The Mind Mysterious

The Mind Mysterious : A Collection of Poems, Fictional and Non-Fictional Stories

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Introduction When you feel as if you are the only one who's ever been at the bottom in the pit of despair - and perhaps it's your first time - REMEMBER that others have been there and we are, after all, only human. THERE IS HOPE! While going through some of my trials in life, I've writ-ten out my feelings, straight from my heart. Some of these feelings are in prose, some in poems, and some in stories. Some were written in total despair - some with hope no matter what circumstances surrounded me. Many people have read a few of these writings. Most of those people have told me to PUBLISH, PUBLISH, SHARE, SHARE! THE MYSTERY Jesus spoke in parables. The mystery of (or reasoning behind) making love is also a parable. Making love rep-resents the bringing together of two spirits who love one another for the purpose of bringing unspeakable joy from the attainment of spirits joining. We, in mortal form, cannot understand spirits becoming "one," so to teach us, God has incorporated sex as a TOOL in our lives. This tool can also be used by the evil one to cause people to seek, lust, or try to have pleasure without love. When we can love and give to a husband/wife relation-ship (a committed relationship, according to the scriptures), then we are learning how to become "one with God and Jesus" -- as they most certainly are able to be "as one" with each other, according to our Holy Scriptures. The unspeakable joy is not just derived from the sexual act, but by the touching and the joining of the minds and spirits by two individuals for one purpose. There is a "healthy touching" from God and an "unhealthy touching" from the evil one. Either spiritual or unhealthy touching gives pleasure of sorts -- but the unhealthy pleasure gives only sexual gratification, or physical relief. When we can become "at one with" a loved one, we feel the physical gratification and relief, but we ALSO feel a completeness - a wholeness - with one another. When we can learn how to become "one with God," we derive the total pleasure, or unspeakable joy -- WITH NO PHYSICAL TOUCHING -- and that joy invades our whole inner self and fills us with an indescribable emotion called love. Love is something the evil one cannot understand or tolerate, so when we feel a TOTAL, physical love concept with our spouse, then we can drive all unhealthy thoughts and feelings from our minds and souls, and just bask in the wonderful feelings from simple giving. We need to understand this HIGHER MEANING to the giving and receiving of mutual love and respect by two individuals who can, in essence, become "one." Thus, by learning line upon line, precept upon precept, we are able to feel a truly glorious "high." I hope as you read, you will feel love and compassion for another human being - and for yourself. I've learned that until you feel that true love for others, you have no real choice in how you want to feel for the rest of your life. A person has to feel sorrow and pain or hope and joy to be able to compare and be able to choose what way would be best to feel. Unless a person knows what the choices are, however, that person has no choice. The irony is that the more I've felt a true love and compassion for others, the more love and compassion I've felt for myself! One great paradox is in giving, one receiving, one gives. Each of us is a teacher, each of us is a pupil. The more love we give, it seems the more love we have to more

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About Eve Muir

About The Author EVE MUIR Surviving an extremely traumatic childhood, Eve, at about age 8, decided to dedicate her life to God and to His will. He represented unconditional love, protection and goodness - and she no longer wanted the hurt, hate and evil in her life to control her feelings and actions. Just months before her decision, she had been furious with her Dad - and had gone outside and kicked the front tire on the car. She'd kicked it so hard that she hurt her toes and couldn't walk without pain for an hour or so. That very night, still angry with her Dad, she had a dream in which the car came to life. Its eyes were the head-lights, its mouth was the grill. The car looked so very sad and asked her why she had kicked it so hard - that it hadn't done anything to her except take her places that she needed to go to and give her a place of refuge when she needed a safe place. It even mentioned the fact that she'd hurt herself while hurting it! That dream bothered her so much that she knew she had to decide if she were going to be like her Dad or not! Was she going to continue hurting herself and others when she was angry? Eve felt hurt from her actions, kicking an innocent car that had never harmed her. And so she decided that she was going to try to love other people and even the cars and the mountains, etc., since everything seemed to have life! After several tumultuous teenage years, battling with horrific depression and at "the brink of doing something drastic," she believes God intervened and gave her a gift -- an angel by the name of Dennis. He gave her a book called "Something to Live By," written by Dorothea Kopplin. With Dennis, inspiration from this book, and some other good experiences in her life, she began to have hope for a much-desired, healthy family. So several years later, she married and finally had three wonderful children after the pain of four miscarriages. (She now has two biological grandchildren and several who call her "Grandma.") Eve wrote about her experiences (as well as poems, and other non-fictional and fictional stories) when she was going thru another particularly horrible time in the 1980's. In the late 1980's and early 1990's, she spent many hours learning about how to have a healthy, happy life on this more