The Musical Classroom

The Musical Classroom : Backgrounds, Models, and Skills for Elementary Teaching

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For one-semester, undergraduate-level courses in Music for Children, Music in the Elementary School, Music in Childhood, Elementary Classroom Music, Elementary Music Methods. The Musical Classroom provides everything needed to teach the course is under one cover-music fundamentals, strategies for teaching music in the elementary classroom, over 170 songs, the National Standards for Music Education, and instruction for the guitar, recorder, and piano. Story: The authors wrote this text to provide a text for future elementary classroom teachers who have little or no music background; have not taken a college music fundamentals class; and will most likely only take this one course in music and need to learn backgrounds about elementary music teaching while they develop skills and understanding more

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Table of contents

TO STUDENTS, xi TO INSTRUCTORS, xiii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, xvi SECTION ONE Backgrounds for Teaching Music, 1 I MUSIC IN THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 2 The Classroom Music Program, 3 Why Music in the Elementary School, 3 What Elementary School Children Should Learn About Music, 4 What Children Need to Know and Able to Do in Music, 4 National Standards for Music Education, 5 The Amount of Time that Should Be Allocated for Music, 5 Materials and Equipment Needed to Teach Music, 6 II AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ELEMENTS OF MUSIC AND MUSIC CONCEPTS, 8 The Elements of Music, 9 Expressive Qualities, 9 Melody, 10 Rhythm, 11 Form, 12 Harmony, 12 III MUSIC-MAKING ACTIVITIES, 15 Listening, 16 Playing Instruments, 19 Singing, 29 Movement, 38 Creating Music, 41 Reading and Notating Music, 44 IV THE WORLD OF MUSIC, 48 Western Art Music, 49 World Music, 51 Jazz, 58 Women in Music, 60 Popular Music, 61 National Standards for Music Education, 62 V APPROACHES TO CURRICULUM, 64 The Comprehensive Musicianship Approach, 64 Dalcroze Eurhythmics, 67 The Orff Schulwerk Approach, 68 The Kodaly Approach, 72 Theory of Music Learning: Edwin E. Gordon, 74 The Eclectic Approach, 76 VI CURRICULAR DEVELOPMENTS, 78 Music Technology in the Elementary Classroom, 78 Integrating Music, the Arts, and Other Subjects, 83 Teaching Music to Special Learners, 90 Cooperative Learning, 95 The Prekindergarten Child and Music, 97 VII PLANNING AND ASSESSING MUSIC LEARNING, 104 Planning: Goals and Objectives, 104 Lesson Planning, 105 Assessing Music Learning, 106 Sample Assessment Strategy, 107 The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 108 SECTION TWO Model Experiences for Teaching Music, 111 The Model Experience Format, 112 Presenting a Model Experience, 114 Teaching Tips, 115 Developmental Characteristics of K--5th Grade Students, 116 Scope and Sequence Chart of Music Concepts in Model Experiences--Levels I--III, 118 LEVEL 1: MODEL EXPERIENCES FOR KINDERGARTEN AND FIRST GRADE, 119 Sequence of Songs and Listening Selections--Level I (Grades K--1), 120 Model 1 "Golden Gate" (traditional chant), 122 Model 2 "Riding in the Buggy" (American folk song), 124 Model 3 "Parade," from Divertissement, by Ibert, 126 Model 4 "Sally, Go 'Round the Sun" (American folk song), 128 Model 5 Hungarian Dance no. 5, by Brahms, 130 Model 6 "Looby Loo" (Traditional), 132 Model 7 "Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks," from Pictures at an Exhibition, by Mussorgsky, 134 Model 8 "John the Rabbit" (American folk song), 138 Model 9 "The Elephant," from Carnival of the Animals, by Saint-Saens, 140 "The Aviary," from Carnival of the Animals, by Saint-Saens, 140 Model 10 "Five Angels" (German folk song), 142 Model 11 "Wishy Washy Wee" (American folk song), 144 Model 12 "Head-Shoulders, Baby" (African-American game song), 146 Model 13 "Anaguta Drums" (Nigeria) (excerpt), 148 "Munomuno" (Mulondo, Uganda) (excerpt), 148 Model 14 "Wake Me!" (African-American song), 150 Model 15 "Matarile" (Mexican folk song), 152 Sequence of Music Concepts--Level I (Grades K--1), 121 Model Experiences, 122 Evaluation for