Java Programming Today

Java Programming Today

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Java Programming Today is written with Johnston's "all of the things you need and none of the things you don't" approach to teaching a first programming language. Complete with Sun Microsystems' JavaaA A 2 Software Development Kit, readers will be writing and running their own Java programs by Chapter 2. Reviewers find her style both informative and enjoyable. Topics relevant to today's Java programmer are included in the text. Other features include: *Object-oriented principles presented in easily understood examples *Graphical user interface construction including common controls and menus *Exception handling, Java I/O, JAR file and package creation, and CLASSPATH discussion *Program troubleshooting and debugging including use of Java's jdb debugger The accompanying CD-ROM contains source code for all sample programs, Sun Microsystems' JavaaA A 2 Software Development Kit, and jEdit, a Java source code editor.Instructors and users of this text will benefit from the following ancillaries: *Instructor's Manual: 0-13-048624-8 *TestGen:0-13-048795-3 *Companion Website: 0-13-048796-1 *BlackBoard: 0-13-049833-5 *Course Compass: 0-13049835-1 To view the website that accompanies this text, please go to: http://www. more

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  • Pearson Education (US)
  • Pearson
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  • 013048623X
  • 9780130486233

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter ends with Review Questions and Problems.). 1. Getting Started. Welcome. What Is Java? The Big Picture, Java Source Code, Bytecode and JVM. Why Do Programmers Love Java? Software Construction Techniques. 2. Getting Started with Java Applications. The Big Picture. Programming Fundamentals. General Format of a Java Program. Programs and Data. Keywords, Primitive Types, and Identifiers in Java. Operators in Java. An Introduction to Using Java Libraries. Summary. Practice! 3. Class Hierarchy in Java. Parents and Children. java.lang.Object, the Root of all Java Classes. Java Applets. Java's java.awt.Graphics Class. Java Applications and the JFrame Class. Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) and Swing. 4. Control Statements and Loops. Decisions, Decisions. Relational and Logical Operators. If Statements. Switch Statements. Loops in General. For Loop. While Loop. Do While Loop. Comparing Numbers, Comparing Strings. Trouble Shooting. Summary. Practice! 5. Arrays in Java. Run Faster! Jump Higher! Life Using Data Single Variables. Array Fundamentals. Array of Arrays. Practice! 6. Writing and Using Methods and Classes. Time to Get Down to Business! What Do We Know About Classes? Object-Oriented Principles. Where Are We Going? Writing Class Methods. Scope. Object and Array Reference, Primitive Variables, and Memory. Practice! 7. More on Classes and Implementing Interfaces. It's Fun to Have Fun! The This Reference. Static Items in Java. A Brief Introduction to Java Interfaces. Nested Classes. Practice! 8. Building the Front End. Have a Drink or Prime the Pump? Event Handling Overview. Swing Components. Layout Managers. JPanels, Panes, and More Layout Managers. Mouse Activity. Java Menus. Threads. Summary. Practice. 9. Inheritance. We're On the Home Stretch! Review Superclasses, Subclasses, and Interfaces. Writing Our Own Superclass in Java. Abstract Classes. Writing Java Interfaces. Summary. Practice. 10. Exception Handling. Got Bugs? What Is an Exception? Why Write Exception Handling Code? Try and Catch Blocks. The Finally Block. Writing Our Own Exceptions. Throws Interface and Propagating Exceptions. 11. Java I/O. Reading and Writing. Streams. Reading and Writing Data Using Byte Stream Classes. Buffered Character Stream File Input and Output. String Tokenizers. A Brief Introduction to Networking and Sockets. 12. JAR Files. Wrap It Up! What Is a JAR File? How To Make a JAR? Summary. 13. Packages and Classpaths. Packages and Imports. A Simple Program. What Is a Java Package? CLASSPATHS. Package Scope. Packages, JARs, and the CLASSPATH. Appendix A: Getting Started with Java. Appendix B: jEdit, a Java Source Code Editor. Appendix C: Bits, Bytes, Hexadecimal Notation, and Unicode (TM). Appendix D: Nested Classes. Appendix E: Java Integrated Development Environments. Bibliography. Glossary. more

Review quote

"Clear, easy to read and to the point while still addressing very complex concepts. Appropriate to students, style is neither stodgy nor precocious, holds reader's interest." - Stephen Parratto, Albuquerque TVI Community College, Albuquerque, NM "The publication is very readable and it does not presume any previous knowledge of programming. Also, the material is presented in a way that should motivate students by enabling them to quickly develop interesting applications." - Lawrence J. Osborne, LaMar University, Beaumont, TX "In addition to the straightforward writing style, the author has avoided the common pitfalls of many Java textbooks, which is to utilize excessive and convoluted metaphors to describe the concept of object-oriented programming." - Bill Liu, DeVry University, California "What is really important about Ms. Johnston's book is the multitude of programming codes, examples, explanations, and do's & don'ts. Her explanations are very easy to understand." - Dr. Toni Black, University of New Mexicoshow more