Life Sciences: Radiation Environment and Modelling

Life Sciences: Radiation Environment and Modelling

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  • Paperback
  • Pergamon
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 0080434649
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Table of contents

Radiation environment modelling at low altitudes for manned spacecraft long duration missions. The low earth orbit environment observed using cream & credo (C.J. Watson ). Solar cycle variation of the low-altitude trapped proton flux (S.L. Hutson ). Variations of the radiation dose onboard mir station (M.I. Panasyuk ). Using cross-correlation techniques to assess the validity of ap8 at low altitude (A.L. Vampola). Rem measurements aboard mir during 1995 (P. Buhler ). Low altitude dose measurements from apex, crres and dmsp (E.G. Mullen ). An investigation of the spatial variations of the energetic trapped electrons at low altitudes (S.F. Fung ). Specific features of electron distributions at altitudes of 400 km (A.S. Biryukov ). Energetic particle fluxes data base of 'coronas-i' satellite observations (A. Dmitriev ). Sources of inner radiation zone energetic helium ions: cross-field transport versus in-situ nuclear reactions (W.N. Spjeldvik ). Maps of hydrogen isotopes at low altitudes in the inner zone from sampex observations (M.D. Looper ). Solar heavy ion heinrich fluence spectrum at low earth orbit (D.R. Croley). Radiation environment induced by cosmic ray particle fluxes in the international space station orbit according to recent galactic and solar cosmic ray models (R.A. Nymmik). Heavy particle fluxes in salyut space station orbit (Y.F. Gagarin ). Preface (D.F. Smart). Observations and predictions of secondary neutrons on space shuttle and aircraft (P.R. Truscott et al. ). Neutron spectra in the atmosphere from interaction of primary cosmic rays (S. Roesler et al. ). Neutron spectra at flight altitudes and their radiological estimation (H. Schraube et al. ). The atmospheric cosmic- and solar energetic particle radiation environment at aircraft altitudes (K. O'Brien et al. ). Some radiation environment estimation data from 10-12km altitude aircraft (A.B. Akopova et al. ). Assessment and requirements of nuclear reaction databases for GCR transport in the atmosphere and structures (F.A. Cucinotta et al. ). Transport of light ions in matter (J.W. Wilson et al. ). Liquid drop model considerations in HZE particle fragmentation by hydrogen (L.W. Townsend et al. ). New equivalent sphere approximation for BFO dose estimation: solar particle events (S.G. Bier et al. ). The local neutron flux at low earth-orbiting altitudes (G. Weidenspointner et al. ). Measurements of high-energy neutron and proton fluxes on-board "MIR-SPECTR" orbital complex (M.I. Kudryavtsev et al. ). Comptel measurements of the omnidirectional high-energy neutron flux in near-earth orbit (D.J. Morris et al. ). Secondary protons and neutrons generated by galactic and solar cosmic ray particles behind 1-100 G/CM2 aluminium shielding (A.V. Dementyev et al. ). Distribution of energetic particles and secondary radiation according to orbital station "MIR" data obtained in 1991 (A. Dmitriev et al. ).
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