Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance

Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance

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For undergraduate courses in Industrial Technology, Industrial Mechanics, and Basic Industrial Mechanics.

An exceptionally readable training resource designed in a flexible "stand-alone" chapter format, this modern text gives future industrial technicians a solid foundation in basic theory coupled with a practical "hands-on" approach that includes exposure to real-life equipment used in the industry today. Using a direct and straightforward style of writing that has won praise from students and instructors alike, it focuses on the needs of industrial mechanics, technicians and engineers working with industrial mechanical and power transmission products, and integrates safety and troubleshooting components within each chapter to encourage diagnostic skill-building.
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  • Hardback | 336 pages
  • 190.5 x 233.7 x 20.3mm | 725.76g
  • Pearson
  • United States
  • English
  • 2nd edition
  • 013047469X
  • 9780130474698

Table of contents

1. Hand Tools.

Introduction. Screwdrivers. Pliers. Wrenches. Socket Tools. Torque Wrenches. Hammers. Chisels and Punches. Hacksaws and Files. Industrial Measuring Tools.

2. Fasteners.

Introduction. Screw Thread Nomenclature. Fastener Standards. Class of Fit and Bolt Grade. Common Industrial Threaded Fasteners. Removing Damaged Fasteners. Cutting Threads with Taps and Dies.

3. Basic Principles of Mechanical Systems.

Introduction. Mechanical Energy. Mechanical Force. Torque. Mechanical Work. Basic Mechanical Machines. Mechanical Efficiency. Mechanical Rate. Mechanical Resistance. Mechanical Power.

4. Lubrication.

Introduction. Lubrication Principles. Lubricant Film. Industrial Oil Lubrication. Oil Viscosity Classifications. Grease Lubrication.

5. Bearings.

Introduction. Plain Bearings. Plain-Bearing Lubrication. Rolling Element Bearings. Ball Bearings. Roller Bearings. Needle Bearings. Bearing Seals and Shields. Working with Bearings. Installing Bearings. Interference Fit Bearings. Mounting Interference Fit Bearings. Mechanical Methods of Mounting Bearings. Thermal Methods of Mounting Bearings. Premounted Bearings. Troubleshooting Bearings.

6. Seals, Gaskets, and Packing.

Introduction. Gaskets. Elastomeric Static Seals. Stuffing Boxes. Stuffing Box Packing Installation. Automatic or Molded Packing. Radial Lip Seals. Installing Radial Lip Seals. Mechanical Seals. Installing Mechanical Seals.

7. Belt Drives.

Introduction. V-Belt Standardization. Classical V-Belts. Narrow Groove V-Belts. Cogged V-Belts. Banded V-Belts. Light Duty or Fractional Horsepower (FHP) V-Belts. Ribbed V-Belts. Variable Speed V-Belts. Replacing a V-Belt. Sheave Replacement. Belt-Drive Alignment. V-Belt Installation and Tensioning. V-Belt Maintenance. Synchronous Belt Drives. Timing Belt Pulleys. Installing Timing Belt. Tensioning Timing Belts.

8. Chain Drives.

Introduction. Types of Roller Chain. Self-Lubrication Chain. Roller Chain Identification. Double-Pitch Roller Chain. Roller Chain Attachments. Inverted Tooth (Silent Chain) Drives. Engineered Class Steel Chain. General Purpose Cast Chain. Drag Conveyor Chain. Chain Sprockets. Sprocket Hub Design. Sprocket Mounting. Standard Roller Chain Drive. Installing Roller Chain Drives. Lubricating Chain Drives. Maintaining Roller Chain Drives.

9. Gears.

Introduction. Gear Terms and Fundamentals. Spur Gears. Helical Gears. Bevel Gears. Worm Gears. Lubricating Open Gears. Troubleshooting Open Gears. Enclosed Gears. Enclosed Gear Drive Terminology. Common Enclosed Gear Drives. Common Gearbox Configurations. Gearbox Installation. Maintaining and Rebuilding a Gearbox.

10. Couplings.

Introduction. Rigid Couplings. Sleeve Couplings. Ribbed Couplings. Flange Couplings. Flexible Couplings. Metallic Element Couplings. Chain Couplings. Gear Couplings. Metallic Grid Couplings. Elastomeric Flexible Couplings. Coupling Installation. Coupling Alignment. Runout. Soft Foot. Shims. Types of Misalignment. Types of Alignment.

11. Clutches and Brakes.

Introduction. Positive-Contact Clutches. Friction Clutches. Fluid Clutches. Magnetic Clutches and Brakes. Overrunning Clutches. Maintaining and Troubleshooting Clutches and Brakes.

12. Rigging.

Introduction. Estimating Weight and Center of Gravity. Fiber Ropes. Wire Ropes. Link Chains. Slings.


Decimal and Millimeter Equivalents of Fractions. Millimeter-Inch Equivalents. Torque and Horsepower Equivalents. V-Belt Drive Formulas. Acceleration. Pressure. Velocity. Volumetric Flow Rates. Weight, Mass, inertia. Electrical tables. A-C Motor Information Tables. English Standard Measures. Metric System of Measurements. Viscosity Classification Equivalents.


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Review quote

"I was very impressed with the addition of the Industrial Measuring Tools in Chapter 1 (Section 1-9). This will help students be able to measure pipe, bushings, bolts, and the thickness of metal, especially shim materials we use while doing coupling alignments. I have been using this book for almost two years and have thoroughly enjoyed using it; the chapters are well written and do not overwhelm the students." - Ben Newby, Middle Georgia Technical College

"A little over two years ago we selected the first edition of the subject text because its content, arrangement, and presentation was exactly what we intended to include. We found no other text that 'fit' nearly so well. This second edition is improved and even better fits our needs." - John H. Rohlfs, Snead State Community College

"I like the presentation of material in the chapters of this book. They are written so the material is understandable and in sufficient depth for the students to grasp a basic understanding of the topics covered." - Robert Tuholski, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
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