Safari: Using the iPad Web Browser 71

Zooming In and Out 73

Why Some Sites and Videos Don't Work 78

Save Your Favorite Pages with Reading List 79

Be Safe: On the Internet 81

Awesome Apps 82

5 Talk to Me: Texting, Chatting, and Email 85

Using Contacts 86

Awesome Apps 92

Using Messages 93

Managing Multiple Messages Conversations 97

Finding Great Texting Apps 99

Awesome Chat and Instant Messaging Apps 100

Talk to Friends with Social Media 101

Email 102

Reading, Saving, and Deleting Email 110

Be Safe: Texting, Chatting, and Emailing 113

6 Get Ready for Your Close-Up! It's FaceTime! 115

Setting Up FaceTime 115

Who You Can Call and Who You Can't 118

Answering FaceTime Calls 118

Hold All Your Calls with Do Not Disturb 119

Skype: FaceTime for People without FaceTime 121

Be Safe: On FaceTime and Skype 125

7 Using Your iPad for School 127

Writing and Printing on the iPad 127

Which Keyboards You Can Use 128

Using the Onscreen Keyboard 130

Enabling the Caps Lock 132

Copying and Pasting Text 132

AirPrint and Compatible Printers 135

How to Print 136

Writing Apps: Notes 136

Printing and Deleting Notes 137

Viewing the Notes List 137

Writing Apps: Pages 138

Formatting a Document 140

Advanced Formatting Options 141

Formatting Images and Shapes 144

Formatting Tables 145

Awesome Apps 148

Using the Internet for Homework 150

How to Do Research Online 150

Choosing Good Sources 151

Using Research in Your Papers 152

8 Get Organized with Calendar, Reminders, and Clock 155

Using Calendar 155

Using Reminders 162

Awesome Apps 166

Always Wake Up on Time: Using Alarm Clock 168

9 E-books and iBooks 173

Where to Find and Buy E-books 174

Getting E-books from Amazon and Barnes & Noble 184

Getting E-books from the Library 187

Awesome Apps 190

Getting Magazines and Newspapers with Newsstand 191

Buying Individual Issues or Subscriptions 192

Reading Magazines and Newspapers 193

Awesome Apps 194

10 Using Your iPad in Fourth Grade 199

English/Language Arts 200

Show Off That Fancy Vocabulary with Boggle 200

Perfect Your Handwriting with Cursive Practice 200

Make Grammar Fun with Grammar Games 201

Write Better Sentences with SentenceBuilder for iPad 201

Improve Your Spelling with Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 202

Master New Words with 202

Math 204

Your Smarts Get Rewarded in MathGirl Addition House 205

Kung Fu Learning! Math Ninja HD 205

Save a Falling Star Using Motion Math HD 205

Build Spaceships by Solving Problems in Rocket Math 206

Solve Equations in Many Ways with Math Mago 206

Science 208

Travel to Other Planets Using Britannica Kids: Solar System 208

Learning Gets Your Hands Dirty in Kid Science: Gross Science 208

Discover the History of the Stars with Solar Walk 209

History/Social Studies 211

History in the Right Order: American History Time Line 211

A Roadtrip, 1800s Style: The Oregon Trail 211

Fit the Country Together in Stack the States 212

Learn the Lay of the Land with U.S. Geography by Discovery Education 212

Music 214

Play or Create Your Own Songs with DoReMi 1-2-3 215

Get Funky in Easy Beats 2 Pro Drum Machine 215

Tickle the Ivories with Learn Piano HD 216

Start Reading Sheet Music in Treble Clef Kids 216

Art 216

Finger Paint on Your iPad with Doodle Buddy for iPad 217

Create Fun Scenes with Kid Art for iPad 217

Draw and Color Your Favorite Animals in iLuv Drawing Animals 217

Foreign Language 220

Feed Your Brain with MindSnacks Apps 220

11 Using Your iPad in Fifth Grade 223

English/Language Arts 223

Build a Bigger Vocabulary with 5th Grade Vocabulary Prep 224

Object Meets Action in GrammarPrep: Subjects and Verbs 224

Smooth Out Your Sentences with GrammarPrep: Fragments, Run-Ons, and Comma Splices 224

