Maths Quest - Year 9 (Vic)

Maths Quest - Year 9 (Vic)

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YEAR 9 Maths Quest 9 for Victoria has been specifically designed for CSF II Level 6. AUSTRALIA'S LARGEST MATHEMATICS PROJECT Maths Quest is a quest to uncover Australia's best teaching ideas. All materials published under theMaths Quest banner have been developed in close consultation with Australia's mathematics teachers to ensure we deliver products that work in the classroom. Surveys of every secondary school in Australia took place through 1997 and 1998 to determine the topics and features mathematics teachers would like to see. This award-winning series is the result of your feedback.
Each Maths Quest chapter is put through rigorous checks, reviews and trials to ensure: all exercises are well graded with many skill and application problems, including multiple-choice quesitons worked examples are extremely clear and match exercises exactly a good balance of real-life application questions, investigations and career profiles exists that summary and chapter review exercises are comprehensive the content and approach match the curriculum technology applications have been fully integrated where appropriate Maths Quest texts are full-colour and new graphics and stunning colour photographs combine to create real-world links for students. Colour panels, heading and icons help students navigate more easily through the text and make the important connections.
A CD-ROM WITH EVERY PURCHASE Each Maths Quest book features a CD-ROM with: the entire text, and hyperlinks to technology applications, answers and worked examples hundreds of interactive technology files, including spreadsheets, dynamic geometry, graphics calculator programs, computer algebra systems and more revision worksheets and Test yourself sets of multiple choice questions Skillsheets to support students experiencing any difficulties
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  • Mixed media product | 728 pages
  • Milton, QLD, Australia
  • Mixed media
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Table of contents

CHAPTER 1: NUMBER SKILLS Order of operations Integers Estimation and rounding Decimal numbers Fractions Percentages Index notation, square root and higher order roots Calculator computations Applications CHAPTER 2: PYTHAGORAS' THEOREM Right-angled triangles Using Pythagoras' theorem Finding a shorter side Working with different units Composite shapes Pythagorean triads Pythagoras in 3-D CHAPTER 3: INTRODUCTORY ALGEBRA Using pronumerals Worded questions Like terms Multiplication and division Algebraic fractions Substitution and formulas CHAPTER 4: INDICES What are indices? Power and bases Multiplication using indices Division using indices Zero index Raising a power to another power Negative indices Square and cube roots Scientific notation (standard form) CHAPTER 5: EXPANDING Expanding single brackets Expanding two brackets Expanding pairs of brackets Expansion patterns More complicated expansions Simplifying algebraic fractions - additions and subtraction Simplifying algebraic fractions - multiplication and division Applications CHAPTER 6: FACTORISING The highest common factor More factorising using the highest common factor Factorising using the difference of two squares rule Quadratic trinomials More quadratic trinomials Mixed factorising practice Simplifying algebraic fractions CHAPTER 7: SOLVING LINEAR EQUATIONS What is linear equation? Solving one-step equations Solving multi-step equations Solving equations with pronumerals on both sides Solving linear equations with brackets Solving problems with linear equations Solving linear inequations Rearranging formulas CHAPTER 8: LINEAR GRAPHS Plotting graphs General equation of a straight line Sketching linear graphs Determining linear rules Applications of linear graphs: worded problems Simultaneous linear equations CHAPTER 9: SOLVING QUADRATIC EQUATIONS What are quadratic equations? Finding solutions to quadratic equations by inspecting graphs Solving quadratic equations of the form (x-a)(x-b)=0 Solving quadratic equations with 2 terms Solving quadratic equations with 3 terms Solving quadratic equations in turning form: a(x-b)2 c=0 Problems and applications using quadratic equations CHAPTER 10: QUADRATIC GRAPHS Key features of the graph of a quadratic function Plotting points to draw graphs of quadratic functions Sketching parabolas of the form y=ax2 Sketching parabolas of the form y=ax2 c Shetching parabolas of the form y=(x-b)2 Sketching parabolas of the form y=(x-b)2 c (turning point form) Sketching parabolas of the form y=(x a)(x b) (intercept form) CHAPTER 11: GEOMETRY Angle review Sketching and construction 2-dimensional shapes Drawing 3-dimensional solids Inscribed and circumscribed circles Congruent figures Similar figures Polyhedra construction CHAPTER 12: TRIGONOMETRY What is trigonometry? Naming the sides of a right-angled triangle Trigonometric ratios Finding trigonometric ratios using a calculator Finding side lengths Finding the size of an angle Angles of elevation and depression Further applications of trigonometric ratios CHAPTER 13: MEASUREMENT Metric units of length Perimeter Area Area ofa sector Surface area of rectangular and triangular prisms Surface area of a cyclinder Surface area of spheres and other solids Volume of a prism Volume of spheres and compound solids CHAPTER 14: CONSUMER MATHEMATICS Money Wages and salaries Working overtime Piecework Commission and royalties Discount Profit and loss Simple interest CHAPTER 15: PROBABILITY Introduction to probability Estimating probability Experimental probability Relative frequencies and expected values Theoretical probability of an event Venn diagrams Mutually exclusive and complementary events Odds and payouts CHAPTER 16: STATISTICS Classifying data Collecting data Displaying data Dotplots and stem-and-leaf plots Measures of central tendency Grouped data - mean and modal class Cumulative frequency Measures of spread Boxplots Answers Index
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