Journey to Critical Thinking

Journey to Critical Thinking : Reading the World and Arguing for Change

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For First Year Writing Courses, Critical Thinking Courses and Argumentative Writing Courses Quest: Reading Critically and Arguing for Change grew out of the author's experiences as a student, a writer, and a teacher of writing and the belief that writing is absolutely necessary for personal growth and social change. Quest is a student-centered writing guide. It SPEAKS TO students in a way other academic argument texts do not. Students enjoy Quest, and while learning to think more critically and argue more effectively, students grow and improve as writers, thinkers and learners as they move from one chapter to another. This cutting-edge writing guide teaches writing arguments, critical thinking and inquiry. The entire book takes students on a path through the research process (including multimedia analysis), and through the writing process, all presented in the context of inquiry. Quest is a compelling and effective writing guide that includes many high interest topics for students.
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Inquire and argue. . .to make a difference!

Quest is a rhetoric, reader, and research guide that teaches students how to inquire deeply into topics that interest them, formulate intelligent positions on the related issues, present powerful arguments to the world around them, and apply the principles to written, visual, and multimedia texts.
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Table of contents

(NOTE: All chapters contain an Overview, Tools for Success: Multimedia Reading Strategies, a Writing Assignment, Student Model Proposals, and Multimedia Assignments.) Memo to Instructors PRE-QUEST: A MAP AND A COMPASS Begin with a Question: What Is the Quest? Mental, Moral, and Physical Powers Developing Critical and Civic Literacy The Quest Getting Started A Map and a Compass A Final Word I. READING CRITICALLY AND RESPONDING THOUGHTFULLY: ESTABLISHING A CONTEXT 1. Multimedia Reading Strategies: Exploring an Event Begin with a Question: What Happened? Is Seeing Believing? The Big Picture Making Change Reading the World Window on the World Learning to Read Again The Process for Reading the World 2. Reading and Writing to Form an Opinion: Examining the Blame Game Begin with a Question: Why Did this Happen? The Blame Game Looking for Answers Beyond the Scapegoat Engaging with the Issues Active Learning The Process of Discovery II. FINDING AND ANALYZING SOURCES: BECOMING AN EXPERT. 3. Strategies for Gathering Credible Resources: Understanding Historical Context Begin with a Question: What Is the Big Picture? A Little Perspective Goes a Long Way Sowing Seeds of Change Establishing Historical Context Investigating an Event or an Issue: Seek and Ye Shall Find Field Research Library Research Internet Research 4. Identifying Claims and Reasons: Recognizing Multiple Perspectives Begin with a Question: What Are You Trying to Prove? Different Perspectives on Perspectives Going with the Flow Apples, Oranges, Po-tay--toe, Po-tah-toe He Said, She Said, They Said, What? Oppositions / Oppositions The Mirror Cracked 5. Logical Reasoning, Fallacies, and Credible Evidence: Analyzing and Evaluating Arguments Begin with a Question: Who Should We Believe? What Kind of Proof Do You Have? Doing Your Homework Reasons and Supporting Evidence Opinion vs. Argument Argument Is All About the Evidence Types of Evidence III. JOINING THE OFFICIAL CONVERSATION: CREATING AND ADVANCING SUCCESSFUL ARGUMENTS 6. Arguing to Educate: Advancing a Position on an Issue Begin with a Question: What do You Believe to Be True? Coming Home Joining the Conversation Playing by the Rules So What's on Your Mind? The Building Blocks of Argumentation Purpose: What Are You Trying to Prove? Audience: Don't Talk to Strangers At the Intersection of Purpose and Audience: Controversy Identifying Audience Assumptions: Warrants Choosing an Effective Strategy 7. Arguing to Instigate Change: Advancing a Call for Action Begin with a Question: How Can We Change Things? How Change Happens Thinking Globally; Acting Locally Proposals for Change Mad Libs The Author: The Ad Council and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Leave Me Alone The Author: Office of National Drug Control Policy, National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign If You Don't Vote, You Don't Count The Author: Drum Major Institute Organization Get Ready Now The Author: The Office of Homeland Security and the Ad Council 8. Arguing to Create Meaning: Advancing an Interpretation Begin with a Question: What Is the Relationship Between Art and Life? Imitation or Representation? Art as a Representation of Life Digging Below the Surface of Life and Art Unlocking the Message and the Meaning IV. THE JOURNEY SO FAR 9. Reflection in Presentation: Capstone Project Begin with a Question: What Have I Learned and How Have I Grown? Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Read Yourself Like a Book What Does This Mean to Me? My How You've Grown! The Story of Your Journey So Far: Creating a Portfolio The Journey Unfolding On a Personal Level Measuring Growth and Change V. EVENT CASEBOOKS Event Casebook One: The Youth Violence Pandemic Focus on the Columbine High School Massacre Initial Reports School War Zone The Author: Mike Anton Up to 25 Die in Colorado School Shooting The Author: Tom Kenworthy Multimedia Sources Trench Coat Mafia The Author: Nick Anderson Photograph Remarks to the Community of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado The Author: President Bill Clinton Facts for Teens: School Violence The URL: Columbine: Whose Fault Is It? The Author: Marilyn Manson Teen Violence: Does Violent Media Make Violent Kids? The URL: Littleton, CO The Speakers: Elizabeth Farnsworth with Gerald Tirrozi, James Garbarino, and Franklin Zimring Violence Redux: A Brief Legal and Historical Perspective on Youth Violence The Author: Marshall Croddy, PhD Ironic Literacy: Grasping the Dark Images of Rock and Roll The Author: Kevin J. H. Dettmar, PhD Event Casebook Two: To Clone or Not to Clone Focus on the Human Genome Project, New Genetics, and Human Ethics Initial Reports U.S. Researchers Lose Edge in Stem Cell Work The Author: Scott Allen How a Team Cloned Human Cells to Fight Disease - and Why That's Revolutionary The Author: Michael D. Lemonick, et al. Multimedia Sources The Building Block of Life The Author: Nick Anderson Map of the Human Genome The Author: Joe Heller Movie Website Stirs Cloning Controversy The Source: Reuters Ltd. The Age of Genetic Technology Arrives The Author: Leon Kass The Top Ten Myths About Human Cloning The Source: Cloning as Economic Development The Author: Neil Munro Human Genome Research: An Introduction The Source: President Bush Calls on Senate to Back Human Cloning Ban The Speaker: George W. Bush Stem Cell Research: Why Medicine Should Reject Human Cloning The Authors: William P. Cheshire Jr., Edmund D. Pellegrino, Linda K. Bevington, C. Ben Mitchell, Nancy L. Jones, Kevin T. FitzGerald, C. Everett Koop, and John F. Kilner Eve Redux: The Public Confusion over Cloning The Author: Stephen S. Hall Intervening with Mother Nature: The Ethics of Human Cloning The Author: Seymour W. Itzkoff Event Casebook Three: What Price, Freedom? Focus on Homeland Security and The Patriot Act Initial Reports Anti-Terror Bill Becomes law The Source: ABC News George W. Bush Signs the Antiterrorism Bill The Speaker: President George W. Bush Multimedia Sources ...This New, Modern Design Brought to You by the PATRIOT Act The Artist: Don Wright This Letter Warns us that Homeland Security May Begin Monitoring Our Mail! The Author: Mike Keefe Considering the Patriot Act The Author: Margaret Warner The DHS Strategic Plan: Securing Our Homeland The Source: Taking Liberties The Author: Angie Cannon Terrorism Investigations and the Constitution The Author: James X. Dempsey The Patriot Act Without Tears: Understanding the Mythologized Law The Author: Andrew C. McCarthy PATRIOT Spawn The Author: Julian Sanchez The USA Patriot Act and the Politics of Fear The Author: Mark S. Hamm Event Casebook Four: The Process and Progress of Equality Focus on Global Women's Rights Initial Reports Global Struggle for Women's Rights Spotlighted at New York Meeting The Author: From Staff and Wire Reports Religious "Conservatives Celebrate a Rare Win over the Anti-Family Clique at the UN The Author: Paul Brunner Multimedia Sources You Light Up My Life The Author: Ann Telnaes Watch Closely... The Author: Ann Telnaes Testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs The Speaker: Regan E. Ralph Progress for Women Is Progress for All The Source: A Forty-Year Search for Equality The Author: Ellen Goodman Gender Equality & the Millennium Development Goals The Source: President, Mrs. Bush Mark Progress in Global Women's Human Rights The Speaker: President and Mrs. George W. Bush United Nations Millennium Declaration The Author: The United Nations, Main Committee How Effective Is a Human Rights Framework in Addressing Gender-based Violence? The Author: Ana Elena Obando What is Female Genital Mutilation? The Author: Amnesty International Event Casebook Five: Five-Second Delay Focus on Television, Freedom of Expression, and Standards of Decency after Super Bowl 2004 Initial Reports Apologetic Jackson says "Costume Reveal" Went Awry The Source: America Beats Breasts, Rends Garments over TV Boob The Source: The Australian Multimedia Sources Wardrobe Malfunction... The Author: Jim McCloskey The FCC Should Put Him Out of Business... The Author: Brian Fairrington Super Bowl Fallout Continues The Speakers: James Carville, Paul Begala, Robert Novak, and Tucker Carlson Flashpoint: Janet Jackson and Government Regulation of TV: Inside the First Amendment The Source: Indecency, Television, and the First Amendment The Author: Robert Corn-Revere Obscenity, Indecency, and Profanity The Source: Broadcast Industry The Author: Brent Bozell, III Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004 The Author: Mel Karmazin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Viacom The Silver Lining of the Janet Jackson Incident: A Demonstration of Democracy-Enhancing Technology and the Need to Fight the "Broadcast Flag" Rule The Author: Lauren Gelman What Is the Fuss About Janet Jackson's Breast? The Author: Marjorie Heins Event Casebook Six: All's Fair in War? Focus on Gulf War II and the Prisoner Abuse Controversy Initial Reports Seven Severely Reprimanded in Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Scandal The Author: Joseph L. Galloway Arabs Unimpressed by President Bush or Prisoner Abuse The Author: Naseer Al-Nahr Multimedia Sources Editorial Cartoon The Author: John Sherffius Photograph The Author: Jean-Marc Bouju Iraqi Prisoner Abuse The Author: Jim Lehrer Iraq: U.S. Prisoner Abuse Sparks Concerns over War Crimes The Source: Signs on the Road to Abu Ghraib The Author: Sam Smith Prisoner Abuse and the Rot of American Culture The Author: Rebecca Hagelin President Bush Meets with Alhurra Television on Wednesday The Speaker: George W. Bush Geneva Convention (III) Relative to the Treatement of Prisoners of War; August 12, 1949 The Source: The Geneva Conventions Torture at Abu Ghraib Followed CIA's Manual The Author: Alfred W. McCoy A Situationist Perspective on the Psychology of Evil: Understanding How Good People Are Transformed into Perpetrators The Author: Philip G. Zimbardo Credits Index
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