Multiphoton and Light Driven Multielectron Processes in Organics: New Phenomena, Materials and Applications

Multiphoton and Light Driven Multielectron Processes in Organics: New Phenomena, Materials and Applications : Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Multiphoton and Light Driven Multielectron Processes in Organics: New Phenomena, Materials and Applications Menton, France 26-31 August 1999

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A state of the art description of organic photo- and electroactive molecules and their practical applications. Topics covered include molecular design and synthesis of highly light sensitive molecules and phenomena associated with electron-photon interaction in organic molecules: nonlinear beam propagation, photorefractivity, multiphoton excitations and absorption, charge photogeneration and mobility, photo- and electroluminescence, photochromism and electrochromism, organic synthesis, material engineering and processing. Applications are addresses: optical data storage, LEDs, optical signalling processing, optical power limiters.
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  • Hardback | 549 pages
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  • Dordrecht, Netherlands
  • English
  • 2000 ed.
  • 63 Illustrations, black and white; X, 549 p. 63 illus.
  • 0792362713
  • 9780792362715

Table of contents

Preface. Nonlinear materials and processes for electronic devices and 3D optical storage memory applications; Y.C. Liang. Two-photon processes: dynamics and applications; G.S. Maciel, et al. Linear and nonlinear optical properties of improved single crystal PTS; M. Liu, et al. Optical limiting: characterization & numerical modeling; E.W. Stryland, et al. Theoretical design of organic chromophores with large two-photon absorption cross-sections; M. Albota, et al. Multiphoton absorption and optical limiting; R.L. Sutherland, et al. Molecular and material engineering for optical limiting with fullerene based sol-gel materials; R. Signorini, et al. A new approach for optical limiting in the IR; C. Taliani, et al. Quantum confinement and superradiance of self-trapped excitons from 1D J-aggregates; V.M. Agranovich, A.M. Kamchatnov. The mixing of Frenkel- and charge-transfer excitons in 1D structures: application to PTCDA and MePTCDI; M. Hoffmann, et al. Modelling of bithiophene ultrafast photophysics: Electronic oscillator and molecular geometry evolution; T. Palszegi, et al. Hole burning spectroscopy of organic glasses. Application for the investigation of low temperature glass dynamics; B. Kharlamov. Leaky modes in nonlinear optical resonators; R. Reinisch, et al. Towards stable materials for electro-optic modulation and photorefractive applications. From molecular engineering of NLO chromophores to elaboration of hybrid organic-inorganic materials; M. Blanchard-Desce, et al. On the coherent and incoherent image conversion in hybrid polymer liquid crystal structures; A. Miniewicz, et al. Optically addressed liquid crystal light valves and their applications; J.P. Huignard, et al. Dye-assisted optical reorientation of nematic liquid crystals;I. Janossy. Photochromic materials in holography; R.A. Lessard, et al. Kinetics of photochromic processes in dihydropyridine derivatives; J. Sworakowski, et al. Photocolouration of hypervalent heterocycles. Photochromism of dihydropyridines, pyrans and thiopyrans; S. Nesp rek, et al. Photoconductivity of organic solids and their confined structures; M. Kryszewski. Polarization gratins in Disperse Red 1 doped polystyrene; A. Miniewicz, et al. Modeling PTCDA spectra and polymer excitations; Z.L.G. Soos, M.H. Hennessy. Physics of organic electroluminescence; J. Kalinowski. Polydiacetylene microcrystals and their third-order optical nonlinearity; H. Kasai, et al. Strong coupling in organic semiconductor microcavities based on J-aggregates; D.G. Lidzey, et al. Electron acceptors of the fluorene series in photonics and electronics: Recent achievements and perspectives; I.F. Perepichka. Design and synthesis of photochromic systems; I. Petkov. Photo-Induced multielectron transfer in organic crystals with mixed-stack architecture; T. Luty, et al. Polarization dependent holographic write, read and erasure of surface relief gratins on azopolymer films; S.K. Tripathy, et al. Study of stilbene molecule trans-cis izomerization in first excited state and design of molecular random-walkers; M.L. Balevicius. Cooperativity at neutral0ionic transformation; H. Cailleau, et al. Holographic data storage with organic polymer films; P. Koppa, et al. NLO polymers containing as active chromophore in dandionyl-pyridinium, betaine units: synthesis, modeling and characterization; O. Dubrovich, et al. A study on the film morphology and photophysics of polyfluorene; P.A. Lane, et al. Synthesis and characteriz
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