Mercedes-Benz 1950 to 1998

Mercedes-Benz 1950 to 1998 : A Pictorial History

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One of the Pictorial History series, this book gives a full run-down of all Mercedes-Benz models produced between 1950 and 1998.
Starting with a brief description of the pre-war cars, which continued on when production restarted, the book continues in chronological order with all model class ranges and individual models right up to 1998, when model designation and design changed.
With model-by-model descriptions and detailed technical information, this book will be a great resource for all Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts.
Featuring hundreds of photographs, obtained by the author from club and historical archives visits, the book also describes detailed model-by-model comparisons; changes in model production; body and interior styling identification and differences, along with colour schemes where possible; technical information and specifications; standard and optional equipment; dashboard instrument illustrations; and production figures as a total for each individual model where available.
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  • Paperback | 160 pages
  • 148 x 210mm
  • Dorset, United Kingdom
  • English
  • 600
  • 1845843312
  • 9781845843311
  • 2,206,592

Table of contents

Luxury to S-Class
Luxury Convertible (1951-1955)
Luxury Saloon (1951-1955)
Luxury Coupe (1953-1955)

W186/ 189
Grand Tourer (1951-1962)

Luxury Saloon (1951-1958)
Luxury Coupe (1951-1958)
Luxury Convertible (1952-1958)

W180, W128, W105
Luxury Saloon (1954-1959)
Luxury Convertible (1956-1959)
Luxury Coupe (1956-1959)
Executive Convertible (1958-1960)

Full-size luxury Limousine (1963-1981)

W111, W112
Luxury Saloon (1959-1971)
Luxury Convertible (1961-1971)
Luxury Coupe (1961-1971)

W108, W109
Luxury Saloon (1965-1973)

W116, S-Class
Full-size luxury Saloon (1972-1980)

Full-size luxury Saloon (1979-1985) (1985-1992)
Full-size luxury Coupe (1981-1985) (1985-1991)

W140 S-Class,
Full-size luxury Saloon (1991-1994) (1994-1998)
Full-size luxury SEC Coupe (1992-1996)
CL Coupe (1996-1998)
The SL Series
300SL Grand Tourer (1954-1963)
190SL, roadster (1955-1963)
SL roadster (1963-1971)
R107, SL-class
Roadster (1971-1985) (1985-1989)
SLC Coupe (1971-1981)
R129 SL-Class,
Grand Tourer roadster (1989-1995) (1995-1998) (1998-2001)
Mid-Size to E-Class
W120, W121, (Ponton)
Mid-size Executive Saloon (1953-1959) (15 Models) (1959-1962) (18 Models)
Mid-size Luxury Saloon (1961-1968) (17 Models)
W114, W115
Mid-size executive Saloon (1968-1973) (16 Models) (1973-1976) (16Models)
Mid-size Coupe 250C, 280CE (1968-1973) (1973-1976) 'Stroke Eight'
Mid-size executive Saloon (1975-1985)
Mid-size ESTATE (1978-1985)
Mid-size Coupe (1977-1985)

Mid-size executive Saloon (1984-1989) (1989-1993)
Mid-size Coupe (1987-1989) (1989-1993)
Mid-size Estate (1985-1989) (15 Models) (1989-1993) (22 Models)
Mid-size Convertible (1991-1993)
E-Class Convertible (1993-1997)
E-Class, mid-size Coupe (1993-1996)
E-Class, mid-size ESTATE (1993-1996) (14 models)

W210 E-Class,
Mid-size executive Saloon (1995-1999)
Mid-size ESTATE (1996-1999) (19 Models)

Compact to C-Class
Compact executive Saloon (1982-1988) (1988-1993)

W202 C-Class,
Compact executive Saloon (1993-1997) (13 Models) (1997-2000) (14 Models)
Compact Estate (1996-1997)
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About Nik Greene

Nik Greene was born in St Albans, and grew up on a farm in Norfolk. He got into the classic car scene soon after buying his first Jaguar at the age of 20. Joining the Jaguar Drivers' club led him to start writing, initially newsletter articles, and then monthly articles as a Jaguar S-Type model representative. Paul Skilleter, the eminent Jaguar historian, asked him to write a few articles for 'Jaguar Quarterly,' opening the door to work with other classic car magazines. Nik Greene likes to delve deeply into the history and design of the vehicles he has owned and restored, leading to a good knowledge base. He says: "There is no better way of knowing your car than by taking it apart, whether physically or historically." Nik Greene's car ownership includes a Mercedes G-Wagen which he still owns after 20 years, the 123 280TE, and the S-Class 126. He has also owned and restored many old Citroens and Renaults since moving to France.
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