Write Your Own Book with Storybuddy 2 225

Verbs and Vocab: iTooch ENGLISH Grade 5 225

Math 227

Prepare for Standardized Tests with 5th Grade Math Testing Prep 227

Learning Games in Epic Math HD 227

A Whole New Kind of Math: Fractions App by Tap to Learn 228

Geometry, Graphs, and Game Center: iTooch MATH Grade 5 228

Solve Equations Under the Sea with Lobster Diver HD 229

Show Your Work on the Virtual Chalkboard in MathBoard 229

Science 232

Discover the Secrets of DNA in Cell and Cell Structure 232

Find Out How Lasers Work in Bobo Explores Light 232

History/Social Studies 234

Relive the War with The Civil War Today 234

See How the Country Developed with History: Maps of the United States 235

LineTime: World History Timeline HD 235

Meet Our Leaders in American Presidents for iPad 236

Music 237

Fine-Tune Your Ear for Music with EarMan HD 237

Make Beautiful Music without a Piano in Magic Piano 238

Drag and Drop Composing: PatternMusic MXXIV 238

Start Your Path to Superstardom with Rock Prodigy: Guitar 239

Art 240

Your Art Comes Alive in DoInk Animation & Drawing 241

Discover an Important Artist by Visiting Frida's World 241

Draw Your Favorite Characters with Manga Art Academy HD 242

Create More Than Art Using Sketches 2 242

How to Make Origami 242

Foreign Language 243

Living Language-French for iPad and Spanish for iPad 243

Ana Lomba's French/Spanish for Kids: The Red Hen 243

12 Using Your iPad in Sixth Grade 247

English/Language Arts 247

Augment Your Terminology Using 6th Grade Vocabulary Prep 248

Cite Your Sources with EasyBib for iPad 248

Meet a Small Mark with a Big Role in GrammarPrep: Using Commas 249

Train Your Fingers in TapTyping 249

Sink Language Errors with Zombie Grammar Force 250

Math 251

Prepare for Your State Tests Using 6th Grade Math Testing Prep 251

Real-Life Math: Math Snacks HD 251

Find the Math in Stories with Math Word Problems Grade 6 252

Do Better Math in Your Head in Mathemagics 252

Solve Problems with Logic Using MathLands 252

Science 253

Get Close Without Getting Burned: 3D Sun 253

Learn About Walking on the Moon from Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science and Space Exploration HD 253

Discover the Stars Right Above You in Distant Suns 3 254

Shake Things Up with iQuakeMini 254

Find Where the Nearest Volcano Is in Britannica Kids: Volcanoes 255

History/Social Studies 256

From Gladiators to Emperors in Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome 256

Track Thousands of Years with Chinese History Timeline 257

Discover the Foundation of Our Country in Constitution and Federalist Papers 257

America's Founding Document: Declaration for iPad 258

Thrilling Tales in the Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome-AudioBook 258

Find Fun in the Past with World History Games 259

Much More Than Mummies-Britannica Kids: Ancient Egypt 259

Music 260

Learn at Your Speed with Amazing Slow Downer Lite 260

Make Music and Podcasts in GarageBand 261

Improve Your Playing with Pianist Pro 261

Play the Classics in Virtual Sheet Music 262

Art 264

Step Up to the Art Table in Drawing Pad 264

Create Dazzling Designs with Meritum Paint Pro 265

Professional-Level Art Tools Using SketchBook Pro for iPad 265

Foreign Language 266

Spanish/French in a Month HD 266

13 Using Your iPad in Seventh Grade 269

English/Language Arts 269

Level Up Your English Skills in Grammar Up 270

Understand How Stories Work Using Literary Analysis Guide 270

Organize Your Thoughts with Outliner for iPad 271

Crossword-Style Competition: Scrabble 271

Take Better Notes with Evernote 272

Math 274

From Algebra to Statistics: 7th Grade Math Testing Prep 274

Find Out When You'll Use This Stuff with Elevated Math 275

Monkey Math: Middle School Math Pro 7th Grade 275

Multitouch Math: Algebra Touch 275

Science 277

See Cells How Scientists Do in 3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool 277

Go from Egg to Adult in a Life Cycle App 277

Get Under Your Skin Using Powers of Minus Ten-Cells and Genetics 278

Meet the Beautiful Building Blocks of Life in the Elements: A Visual Exploration 278

History/Social Studies 279

Discover Mexico's Ancient Rulers in Britannica Kids: Aztec Empire 279

Discover the Power of Reason in the Enlightenment 101: The TextVook 280

Sail Uncharted Seas in European Exploration: The Age of Discovery 280

Encounter the Lost Mayan Civilization 281

Experience Europe's Rebirth in Renaissance History 101: The Animated TextVook 281

Tour the Globe Using the World by National Geographic 282

Music 282

Learn Songs at Your Own Speed with Capo 282

Become the Life of the Party Using djay 283

Compose Electronic Masterpieces Using Looptastic HD 283

A Comprehensive Tune-Up: Guitar Toolkit 284

Art 285

Get Painting Using ArtStudio for iPad 285

A Bucket of Paintbrushes in One App: Brushes 3 285

Meet the Masters in Monet HD and Other Apps 286

Foreign Language 287

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Latin Phrases 288

Living Language Apps 288

Learn Up to 30 Languages with Language Coach 289

14 Rock Out: Music on the iPad 291

Getting Music for Your iPad 291

iTunes and Other Online Music Stores 293

Apps 294

Using the Music App 295

Music App Options and Controls 297

Making and Using Playlists 299

Listen Carefully: Protecting Your Hearing 302

Awesome Apps 303

15 Lights, Camera, Action: Videos and Photos 305

Watching Videos from YouTube or iTunes 305

Finding Videos at YouTube 306

Getting Movies from iTunes 309

Using the iPad's Cameras and Apps 314

Using the Photos App 320

Working with Photo Albums 324

Sharing Pictures and Video 328

Be Safe: With Photos and Videos 330

Awesome Apps 331

For Photography 331

For Making Videos 332

For Watching Videos 332

16 It's Play Time: Gaming on the iPad 335

Getting Games 335

Using Game Center 339

Be Safe: On Game Center 348

Awesome Apps 349

17 Fixing Problems Yourself 353

Restarting a Frozen iPad 354

Restarting Your iPad 354

Make Your Battery Last Longer 355

Finding a Lost iPad 358

What to Do If Your iPad Gets Wet 362

Backing Up Your iPad 363

Backup by Syncing 365

Restoring Your Data from Backup 365

Redownloading from iCloud 369

18 Taking Care of Your iPad 373

Keeping Your iPad Safe 373

Protecting Your Data 374

Protecting Your Privacy 377

Caring for Your iPad 379

Keep It Away from Water and Food 379

Don't Drop It 379

Cases and Screen Protectors 380

What to Use-and Not Use-for Cleaning 381

Index 383
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