Maths Quest General Maths: Teacher's Edition

Maths Quest General Maths: Teacher's Edition : General Mathematics Vce Mathematics Units 1 and 2, Teachers Edition

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YEAR 11"Maths Quest 11: General Mathematics Teacher Edition"has been specifically designed for VCE Mathematics Units 1 & 2.AUSTRALIA\'S LARGEST MATHEMATICS PROJECTMaths Quest is a quest to uncover Australia\'s best teaching ideas. All materials published under theMaths Quest banner have been developed in close consultation with Australia\'s mathematics teachers to ensure we deliver products that work in the classroom. Surveys of every secondary school in Australia took place through 1997 and 1998 to determine the topics and features mathematics teachers would like to see. This award-winning series is the result of your feedback.Each Maths Quest chapter is put through rigorous checks, reviews and trials to ensure: all exercises are well graded with many skill and application problems, including multiple-choice quesitons worked examples are extremely clear and match exercises exactly a good balance of real-life application questions, investigations and career profiles exists that summary and chapter review exercises are comprehensive the content and approach match the curriculum technology applications have been fully integrated where appropriate Maths Quest texts are full-colour and new graphics and stunning colour photographs combine to create real-world links for students.
Colour panels, heading and icons help students navigate more easily through the text and make the important connections.THE ULTIMATE TEACHER EDITIONSImagine a teacher edition that: includes all the colour pages from the student book has answers printed next to questions to help teacher more easily follow student progress in the classroom show annotated course information contains a readily accessible work program with curriculum links that highlight for teacher with aspects are being covered contains a detailed curriculum grid to match the content with the prescribed course outcomes. All Maths Quest Teacher Editions provide these features and more.MATHS QUEST TEACHER SUPPORT CD-ROMThe Maths Quest Teacher Support CD-ROMs have everything the student disks contain and more! They offer teachers the flexibility to: create and customise texts and assignments from a database of more than 1000 questions print student skillsheets and worksheets, with fully worked solutions, to assist them to revise the required skills access detailed curriculum guides to help with course planning and assessment link to the Maths Quest website WEBSITE website offers complete support for all Maths Quest users: download student worksheets, test yourself and skillsheet samples and graded exercises - free!
download a choice of maths software to complete sample investigatiosn - free! keep up-to-date with new resources in the Maths Quest range link to other mathematics and related software sites curriculum information for maths teachers
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  • Mixed media product | 904 pages
  • Milton, QLD, Australia
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Table of contents

CHAPTER 1: ARITHMETIC Mental computations Calculator computations Rounding-off Estimation and approximation Ratios Proportion Percentages Percentage change CHAPTER 2: APPLICATIONS OF ARITHMETIC Discount Profit and loss Commission Payroll calculations Income tax Budgeting Cost of services Credit cards Reducing-interest loans CHAPTER 3: FINANCIAL ARITHMETIC Simple interest Compound interest Straight-line depreciation Reducing-balance depreciation Unit cost depreciation Hire-purchase, flat rate and real rate of interest Break-even analysis CHAPTER 4: VARIATION Direct variation Further direct variation Inverse variation Further inverse variation Joint variation Part variation Transformation of data CHAPTER 5: SEQUENCES AND SERIES Describing sequences Arithmetic sequences Arithmetic series Geometric sequences Geometric series Applications of sequences and series Difference equations CHAPTER 6: LINEAR GRAPHS AND MODELLING Plotting straight line graphs Using a graphics calculator to plot linear functions Finding the gradient of a straight line Determining the equation of a straight line Sketching straight line graphs Application of linear modelling Line of best fit (by eye) Non-linear data CHAPTER 7: LINEAR PROGRAMMING Graphs of linear inequations I Graphs of linear inequations II Graphs of simultaneous linear inequations Graphs of systems of linear inequations Maximising and minimising linear functions Solving linear programming problems Further applications of linear programming CHAPTER 8: SKETCHING AND INTERPRETING GRAPHS The circle The ellipse The parabola The hyperbola Polar coordinates Polar equations Polar graphs CHAPTER 9: LINEAR REALTIONS AND EQUATIONS Linear equations Solving problems using linear equations Substitution and transposition in linear relations Linear recursion relationships Simultaneous equations Solving problems using simultaneous equations CHAPTER 10: NON-LINEAR RELATIONS AND EQUATIONS Substitution and transposition into non-linear relations Further formulas Solving non-linear equations using graphs and tables Solving non-linear equations using simple numerical approaches Quadratic equations Solving simultaneous equations using algebra Solving simultaneous equations with a graphics calculator CHAPTER 11: SHAPE AND MEASUREMENT Pythagoras' theorem in two dimensions Pythagoras' theorem in three dimensions Perimeter and area Total surface area (TSA) Volume Capacity Similar figures Similar triangles Symmetry CHAPTER 12: COORDINATE GEOMETRY Distance between two points Midpoint of a line segment Dividing a line segment internally in the ratio a:b Dividing a line segment externally in the ratio a:b Parallel lines Perpendicular lines Applications CHAPTER 13: VECTORS Introduction to vectors Operations on vectors Magnitude, direction and components of vectors i, j notation Applications of vectors CHAPTER 14: GEOMETRY IN TWO AND THREE DIMENSIONS Review of basic geometry Geometric constructions Polygons Three-dimensional geometry Circle geometry Tangents, chords and circles Geometry in architecture, design and art CHAPTER 15: TRIGONOMETRIC RATIOS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS Trigonometry or right-angled triangles Applications of right-angled triangles Non-right-angled triangles - the sine rule Non-right-angled triangles - the cosine rule Area of triangles Radian measurement Arcs, sectors and segments CHAPTER 16: UNIVARIATE DATA Working with categorical data Working with numerical data Cumulative data Measures of central tendency Measures of variability Stem-and-leaf plots Boxplots Comparing sets of data CHAPTER 17: BIVARIATE DATA Scatterplots The correlation coefficient Linear modelling Making predictions "Answers"
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