The Last Judgment

The Last Judgment

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The evil that exists in the world today is due to the deliberate spread of chaos manufactured by those who decided to make themselves rich by taking control of people's minds. They did this by using information gathered during the Second World War that has been kept hidden from the general public, and obtaining the wealth once belonging to the approximate 6 million Jews slaughtered during the Holocaust; I call them "Hitler's Silent Partners." Those who control America and Israel, whom I call the "Monolith," repeatedly create situations intended to have a destabilizing affect around the world. There is still no peace between Israel and the Arab World because this would not be of financial benefit to the Monolith. The hoodlums the Kennedy's tried to expose, and incarcerate, are still free to use violence, and intimidation, to get what they want. They don't just use alcohol now to stupefy the public, but a vast array of drugs, and have people wear uniforms that display the word "police" to give the public the impression crime is being fought, while they, actually, make sure a portion of the drugs they seize are put back into circulation, and proceeds from the crimes they confiscate wind up in their bank accounts. The public is kept miss-informed, and ill-informed, by a media that submits to what the Monolith dictates, and are unable to properly process the information dispensed due to the proliferation of an education system designed to make sure that by the time "students" enter university, they have no desire to form an attachment to a book such as "Plato's Republic," but rather an electronic device they carry with them wherever they go in order to call, tweet, and text, their "friends," and due to their minds being kept in an infantile state, they use immediately whenever the desire to gratify their senses should arise, with no regard as to the penalty paid by another for having done so. The Monolith does not consist of people capable of any form of originality; the world lost all the Jews during the Holocaust; which would explain why there has been no development in technology since the Second World War. All the electrical gadgetry we have is due to a miniaturization of the technology available in the 1950's; consisting of wires, diodes, transistors, and resistors, that channel an electrical current one way or another; signified by the numbers 1, and 0. The Last Judgment will lead to the creation of a world full of limitless possibilities.
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About Nigel Shindler

Max Shindler Born; August 7, 1931, Liverpool Died; July 29, 2014, Toronto Max Shindler lived in Waterloo, Liverpool, until he was evacuated to Wales during the Second World War; it was here he first encountered open anti-Semitism; for example, on many occasions he was given no other choice but to eat his meals in the outhouse on the farm where he lived; such traumatizing incidents left lifelong scars on his psyche. He was never able to disregard the humiliation he felt due to this abuse, or forget the fact that many of his relatives were executed in concentration camps, or died in boxcars before arriving to them. He left his family home when he was seventeen to live in Israel, where he became a member of the Israeli Army. He later joined England's Royal Air Force, and was a member of a bomb disposal unit. He worked for Avon's advertising department in Northampton, and worked for many years with his wife in visual merchandising. He married Pearl Lomax in 1957 in Castletown, on the Isle of Man. A year later their daughter, Nicola, was born; three years later Simone was born; Nigel, his youngest child, was born in 1964; he was loyal, generous, and nurturing, toward each of his children, and grandchildren. He had an immense appreciation for the arts; he wrote, designed illustrations, and formed Trinity Manifesto Productions with his son. Max played the classical guitar; did photography, and became fluent in several languages, including German, Hebrew and Yiddish. He loved opera, and classical music. He had a passion for learning, and read voraciously throughout his life. Max Shindler sacrificed his life for the betterment of mankind. He has been re-born March 4, 2015, in Great Britain; And so the story of creation continues. Nigel Shindler The author was given the name, Nigel, at birth, a very common name in Britain, and seven days later conforming to Jewish custom, a circumcision ceremony was performed and he was given both the Hebrew name Tovia and the Yiddish equivalent Tevia, both names imply the blessings and goodness that God bestows. In later years whilst living in Israel he adopted the Hebrew name Eitan, which implies stoicism and impetuousness. All these terms, expressions, are a reflection of his nature. He has depth and complexity, but can display banality, depending on his mood, or the time of day.
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