Life Sciences: Microgravity Research

Life Sciences: Microgravity Research

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  • Hardback | 1450 pages
  • Pergamon
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 0080434614
  • 9780080434612

Table of contents

Effects of Gravitational Changes on Bone, Muscle and Dermal Systems In Vivo and In Vitro . Preface (D. Montufar-Solis). Effects of microgravity on bone and calcium homeostasis (E. Zerath). Changes in the numbers of osteoclast in newts and conditions of microgravity (O.P. Berezovska et al .). Clinorotation reduced number, but not size, of cartilaginous nodules formed in micromass cultures of mouse limbbud cells (P.J. Duke et al .). Review of primary spaceflight-induced and secondary reloading-induced changes in slow antigravity muscles of rats (D.A. Riley). Accumulation of stress protein 72 (HSP72) in muscle and spleen of goldfish taken into space (T. Ohnishi et al .). Mechano-sensing and mechano-reaction of soft connective tissue cells (Ch.A. Lambert et al .). Effects of Gravity of Gametogenesis, Development and Regeneration in Plants and Animals . Preface (P.W. Barlow). Gravity and developmental plasticity (P.W. Barlow) Development and growth of potato tubers in microgravity (M.E. Cook et al .). Plant reproduction systems in microgravity: Experimental data and hypotheses (E.L. Kordyum). Effects of clinorotation on the polysaccharide content of resynthesized walls of protoplasts (E.M. Nedukha). Effect of clinostating on photosynthetic apparatus of pea plants (S.M. Kochubey et al .). Ultrastructural and functional changes of photosynthetic apparatus of Arabidopsis Thaliana (L.) Heynh induced by clinorotation (N.I. Adamchuk). Gravity effects on THR growth and development of moss secondary protonemata (R.T. Ripetskyj et al .). Influence of gravity on spatial orientation and morphogenesis of moss sporophytes (O.V. Lobachevska et al .). Space flight experiment on Chinese silkworm on board the Russian 10th biosattelite (Z. Shi et al .). Skeletogenesis in sea urchin larvae under modified gravity conditions (H.-J. Marthy et al .). Development of space-fertilized eggs and formation of primordial germ cells in the embryos of medaka fish (K. Ijiri). Influence of clinorotation and fettering stress on tail regeneration of Triturus Vulgaris (urodela) (H.J. Anton et al .). The effect of clinorotation on structural and functional organization of assimilative tissues, cells, and growth regulator activity in orchids of different age (T. Cherevschenko et al .). Microgravity modifies the cell cycle in the lentil root meristem (D. Driss-Ecole et al .). Cytoskeletal components of Beta vulgaris root hairs in altered gravity fields (G.V. Schevchenko). Mechanisms of Graviperception in Plants. Preface (D. Moore). Gravitropic bending of fruiting bodies - a model based in hyphal gravisensing and cooperativity (V.D. Kern et al .). Comparing plant and fungal gravitropism using imitational models based on reiterative computation (D. Moore, A. Stockus). Statolith positioning by microfilaments in Chara rhizoids and protonemata (D. Hodick et al .). Gravi- and photostimuli in moss protonema growth movements (O.T. Demkiv et al .).
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