Mathematics in the Time of the Pharaohs

Mathematics in the Time of the Pharaohs

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In thiscarefully researched study, the author examines Egyptian mathematics, demonstrating that although operations were limited in number, they were remarkably adaptable to a great many applications solution of problems in direct and inverse proportion, linear equations of the first degree, a"show more

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Table of contents

PREFACE Introduction Hieroglyphic and Hieratic Writing and Numbers The Four Arithmetic Operations   ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION   MULTIPLICATION   DIVISION   FRACTIONS The Two-Thirds Table for Fractions   PROBLEMS 61 AND 61B OF THE RHIND MATHEMATICAL PAPYRUS   TWO-THIRDS OF AN EVEN FRACTION   AN EXTENSION OF RMP 61B AS THE SCRIBE MAY HAVE DONE IT   EXAMPLES FROM THE RHIND MATHEMATICAL PAPYRUS OF THE TWO-THIRDS TABLE The G Rule in Egyptian Arithmetic   FURTHER EXTENSIONS OF THE G RULE The Recto of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus   THE DIVISION OF 2 BY THE ODD NUMBERS 3 TO 101   CONCERNING PRIMES   FURTHER COMPARISONS OF THE SCRIBE'S AND THE COMPUTERS DECOMPOSITIONS The Recto Continued   EVEN NUMBERS IN THE RECTO: 2 ÷ 13   MULTIPLES OF DIVISORS IN THE RECTO   TWO DIVIDED BY THIRTY-FIVE: THE SCRIBE DISCLOSES HIS METHOD Problems in Completion and the Red Auxiliaries   USE OF THE RED AUXILIARIES OR REFERENCE NUMBERS   AN INTERESTING OSTRACON The Egyptian Mathematical Leather Roll   THE FIRST GROUP   THE SECOND GROUP   THE THIRD GROUP   THE FOURTH GROUP   THE NUMBER SEVEN   LINE 10 OF THE FOURTH GROUP   THE FIFTH GROUP Unit-Fraction Tables   UNIT-FRACTION TABLES OF THE RHIND MATHEMATICAL PAPYRUS   PROBLEMS 7 TO 20 OF THE RHIND MATHEMATICAL PAPYRUS Problems of Equitable Distribution and Accurate Measurement   DIVISION OF THE NUMBERS 1 TO 9 BY 10   CUTTING UP OF LOAVES   SALARY DISTRIBUTION FOR THE PERSONNEL OF THE TEMPLE OF ILLAHUN Pesu Problems   EXCHANGE OF LOAVES OF DIFFERENT PESUS Area and Volumes   THE AREA OF A RECTANGLE   THE AREA OF A TRIANGLE   THE AREA OF A CIRCLE   THE VOLUME OF A CYLINDRICAL GRANARY   THE DETAILS OF KAHUN IV Equations of the First and Second Degree   THE FIRST GROUP   SIMILAR PROBLEMS FROM OTHER PAPYRI   THE SECOND AND THIRD GROUPS   EQUATIONS OF THE SECOND DEGREE   KAHUN LV   "SUGGESTED RESTORATION OF MISSING LINES OF KAHUN LV 4, AND MODERNIZATION OF OTHERS" Geometric and Arithmetic Progressions   GEOMETRIC PROGRESSIONS: PROBLEM 79 OF THE RHIND MATHEMATICAL PAPYRUS   ARITHMETIC PROGRESSIONS: PROBLEM 40 OF THE RHIND MATHEMATICAL PAPYRUS   KAHUN IV "Think of a Number" Problems"   PROBLEM 28 OF THE RHIND MATHEMATICAL PAPYRUS   PROBLEM 29 OF THE RHIND MATHEMATICAL PAPYRUS Pyramids and Truncated Pyramids   THE SEKED OF A PYRAMID   THE VOLUME OF A TRUNCATED PYRAMID The Area of a Semicylinder and the Area of a Hemisphere Fractions of a Hekat Egyptian Weights and Measures Squares and Square Roots The Reisner Papyri: The Superficial Cubit and Scales of Notation APPENDIX 1   The Nature of Proof APPENDIX 2   The Egyptian Calendar APPENDIX 3   Great Pyramid Mysticism APPENDIX 4   "Regarding Morris Kline's Views in Mathematics, A Cultural Approach" APPENDIX 5   The Pythagorean Theorem in Ancient Egypt APPENDIX 6   The Contents of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus APPENDIX 7   The Contents of the Moscow Mathematical Papyrus APPENDIX 8   A Papyritic Memo Pad APPENDIX 9   "Horus-Eye Fractions in Terms of Hinu: Problems 80, 81 of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus" APPENDIX 10   The Egyptian Equivalent of the Least Common Denominator APPENDIX 11   A Table of Two-Term Equalities for Egyptian Unit Fractions APPENDIX 12   "Tables of Hieratic Integers and Fractions, Showing Variations" APPENDIX 13   Chronology APPENDIX 14   A Map of Egypt APPENDIX 15   The Egyptian Mathematical Leather Roll BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEXshow more