Literatures of Asia

Literatures of Asia

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For courses in Asian Literature, World Literature, and Non-Western Literature.This extraordinary anthology gathers together a broad selection of representative, authoritative writings-spanning antiquity to the present-from the non-Western civilizations of Asia. It combines extensive introductions, headnotes, and bibliographies with excellent literary translations of the best contemporary and classical writers.The selections reflect literary, religious, and philosophical traditions and reveal-despite cultural differences-the universality of life more

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Table of contents

INDIA, PAKISTAN, AND BANGLADESH. Introduction. THE VEDIC PERIOD (C.1500-200 B.C.). The Rig Veda (poems) (Sanskrit) (c.1200-900 B.C.). The Upanishads (poems/religious texts) (Sanskrit) (c. 9th century B.C. - 1st century A.D.). BUDDHIST TEXTS (C. 5th century B.C.- A.D. 255). Theravada Buddhist Texts (religious texts) (Pali) (5th century B.C. - 1st century B.C.). Mahayana Buddhist Texts (religious texts) (Chinese) (before A.D. 255). CLASSICAL SANSKRIT, PRAKRIT AND TAMIL LITERATURES (c. 200 A.D. - 1100 A.D.). Valmiki (epic poem) (Sanskrit) (c.200 B.C.). The Bhagavad-Gita (epic poem) Sanskrit (c. 1st century A.D.). Poems of Love and War (from the classical anthologies) (Tamil) (c.100 B.C. - A.D. 250). The Gatha Saptashati (700 erotic poems compiled by King Hala) (Prakrit) (c.100-300). Tales from the Panchatantra (fables) (Sanskrit) (c.200-400). Kalidasa (poem) (Sanskrit) (4th-5th centuries). Vijjika (Vidya) (poem) (Sanskrit) (c.659). Bhartrihari (poems) (Sanskrit) (7th century?). Amaru (poems) (Sanskrit) (7th century). REGIONAL BHAKTI (DEVOTIONAL) LITERATURES (C. 10TH-16TH CENTURIES). Basavanna (poems) (Kannada) (1106-1167 or 1168). Mahadevi (poems) (Kannada) (12th century). Jayadeva (dramatic poetry) (Sanskrit) (12th century). Lalla (poems) (Kashmiri) (1320-1392). Chandidas (poems) (Bengali) (late 14th-mid-15th centuries). Kabir (poems) (Hindi) (1398-1448). Mirabai (poems) (Hindi) (1498-1573). THE MODERN PERIOD (19TH AND 20TH CENTURIES). Ghalib (Asadullah Khan Ghalib) (poems) (Urdu) (1797-1869). Rabindranath Tagore (poems) (Bengali) (1861-1941). Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) (prose) (English) (1869-1948). Sara Chandra Chatterjee (story) (Bengali) (1876-1938). Premchand (story) (Hindi) (1880-1936). Jibanananda Das (poem) (Bangladesh) (1899-1954). R.K. Narayan (story) (English) (1906-). Faiz Ahmed Faiz (poems) (Urdu) (1910-1984). Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (story) (English) (1927-). Bharati Mukherjee (story) (English) (1942-). Salman Rushdie (novel) (English) (1947-). CHINA. Introduction. ZHOU DYNASTY (1027-221 B.C.). The Book of Songs (poems) (c.600 B.C.). Confucius (philosophy) (c.551-479 B.C.). Laozi (Lao Tzu) (poems/philosophy) (4th - 3rd centuries B.C.). Zhuangzi (Chuang Tsu) (philosophy) (c. 369-286 B.C.). The Songs of Chu (attributed to Qu Yuan) (poems) (332-295 B.C.?). HAN DYNASTY (206 B.C.- A.D. 220). Liu Xijun (poem) (late 2nd century B.C.). Anonymous Folk Songs from the Music Bureau (120 B.C.) Fu Xuan (poem) (217-278). SIX DYNASTIES PERIOD (220-589). Lu Ji (literary criticism in rhyme-prose) (261-303). Tao Qian (T'ao Ch'ien) (poems and prose) (365-427). TANG DYNASTY (618-907). Wang Wei (poems) (701-761). Li Bai (Li Po) (poems) (701-762). Du Fu (Tu Fu) (poems) (712-770). Meng Jiao (Meng Chiao) (poems) (751-814). Han Yu (Han Yu) (poem) (768-824). Xue Tao (Hsueh T'ao) (poems) (768-831). Li Gongzuo (Li Kung-tso) (story) (770-c.848). Bo Juyi (Po Chu-i) (poems) (772-846). Liu Zongyuan (Liu Tsung-Yuan) (poem, fable, essay) (773-819). Yuan