The Little Seed That Was Given a Choice

The Little Seed That Was Given a Choice

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This book contains the story titled 'The Little Seed That Was Given A Choice' and previews of 2 other pieces that will be available soon, 'After 2012' and 'The Adventures Of Doot And Buck-meeoww.' Also included with-in this book is a pleasant surprise. A kind of 'where we got it' piece that speaks volumes in 2 short chapters, titled 'E and A: Moving into new digs.' The Little Seed That Was Given A Choice is a story that follows the Matthew 13 account of the Parable of The Sower from the perspective of a Seed. A story about that youthful wisdom that can only mature through hands on experience. A story about true friendship from those that are never far away, and are always willing to lend a helping hand as the individual navigates their way through that unmatched beauty and equally hazardous journey we call life. The journey that began for us with the Great Fall at Eden. The journey to get back Home. ---The Little Seed That Was Given A Choice--- Faced with a tough decision, the Little Seed sets out on a journey of self discovery. A journey that will prove to be as wondrous as it is dangerous. Each encounter draws Cahee deeper into turmoil until finally becoming hopelessly trapped. There the little seed realizes the error in judgment. But is it too late? ...A tale of youth and of age ...of friends and of foes ...of hope and of hopelessness ...a tale of The Little Seed That Was Given A Choice. Preview of: 'The Adventures Of Doot and Buck-meeoww.' Farm life provides plenty of opportunity for both high adventure and a seemingly endless list of chores for Doot and her trusted companion Buck-meeoww, who just showed up on the porch one day. Doot longed to be a real super hero with real powers. She truly believed that she would become one some day soon. But this summer was different. She began to doubt that it would ever happen until one day while on an errand for her mother, she came across and old door in her mothers herb shack.Her curiosity got the best of her and she started pulling on the heavy iron handle. To her surprise the old door began to open. The room was pitch black. Doot slowly stepped into the room and immediately began to fall. Her life would never be the same. Join Doot as she goes from wishing she was a super hero, to discovering she has been one all along. Preview of: 'After 2012' ..".there will be great tribulation such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time. And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved..." A new threat has been uncovered. A threat too preposterous to take seriously. A threat that was put into motion ten years ago, with the launch of three rockets into deep space. Each one carrying 4 nuclear war heads. A threat to destroy all life on Earth! ..".Why? It doesn't make sense. They will be just as gone as every one else. What's in it for them?" "This group believes that their god will not return to them until all Israelis are off the earth. Once they have accomplished this they will be handsomely rewarded in the next life." "So they want to kill all Jewish?" "Jacob had 12 sons. Judah was but one. Levi was scattered among the 11. The remaining 10 were scattered through out the world." "The Lost 10 tribes?" "In numbers as sand on the beaches." "Still, is it possible? To destroy the entire earth with out anyone catching on seems...ridiculous." "One of theirs had a change of heart and came forward with their plan. Surprisingly simple and..." "And what Henry? Simple isn't necessarily possible." "And yes, Gabriel, possible." A hero will emerge during this crisis. One who possess the strength and cunning of an ancient ancestor. A fearless warrior equipped with the power of the most highly advanced weapons of modern technology and a 'hand me down' belonging to a warrior of old who is long deceased. "There will be one more missile launch very soon Gabe. We must preshow more

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About MR Daniel Knight

Daniel Knight grew up in the deep south where he spent as much time as he could shirtless and bare foot down at the river diligently searching for monster sized crawdads and snakes to fight in his never ending quest to save all humanity. In those days the river was crystal clear and one could see to the bottom of the deeper areas. One of Dan's favorite spots was where the solid rock bottom dropped off from 3 feet to 15 feet on both sides, forming a 20 foot channel that was about 4 feet wide. Many fish hung out suspended with in this channel, and Dan would dive down to the bottom which chased all the fish out. But if he was still enough, they would return, and Dan would be hanging out with the fishes. One summer his dad made a raft and took it to the river for him. Equipped with a few peanut butter sandwiches, fishing line with some worms, and his wooden sword, Dan set out on a new adventure. One that Jason and his Argonauts would be envious of. Guiding the raft with a long push stick that his Dad selected for him from one of the large pecan trees, Dan looked back to see his Dad waving goodbye to him. As Dan waved back his eyes teared up, realizing that it may be some years before he see's his family again. "Perhaps," he thought "I will return with the great riches of the world and give it to them." To his family who deserved it most. Daniel Knight was a sleep walker as a child. His Dad would have to retrieve him from the banks of the river from time to time. As he carried Dan home, Dan would tell him of the particular adventure that 'called him away' this time. His favorite t.v. show as a child was 'Project Terror" which played the old black and white monster movies. At nearly 60 yrs old, Dan still enjoys these shows on Saturday nights. "There is always a bit of reality in the make believe stories that I told, talked about and acted out because I included myself, and like my parents often said; Daniel, you are about as real as it gets!"show more