Japan : The Intergalactic Japanese Empire Has Been Given a Quintillion Universes in the Future from Jesus Christ.: Japan Will Ply the Universes in Spaceships with the Intergalactic Japanese Space Navy.

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Japan is an Intergalactic empire that spans a quintillion universes with an octillion planets that speak Japanese. I know today that Japan is crowded and too many people live on one island, but when Jesus returns to His people the Japanese, He will give 40%- the middle of Australia to Japan. He knows how crowded Japan is and how tired the people of Japan are with the way the world is. Jesus also will give the Japanese eternal life, so that the people of Japan will never die. Satan had lied to Japan with a false religion, but did you know billions of years ago, before the big bang, Japan was a Christian nation? Jesus was the king of Japan and He is returning as the Master who will give Japan a quintillion universes in the future and an octillion earthlike planets to His people. Also Jesus will bring antigravity vehicles, teleportation around the planet, and from galaxy to galaxy and in the future once this universe collapses, from universe to universe. Jesus will also bring to Japan - the educator machine, a machine that puts memory from a computer directly into your brain. No more school. Jesus will also give Japan a transmutation machine that will change dirt into tomatoes, bananas, or dirt into cars- antigravity cars. Jesus knows all the trouble Japan has had with Satan. It was Satan who led Japan in WWII, and also in a false religion. Jesus was the true King of Japan a billion years ago and He is returning to reclaim His throne. Jesus Christ is God and He can do anything. Nothing is impossible with Him. Jesus has infinite understanding, and infinite knowledge. He is also the King of infinity. Jesus is worshipped as God in infinite multiple universes throughout infinity. He will get rid of the radiation in Japan and give Japan more land. All you have to do is obey Jesus Christ your King and He will give you eternal life. As you know all nations die out and have ceased to exist, but if you obey Jesus - Japan will never die or cease to exist. Proof is that in a googolplex years Japan can read this book and remember these evil times- thats if you want to remember. But Japan will exist forever and ever as The Intergalactic Japanese Empire that spans a quintillion universes.show more

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