College Students--Level I, 154 Creating a Model Experience--Level I, 155 Elementary Music Series Textbook Assignment--Level I, 156 LEVEL II: MODEL EXPERIENCES FOR SECOND AND THIRD GRADES, 157 Sequence of Songs and Listening Selections--Level II (Grades 2--3), 158 Model 16 "Sing about Martin!" by "Miss Jackie"Weissman, 160 Model 17 "Barcarolle," from Tales of Hoffman, by Offenbach (excerpt), 162 "Devil's Dance," from The Soldier's Tale, by Stravinsky, 162 Model 18 "Shoo, Fly" (American folk song), 164 Model 19 "Chinese Dance," from Nutcracker Suite, by Tchaikovsky, 166 Model 20 "Willowbee" (American game song), 168 Model 21 "Kangaroos," from Carnival of the Animals, by Saint-Saens, 170 Model 22 "Cielito Lindo" (Mexico: trumpets) (excerpt), 172 "Cielito Lindo" (Mexico: guitar) (excerpt), 172 Model 23 "The Stars and Stripes Forever," by Sousa (excerpt), 176 Model 24 "Chatter with the Angels" (African-American song), 178 Model 25 Canzona, by Gabrieli (excerpt), 180 Trout Quintet, fourth movement, by Schubert (excerpt), 180 Serenade for Wind Instruments, Theme and Variations (K. 361), by Mozart (excerpt), 180 Toccata, third movement, by Chavez (excerpt), 180 Model 26 "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," from Cantata no. 147, by Bach (excerpt), 184 Model 27 "Ebeneezer Sneezer," by Olson, 186 Model 28 "Hanukkah" (Hebrew folk song), 188 Model 29 "Song of the Dragon" (Chinese folk melody), 190 Model 30 "Hop Up, My Ladies" (American folk song), 192 Sequence of Music Concepts--Level II (Grades 2--3), 159 Model Experiences, 160 Evaluation for College Students--Level II, 194 Creating a Model Experience--Level II, Assignments 1 and 2, 195 Elementary Music Series Textbook Assignment--Level II, 197 LEVEL III: MODEL EXPERIENCES FOR FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES, 199 Sequence of Songs and Listening Selections--Level III (Grades 4--5), 200 Model 31 "Pianists" from Carnival of the Animals, by Saint-Saens, 202 Model 32 "Hawaiian Rainbows" (modern Hawaiian song), 204 Model 33 Haiku sound piece, 208 Model 34 "Carillon" from L'Arlesienne Suite no. 1, by Bizet, 210 Model 35 "Viennese Musical Clock" from Hary Janos Suite, by Kodaly, 212 Model 36 "Hey, Lidee" (American song), 214 Model 37 "Stomp Dance" (Cherokee Indian) (excerpt), 216 "Mai Wakaringano" (Zimbabwe) (excerpt), 216 "Ho Jamalo" (India-Pakistan) (excerpt), 216 Model 38 "Corn Grinding Song" (Navajo Indian), 218 Model 39 "Haoli Dance" (Tunisia) (excerpt), 222 "Rippling Water" (Vietnam) (excerpt), 222 "Barong Dance" (Bali) (excerpt), 222 Model 40 "Wabash Cannon Ball" (traditional), 226 Model 41 "Joe Turner Blues" (American blues), 228 Model 42 "Piffle Rag," by Yelvington, 232 Model 43 "Take Five," by Desmond (excerpt), 236 LIN05-FM-i-xviiihr 12/1/05 10:16 AM Page ix x Contents Model 44 "Jamaica Farewell" (traditional calypso from the West Indies), 238 Model 45 "Four on the Floor," by Larsen (excerpt), 240 Archduke Trio, second movement, by Beethoven (excerpt), 240 Sequence of Music Concepts--Level III (Grades 4--5), 201 Model Experiences, 202 Evaluation for College Students--Level III, 244 Creating a Model Experience--Level III, Assignments 1 and 2, 246 Elementary Music Series Textbook Assignment--Level III, 248 SECTION THREE Instruments, 249 The Autoharp and the Chromaharp(R), 250 The Guitar and the Baritone Ukulele, 254 The Keyboard, 261 The Soprano Recorder, 272 The Voice, 276 SECTION FOUR Songs, 279 APPENDIXES, 401 A REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS, 403 B EVALUATION FORMS, 414 Self-Evaluation of Model Experience Presentation, 414 Evaluation of Model Experience Presentation, 416 Music Software Program Evaluation, 417 C ELEMENTARY MUSIC SERIES, 419 Jump Right In: The General Music Series (Grades 1--3), 419 Making Music (K-6), 419 Music Expressions (K-6), 419 Share the Music (K-8), 419 Spotlight on Music (K-8), 419 D A COLLECTION OF CHANTS, PROVERBS, AND POEMS, 421 E TIMELINE OF MUSIC, 425 F MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT FOR ELEMENTARY CLASSROOM MUSIC, 429 GLOSSARY, 447 SUBJECT INDEX, 451 MUSIC INDEX, 454 RESOURCES FOR HOLIDAYS, SEASONS, AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS IN THE MUSICAL CLASSROOM, 456show more