Introduction to Gravity Strings

Introduction to Gravity Strings : The Simpler and More Accurate Understanding of Gravity

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For the first time in history, the physical nature of gravity is truly understood. For centuries people have asked "what exactly is gravity?" Today we have an answer. This elegant and simple model will be presented in this book. All concepts are explained in simple language, with intuitive analogies, and several illustrations. This model has been taught successfully to high school students and adults from various nations, as well as many other curious individuals. Gravity has been measured and calculated, but to state what gravity is as a physical entity, has perplexed scientists for generations. Until now. For the first time anywhere you will read the solutions regarding the true nature of gravity. In this book we explain the physical properties and physical processes of gravity. These physical descriptions work for all situations involving gravity, without any limits. It is also very easy to understand, and very easy to use. This model is more than just a useful tool, it is in fact the very real, very physical entity which "is" gravity. This understanding of gravity will become the foundation for all studies related to gravity in the future. The Gravity Strings model can explain all aspects of gravity, and do things which no other model of gravity can do. Some of these include: 1. The Gravity Strings Model can explain all known characteristics of gravity. These characteristics include: gravitational effects over long distances; weakest of known energies; correlation between mass and gravitational energy; mechanism of mutual gravitational pull; potential versus kinetic gravitational energy; rate of gravitational pull; and the cause of gravitational acceleration. 2. The Gravity Strings Model works at all scales, from quantum to galaxies. (No other model of gravity can claim this). 3. The Gravity Strings Model has been tested in numerous situations involving gravity, and has proved 100% successful in every situation. 4. The Gravity Strings Model can explain all measurements and calculations of gravity, in any location. 5. The Gravity Strings Model co-exists easily with Newtonian equations of gravity. 6. The Gravity Strings Model can easily explain orbits, black holes, and gravitational bending of light. (And this model can explain these processes much more easily than General Relativity). 7. The Gravity Strings Model explains numerous processes involving electromagnetic energy and atomic structure. 8. The Gravity Strings Model allows gravitational energy to be merged with electric and magnetic energy. This has never been done successfully before. 9. The Gravity Strings Model can lead us to a successful Unified Field Theory. (I have already developed such a Unified Field Theory). 10. The Gravity Strings Model is easy to understand and easy to use. The model is far more intuitive to understand and easier to work with than any other model of gravity. 11. The Gravity Strings Model is simple and elegant. These are features which most prominent scientists agree make for the best and most convincing support for a theory. Therefore, because this model is so simple, so elegant, and is able to explain every situation regarding gravity, this model will certainly be seen as correct physical understanding of gravitational energy. Many eminent scientists have stated that of all models proposed for any phenomenon, the model which is the simplest, the most elegant, and at the same time explains the most observations is most likely to be the correct model. The new model of Gravity Strings is such a model. Topics in Book 1. Energy Strings and Gravity Strings 2. Physical Structure of Gravity Strings 3. Basic Processes of Gravity Strings 4. Lengths and Densities of Gravity Strings 5. Linking Gravity Strings 6. Mutual Gravitational Pull: Process and Rate 7. Rate of Acceleration 8. Photons and Quanta 9. Black Holes 10. Orbits and Galaxies 11. Gravitational Bending of Light 12. Supporting Evidence for Gravity Strings
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About Mark Fennell

Mark Fennell is a science author and educator, known for explaining complex topics in ways that anyone can understand. Mark has published over 60 books, most of which are on energy technologies, electromagnetic energy, gravity, particles, and basic physics. Mark is also a discoverer and innovator in the arena of energy science. Mark has developed a new model of gravity which can lead us to the Unified Field. This model of gravity is the only model which works at all scales, and which is able to combine magnetism with gravity. Mark has developed new models of particles which will update the Standard Model of particles. He has written a paper on simplifying quarks (from the many to just a few entities), and which directs scientists to the Unified Field Solution. Mark has also solved many puzzles regarding electromagnetic energy, including the wonder of particle-wave duality (which eluded both Einstein and Bohr). Other EM solutions include: the cause of frequency, the cause of the speed of light, and the detailed structure of the photon. Mark also has created 20 inventions, each of which are related to energy. Yet, Mark's writing and teaching style is also very accessible. His writing style is conversational, and students enjoy the way he explains concepts in a simple manner. As one mentor said: "Mark's teaching style is such that an infant can understand, yet a genius will not be bored." Mark is currently working on a series of books which will update Newton, taking our understanding of physics to the next leap forward. Additional information can be found at his website: http: //; and his You Tube Site "All Things Energy"
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