Maths Quest - Maths Methods 1 & 2

Maths Quest - Maths Methods 1 & 2 : Mathematical Methods Vce Mathematics Units 1 and 2 Book and Disc

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YEAR 11"Maths Quest 11: Mathematics Methods"has been specifically designed for VCE Mathematics Units 1 & 2.AUSTRALIA\'S LARGEST MATHEMATICS PROJECTMaths Quest is a quest to uncover Australia\'s best teaching ideas. All materials published under theMaths Quest banner have been developed in close consultation with Australia\'s mathematics teachers to ensure we deliver products that work in the classroom. Surveys of every secondary school in Australia took place through 1997 and 1998 to determine the topics and features mathematics teachers would like to see. This award-winning series is the result of your feedback.Each Maths Quest chapter is put through rigorous checks, reviews and trials to ensure: all exercises are well graded with many skill and application problems, including multiple-choice quesitons worked examples are extremely clear and match exercises exactly a good balance of real-life application questions, investigations and career profiles exists that summary and chapter review exercises are comprehensive the content and approach match the curriculum technology applications have been fully integrated where appropriate Maths Quest texts are full-colour and new graphics and stunning colour photographs combine to create real-world links for students.
Colour panels, heading and icons help students navigate more easily through the text and make the important connections.A CD-ROM WITH EVERY PURCHASEEach Maths Quest book features a CD-ROM with: the entire text, and hyperlinks to technology applications, answers and worked examples hundreds of interactive technology files, including spreadsheets, dynamic geometry, graphics calculator programs, computer algebra systems and more revision worksheets and Test yourself sets of multiple choice questions Skillsheets to support students experiencing any difficulties WEBSITE website offers complete support for all Maths Quest users: download student worksheets, test yourself and skillsheet samples and graded exercises - free! download a choice of maths software to complete sample investigatiosn - free! keep up-to-date with new resources in the Maths Quest range link to other mathematics and related software sites curriculum information for maths teachers
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  • Paperback | 576 pages
  • Milton, QLD, Australia
  • 0701633972
  • 9780701633974

Table of contents

CHAPTER 1: LINEAR FUNCTIONS Solving linear equations Rearrangement and substitution Gradient of a straight line Equations of the form y = mx c Sketching linear graphs using intercepts Simultaneous equations Perpendicular lines Formula for finding the equation of a straight line Distance between two points Midpoint of segment Linear modelling CHAPTER 2: QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS Expanding quadratic expressions Factorising quadratic trinomials Factorising by completing the square Solving quadratic equations - Null Factor Law Solving quadratic equations - completing the square The quadratic formula The discriminant Quadratic graphs - turning point form Quadratic graphs - intercepts method Using graphs to solve quadratic equations Simultaneous quadratic and linear equations CHAPTER 3: CUBIC FUNCTIONS Polynomials Expanding Long division of cubic polynomials Polynomial values The remainder and factor theorems Factorising cubic polynomials Sum and difference of two cubes Cubic equations Cubic graphs - intercepts method Cubic graphs - using translation Domain, range, maximums and minimums Modelling Modelling using technology Finite differences CHAPTER 4: EXPONENTIAL AND LOGARITHMIC FUNCTIONS Introduction Index laws Negative and rational powers Indicial equations Graphs of exponential functions Logarithms Solving logarithmic equations Applications of exponential and logarithmic functions CHAPTER 5: CIRCULAR FUNCTIONS Trigonometric ratio revision The unit circle Radians Symmetry Identities Sine and cosine graphs Tangent graphs Solving trigonometric equations Applications CHAPTER 6: RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS Set notation Relations and graphs Domain and range Types of relations (including functions) Function notation Special types of function Circles Functions and modelling CHAPTER 7: RATES OF CHANGE Identifying rates Constant rates Variable rates Average rates of change Instantaneous rates Motion graphs Relating the gradient function to the original function Relating velocity-time graphs to position-time graphs Rates of change of polynomials CHAPTER 8: DIFFERENTIATION Introduction to limits Limits of discontinuous, rational and hybrid functions Differentiation using first principles Finding derivatives by rule Antidifferentiation by rule Deriving the original function form the gradient function CHAPTER 9: APPLICATIONS OF DIFFERENTIATION Rates of change Sketching graphs containing stationary points Solving maximum and minimum problems Applications of antidifferentiation CHAPTER 10: INTRODUCTORY PROBABILITY Introduction to probability Random outcome experiments Estimated probability and expected numbers of outcomes Calculating probabilities Tree diagrams and lattice diagrams The Addition Law of probabilities Mutually exclusive events Karnaugh Maps and probability tables Conditional probability Independent events Simulation CHAPTER 11: COMBINATORICS Introduction The addition principle Multiplication principle Permutations Factorials Permutations using nPr Permutations involving restrictions Arrangements in a circle Combinations using nCr Applications to probability Answers
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