The Memory Collectors

The Memory Collectors

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Have you ever wished to be a fly on the wall? Well, this a story about a planet that sent memory collectors throughout its reachable universe to do just that. In a sense this short story long on thought gives you a chance to be a fly privy to an imagined story that could possibly be real. In any case, it is a story for a person with a lot of imagination along with a deep desire to reflect on the subtle and obvious messages derived from more than a casual reading. However, this story could also be read just for entertainment to get away from the troubles of this planet, but be prepared to find yourself enmeshed in the troubles of planet Nornilbmar. Hopefully, your return to this planet will put you in a better place than when you left. I think very likely that that is the wish of any author who shares a story with the world. At any rate I hope you have a good time while you are in a different world than this one. I have to say sorry in advance. Occasionally I come back to this world; that's the nature of this story. Your other worldly experience will include tying our fate to the inhabitants of a different planet who wish to learn from us and want us to learn from them. There are alliances, plots and plans and twists of fate as the story progresses through the discoveries of and by the memory collectors from planet Nornilbmar in a star system far away. Finding ancient wisdom and waking up the masses for a better future are the goals of the author and the Neutrals on Nornilbmar. I hesitate to fill up this whole space, but I hope I can use enough so that you will be interested in reading this short story offered out of my anxiety for our own planet so eager to engage in war, or should I say terrorism. Violence to me is an admission that your point is powerless. It is so sad that so many innocent lives have to be lost proving that violence is the wrong way to go to establish any goal for mankind. Ancient wisdom is the only thing that can actually steer us in the right direction for world peace. Some of my world views are worked into the plot which I feel was well crafted this time. I hope my thoughts will be discussed as we deal with the craziness of our times. I also hope if our memories ever do get collected that they can be a force for good; rather than, evil. Good luck in your own search for ancient wisdom. May you find the peace, joy, and hope that keeps me going in this world so full of the opposite; namely, fear, sorrow, pain and despair with no real guidance. We are so used to our own opinions that we have little respect for anyone else's and no clue how much we need each other to survive. If this short story can open our eyes to a better way to live together then I will be glad to be part of a better future for all of us. I am reminded of John Lennon's song titled, "Imagine." When I was young I didn't want to imagine a world without religion, I still don't. I want to imagine a world of true believers without the evil of man who has no clue how to live as one in perfect harmony. Nature is full of life and death struggles. If we are animals we have no higher calling. If we are higher than animals we should act like it. Killing each other off is not a very intelligent way to function as higher beings. Using another even higher intelligent being to justify our evil behavior is just simply animal. I really do hope you will read this creative effort to explore a different way to approach our world's problems and find like me that ancient wisdom is the best place to start the healing of our own more

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About Ronald L Schultz

Ron Schultz was born back in 1947 in central Wisconsin. As a teenager he discovered that he wanted to be an ambassador for Christ. He was a Pastor for twenty years, has had several types of jobs, and is now retired. He wrote the Ramblin Ron series in 2014. At present he and his wife, Kayrene, are the proud parents of seven individually talented children and the happy grandparents of ten amazing grandchildren. Also at an early age he discovered the best solution to the world's problems is to have children and raise them to follow your Mom's and Dad's family values. Among them are, all lives matter, love one another. The author wishes every one would seek the messages in ancient wisdom so that all lives can be protected in order for all of us to expeience the rights to life, liberty, and the prusuit of more