Jujitsu's Mountain Man

Jujitsu's Mountain Man : My Way of Strategy Forged by Nature

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"In death ground, fight." (Griffith 1963, 111) -Sun Tzu This book Jujitsu's Mountain Man: My Way of Strategy Forged by Nature is about the way of strategy as was told to me by nature herself, guided by my father's teachings, and applied as I have been tempered through the wildness nature has pronounced upon me. I have lived my whole life from the age of three learning about the way of strategy in order to command natural laws for the "moment that battle is joined on death ground," or what I have named "Ground Zero Survival." It has been a lifetime pursuit that has lifted me to the highest levels of warriorship in the martial arts. However, because of my employment within the federal government as a soldier in the U.S. Army and law enforcement officer in the U.S. Marshals Service, I was unavailable to teach publicly due to my official duties. Now, retired from federal service, it is time for me to speak out and add my words to the rest of the masters of the martial arts worldwide. As one author so eloquently described, as why Miyamoto Musashi did not write until the end of his life, I too have put off the pen until after my retirement, having used the skill to stay alive now for near fifty years. "Someone who practices a martial art in depth and trains every day to the point of exhaustion has a tendency to develop a relationship with words that becomes prosaic or perfunctory at the same time as the intuitive aspect of his participation grows; he will tend to distance himself from long-winded objective reflection. He develops an intuition that can find a profound or manifold meaning in a single expression or a single ideogram. The sense of fullness that comes from these intensive physical exercises reduces the amplitude of logical sequences. It is only when the sensation of fullness is realized through a stable treading of the way, that the words will become more tangible." (Tokitsu 2005, xv) This book is about the way of strategy as I have practiced it and tested it in real-life dangerous encounters with animals as a boy growing up in arguably the most deadly environment (Alaska) on the planet, and against humans who have fought against the established "rule of law" that society has deemed necessary to protect life. Therefore, this book is about nature's order of justice should a person choose to bring harm against another to make them extinct "on death ground" through application of deadly force. This book is salient truth to what the underpinnings to personal survival in battle are, and how to attain it through your own personal efforts, or what I call- the Garyujutsu, the self-taught method. This is self-knowledge, and really when you look deeply within yourself, this is the only knowledge that exists in our individual engagement in the universe. In terms of life and death, this has and always will be the only way to true preparedness should anyone be selected for extinction at the hands of evil people. From the beginning of human existence, nature has required this standard in order to preserve the life of animal and human. It cannot be changed by the rest of the world, who build and disguise tactics as "the" way of strategy. All this effort, all though plausible to pass time in living life, is truly "chasing after failed methods." This is why I have chosen this time to tell the true way of nature's order within this book. It is necessary more today than ever because most systems the world over have thrown a "red herring" logical fallacy as to what it truly takes to survive a deadly encounter at extreme close combat contact (EC-3) range.
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About Cmdr Ty Cunningham

Cmdr. Ty Cunningham is a social scientist and philosopher specializing in two tenets of human terrain: Human Combative Applications and Behavior (Hoplology) and the Science of a Footprint gleaning human behavior (Spoorology). He has a terminal Master of Military Art and Science (MMAS) degree from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College; is a retired Supervisory Deputy/Commander in the U.S. Marshals Service, with near 30 years combined law enforcement and military experience. While a Marshal, he spent twenty-one years training police and military in his extreme close combat strategy, tactics, all-weapon synchronization, and combative behavior forensics; ten years as chief instructor of the Alaska U.S. Marshals Police Dojo, four years as the commander of the Alaska U.S. Marshals Special Warrant Detail-Tactical Tracking Unit (SWD-TTU), three years as a tactical operator with the Anchorage Regional FBI SWAT Team, and Four years as the commander of the Wyoming U.S. Marshals Special Warrant Detail-Mounted Tracking Unit (SWD-MTU), and is the creator of the science of spoorology pioneered in his thesis, Forensic Spoorology: Seeing and Understanding Human Behavior through Observation, Classification, and Interpretation of Spoor Evidence. Cmdr. Cunningham is arguably the world's leading authority on battlefield extreme close combat contact (EC-3) and has used all of the strategies, tactics, and techniques that he teaches at Koishidokai Jujutsu in deadly encounters. He has appeared on TV as a tech. advisor for man hunting and human tracking and as a tech advisor in print media for the action packed fight scenes in the international thriller books featuring Special Agent Jericho Quinn written by author Marc Cameron. He is a Certified Master Scout Tracker (CMST), Grand Master of his way of strategy known as Nin'i no Buki no Ichi Sento Ryu, Master 9th degree Black Belt of Koishido Tatakai Jujutsu, Chief Master Strategist in Sakusen Keisatsu Bukijutsu and Sakusen Teppojutsu, Executive Director, and lead scientist/researcher of Koishidokai Jujutsu for Scientific Research and Exploration. You can find out more about Cmdr. Cunningham; his combative behavior research, philosophy, writing, and teaching on ancient warfare, primitive cultures, and native legends; all his warrior endeavors; and his Ichi Sento Ryu of extreme close combat contact (EC-3) survival, man hunting, and human tracking at: www.tycunningham.org
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