Zhen (Yuan Chen) (poems) (779-831). Sikong Tu (Ssu-k'ung T'u) (poems/literary criticism) (837-908). Yu Xuanji (Yu Hsuan-chi) (poems) (c.843-868). Li Yu (Li Yu) (poems) (936-978). SONG DYNASTY (960-1279). Mei Yaochen (Mei Yao-ch'en) (poem) (1002-1060). Ouyang Xiu (Ou-yang Hsiu) (poem and rhyme-prose) (1007-1072). Su Dongpo (Su Tung-p'o) (poems, essay, rhyme-prose) (1036-1101). Li Qingzhao (Li Ch'ing-chao) (poems) (1084-c.1151). Poets' Jade Dust (aphorisms/literary criticism) (compiled before 1244). YUAN DYNASTY (1280-1367). Ma Zhiyuan (Ma Chih-yuan) (poems) (c.1260-1334). Shi Naian (Shih Nai-an) and Luo Guanzhong (Lo Kuan-chung) (novel) (late 14th century). MING DYNASTY (1368-1644). Wu Chengen (Wu Ch'eng-en) (novel) (c.1500-1582). QING DYNASTY (1644-1911). Pu Songling (Pu Song-ling) (stories) from Tales of Liaozhai (1640-1715). Yuan Mei (Yuan Mei) (poems) (1716-1798). Li Ruzhen (Li Ju-chen) (novel) (c.1763-1830). Cao Xueqin (Ts'ao Hsueh-chin)(c.1715-63) and Gao E. (c.1740-1815) (Kao E) (novel). THE MODERN ERA. Lu Xun (Lu Hsun) (story) (1881- 1936). Mao Zedong (Mao Tes-tung) (poems) (1893-1976). Wen Yiduo (Wen I-to) (poems) (1898-1946). Lao She (story) (1899-1966). Wang Meng (story) (1934-). Chen Rong (Ch'en Jung) (story (1936-). Bei Dao (Pei Tao) (poems) (1949-). Shu Ting (Shu T'ing) (poems) (1952-). Liang Heng (1954-) and Judith Shapiro (1953-) (memoir, written in English). Yang Lian (poem) (1955-). Ha Jin (Ha Chin) (story, written in English) (1956-). Chou Ping (poem, written in English) (1957-). Tang Yaping (T'ang Ya-p'ing) (poems) (1962-). JAPAN. Introduction. ANCIENT PERIOD (to 794). Poems from the Mahyoshu. Empress Iwanohime (?-347). Empress Jito (645-702). Kakinomoto Hitomaro (d.708-715). The Priest Mansei (c.720). Ladi Ki (8th century). Otomo Yakamochi (718-785). Lady Kasa (mid-8th century). Lady Otomo Sakanoue (c. 695-701-c.750). HEIAN PERIOD (794-1186). Ki no Tsurayuki (poems) (c.868-c.946). Ono no Komachi (poems) (9th century). Lady Ise (poems) (9th-10th century). from The Tales of Ise (prose/poetry) (9th-10th century). Sei Shonagon (memoir) (c.966-c.1017). Izumi Shikibu (poems) (c.974-c.1034). Murasaki Shikibu (novel, prose excerpts) (978-c.1015). Saigyo (poems) (1118-1190). KAMAKURA/NAMBOKUCHO PERIODS (1186-1392). The Middle Counselor of the Riverbank's Stories (story) (11-12th centuries). Tales of Times Now Past (stories) (late 11th- early 12th centuries). Tale of the Heike (prose) (12th-14th centuries). Kamo No Chomei (memoir) (c.1155-1216). Fujiwara No Teika (poems) (1162-1241). Dogen (poems) (1200-1253). Zen Stories from Sand and Pebbles (and other collections) (wisdom stories) (13th century and later). Muso Soseki (poems) (1275-1351). Kenko (prose) (c.1283-1350). MUROMACHI/MOMOYAMA PERIODS (1392-1603). Zeami Motokiyo (noh plays, prose) (1363-1443). TOKUGAWA/EDO PERIODS (1603-1868). Ihara Saikaku (novel) (1642-93). Matsuo Basho (poems, travel diary, linked verse) (1644-1694). Matsuo Basho and His School. Chikamatsu Monzaemon (play) (1653-1725). Yosa Buson (Taniguchi Buson) (poems) (1716-1783). Ryokan (poems) (1758-1831). Issa (Kobayashi Issa) (poems) (1763-1827). MODERN PERIOD (1868-PRESENT). Natsume Soseki (story) (1867-1916). Shiki (Masaoka Shiki) (poems) (1867-1902). Yosano Akiko (poems) (1878-1942). Tanizaki Junichiro (story) (1886-1965). Akutagawa Ryunosuke (story) (1892-1927). Kawabata Yasunari (stories) (1899-1972). Nakamoto Takako (story) (1903-1991). Sakaki Nanao (poems) (1922-). Tamura Ruichi (poems) (1923-). Abe Kobo (story) (1924-). Mishima Yukio (story) (1925-1970). Shiraishi Kazuko (poem) (1931-). Tanikawa Shuntaro (poems) (1931-). Oe Kenzaburo (story) (1935-). Murakami Haruki (novel) (1949-).show more

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