Manual of Biological Markers of Disease Including Sections A, B and C

Manual of Biological Markers of Disease Including Sections A, B and C

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This work presents a compilation of methods for the detection of autoantibodies (Section A: Methods of Autoantibody Detection); the structure, function, and molecular and biochemical concepts of autoantigens (Section B: Autoantigens); and the clinical significance of measuring autoantibodies in patients with rheumatic, connective tissue and autoimmune diseases (Section C: Clinical Significance of Autoantibodies). The work brings together all the molecular and medical information in one publication. The editors and contributors are leading experts in the immunological, molecular biological, and clinical fields. The format of this looseleaf publication allows regular updating of data as well as inclusion of new advances in research on autoimmunity. The work is especially aimed at scientists, including immunologists, pathologists and molecular biologists, and clinical chemists, as well as clinicians specializing in rheumatic diseases and autoimmune disorders, inflammation or clinical immunology. Supplement 2 primarily contains Section C (Clinical Significance of Autoantibodies).
As in the other sections, the contents are presented in a structured manner, illustrated with photos and schematic figures. Extensive literature references are provided. Also, this supplement includes an addition to Section B (Autoantigens), being chapter B.1.5: "The Antigens Defined by Antikeratin Antibodies (AKA)".
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  • Loose-leaf | 208 pages
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Table of contents

Section C: Clinical Significance of Autoantibodies Introduction; W.J. van Venrooij, R.N. Maini. 1. Autoantibodies in Rheumatoid Arthitis; J.F. Smolen. 2. Autoantibodies in SLE; A.J.G. Swaak, et al. 3. Autoantibodies in SLE-overlap syndromes; F.H.J. van den Hoogen, L.B.A. van de Putte. 4. Autoantibodies in Sjogren's syndrome; A.G. Tzioufas, H.M. Moutsopoulos. 5. Autoantibodies in Scleroderma; N.F. Rothfield. 6. Autoantibodies in Myositis; I.N. Targoff, P.H. Plotz. 7. Autoantibodies in Vasculitis; C.G.M. Kallenberg. 8. Autoantibodies in other diseases; I.R. Mackay, et al. Section A: Methods of Autoantibody Detection Methods of Autoantibody Detection. Introduction; W.J. van Venrooij, R.N. Maini. 1. International co-operative activities in standardization of antinuclear antibodies; E.M. Tan. 2. Detection of antinuclear antibodies by immunofluorescence; R.L. Humbel. 3. Counterimmunoelectrophoresis and immunodiffusion for the detection of antibodies to soluble cellular antigens; C. Bunn, T. Kveder. 4. Protein blotting; R. Verheijen, et al. 5. Enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay in the rheumatological laboratory; P.J. Charles, R.N. Maini. 6. Immunoprecipitation of labelled proteins; E.M. Tan, C.L. Peebles. 7. Analysis of autoimmune sera by immunoprecipitation of cellular RNPs; G. Zieve, et al. 8. Measurement of antibodies to DNA; R. Smeenk. 9. Methods to detect autoantibodies to neutrophilic granulocytes; A. Wiik,et al. 10. Detection of antiperinuclear factor and antikeratin antibodies; R.M.A. Hoet. 11. Standards and reference preparations; T.E.W. Feltkamp. Section B: Autoantigens Autoantigens. Introduction; W.J. van Venrooij, R.N. Maini. 1. Autoantigens in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). 1. RF (rheumatoid factor); R.A. Mageed. 2. APF (antiperinuclear factor); J.-M. Berthelot, et al. 3. RA-33 (hnRNP-A2); G. Steiner. 4. Collagen II; D.G. Williams. 2. Autoantigens in systemic Lupus erythematosus (SLE). 1. DNA; R.J.T. Smeenk. 2. Histones; R.W. Burlingame, R.L. Rubin. 3. Ubiquitin; S. Muller. 4. Sm; S.O. Hoch. 5. Ribosomal RNP; K.B. Elkon. 6. Ku; W.H. Reeves, et al. 7. PCNA; Y. Muro, E.M. Tan. 8. Phospholipids; E.N. Harris. 3. Autoantigens in SLE-overlap syndromes. 1. The U1 snRNP complex; J.M.T. Klein Gunnewiek, W.J. van Venrooij. 4. Autoantigens in Sjogren's syndrome. 1. R0/SS-A; E.K.L. Chan, J.P. Buyon. 2. La/SS-B; G.J.M. Pruijn. 5. Autoantigens in Scleroderma. 1. DNA topoisomerase 1; R. Verheijen. 2. Centromere proteins; P. Verheijen. 3. Fibrillarin; R. Verheijen. 4. PM/Scl; F.A. Bautz, M. Bluhtner. 6. Autoantigens in Myositis. 1. Transfer RNA synthetases; P. Plotz, I.N. Targoff. 7. Autoantigens in Vasculitis. 1. Proteinase 3 (c-ANCA); J. Wieslander, A. Wiik. 2. Myeloperoxidase (MPO); J. Wieslander, A. Wiik. 8. Autoantigens in other diseases. 1. Mitochondrial autoantigens; P.S.C. Leung, et al. 2. P80 coilin; M. Carmo-Fonseca, et al. (Part contents).
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