Incorporating Sustainable Practice in Mechanics and Structures of Materials

Incorporating Sustainable Practice in Mechanics and Structures of Materials

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Incorporating Sustainable Practice in Mechanics of Structures and Materials is a collection of peer-reviewed papers presented at the 21st Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (ACMSM21, Victoria, University, Melbourne, Australia, 7th - 10th of December 2010). The contributions from academics, researchers and practising engineers from 17 countries, mainly from Australasia and the Asia-pacific region, cover a wide range of topics, including: * Composite structures * Computational mechanics * Concrete structures * Dynamic analysis of structures * Earthquake and wind engineering * Fibre composites * Fire engineering * Geomechanics and foundation engineering * Masonry structures * Mechanics of materials * Shock and impact loading * Steel and aluminium structures * Structural health monitoring * Structural optimisation * Sustainable materials * Timber engineering Incorporating Sustainable Practice in Mechanics of Structures and Materials will be a valuable reference for academics, researchers and practising engineers working in structural engineering and structural more

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Table of contents

1.Keynote Papers Stresses and deformations in reinforced concrete beams and slabs at service loads R.I. Gilbert Commercialisation of fibre composites in Australia's civil engineering marketG.M. Van Erp Design of steel-concrete composite structures with ultra-high strength and lightweight concreteJ.Y.R. Liew, K.M.A. Sohel & D.X. Xiong Melbourne rectangular stadiumP. Bowtell Innovative structural design using evolutionary topology optimisation techniquesY.M. Xie, X. Huang, Z.H. Zuo, J.W. Tang, B. Zhao & P. Felicetti 2.Composite structures Improving the through-thickness compression properties of aerospace sandwich composites by z-pinningA. Nanayakkara, S. Feih & A.P. Mouritz Structural behaviour of beam-to-RHS column connection with blind boltsH. Yao, H.M. Goldsworthy & E.F. Gad Contact buckling theory of thin plates in composite members: A reviewX. Ma, J.W. Butterworth & C.G. Clifton Systematisation of timber-concrete composite connectionsC. Gerber & K. Crews Three-dimensional finite element modeling of composite floor beamsF. Tahmasebinia & G. Ranzi Shear strength of lightweight fibre reinforced geopolymer concrete composite beamT.S. Ng & S.J. Foster Strength and ductility of recycled aggregate concrete filled composite tubular stub columnsX.S. Shi, Q.Y. Wang, X.L. Zhao & F. Collins Numerical modelling of short and long term behaviour of headed stud shear connector in composite steel-concrete beamsO. Mirza & B. Uy Impact resistance of composite scarf joints under static tensionM.K. Kim, C. Wang, S. Feih, I. Herszberg & D.J. Elder 3. Computational mechanics Analysis of orthotropic thick plates using hybrid-Trefftz elementsJ. Petrolito Nonlinear analysis of frames using low-order mixed finite elementsJ. Petrolito & K.A. Legge Hybrid stochastic and interval analysis of static responses of frame structuresC. Wang, W. Gao & C.M. Song Nondeterministic fracture analysis by the scaled boundary finite element methodM.S. Chowdhury, W. Gao & Ch. Song Finite element analysis of the propagation of cracks in glass panelsI. Nurhuda, N.T.K. Lam, R. Dahal & E.F. Gad Modelling and simulation of helicopter accidents for occupant survivability assessmentJ.M. McCarthy, C. Bil & G. Clark Adaptive airfoil control system using shape memory alloy actuator for unmanned aerial vehicleE.J. Abdullah, C. Bil & S. Watkins 4.Concrete structures Parametric analysis of one-way slabs with low-ductility mesh steelH.Yao, H.M. Goldsworthy & L.Y.M. Nguyen Accounting for steel relaxation in prestressed concrete by finite element packagesH.L.Yip, F.T.K. Au & S.T. Smith Increasing the flexural stiffness of FRP wrapped reinforced concrete columnsM.N.S. Hadi & V.Yazici Time-dependent analysis of reinforced concrete sections subjected to axial compression and biaxial bending R.I. Gilbert & G. Ranzi A new system for reinforced concrete buildings to prevent potential progressive collapseM.N.S. Hadi & T.M.S. Alrudaini A practical approach for the analysis of concrete members subjected to temperature gradientsG. Ranzi & R.I. Gilbert Evaluation of creep and shrinkage in a prestressed bridge using data from laboratory experiments and in-situ monitoringP. Omenzetter & N. Ibrahim Creep and shrinkage of high strength concreteS.H. Chowdhury Retrofitting of shear damaged reinforced concrete beamsT.G. Suntharavadivel Creep testing and analysis of shallow concrete domesE. Hamed, M.A. Bradford, R.I. Gilbert & Z-T. Chang Concrete walls with and without openings supported on three sidesJ.H. Doh, Y.C. Loo & S. Fragomeni Performance of high strength concrete and reactive powder concrete columns subjected to impactL. Huynh & S.J. Foster Size effect in confined concreteM.M. Attard & A. Khajeh Samani A new model for confined concreteA. Khajeh Samani & M.M. Attard Shear behaviour of in-situ concrete stitches of precast concrete segmental bridges C.C.Y. Leung & F.T.K. Au Evaluation of creep, shrinkage and modulus of elasticity models for high strength concrete N. Baidya, P. Mendis & S. Fragomeni Use of lightweight concrete as infill of reinforced concrete sections V. Vimonsatit, M.A. Mazlan, H. Nikraz & A.S. Wahyuni Experimental investigation of behaviour and shear strength capacity of LSRC slab V. Vimonsatit, P. Macri, H. Nikraz & A.S. Wahyuni Establishing model for the displacement ductility index of HSC beams N.M. Elbasha & M.N.S. Hadi Anchorage zones behaviour of early age concrete: Application to post-tensioned members M. Sofi, P.A. Mendis, D. Baweja & Elvira E. Early age concrete creep: Using model B3 prediction M. Sofi, L. Zhang, P.A. Mendis & D. Baweja 5.Dynamic analysis of structures Fatigue life prediction of modern gas turbomachine blades O.V. Repetskiy & B.M. Cuong Dynamic investigation of concrete bridges taking into account time-dependent effects X.T. Si & F.T.K. Au Interval dynamic response of structures with bounded parameters W. Gao, D. Wu & F. Tin-Loi Dynamic response of bridges under moving vehicles with uncertainty in system parameters N. Liu, W. Gao & N. Zhang Effectiveness of variably tuned liquid damper in suppressing dynamic excitation B. Samali, S.M. Zahrai, Z. Vrcelj & S. Abbasi Dynamic characteristics of reinforced concrete beams D. Tran & S. Fragomeni A novel nonlinear system identification based upon Hilbert Transform G.Y. Yan, Z.S. Liu & A.D. Stefano Dynamic performance of timber-concrete composite flooring systems R. Rijal, B. Samali & K. Crews Design of multiple viscoelastic tuned mass dampers for floor vibration applications T. Nguyen, E.F. Gad, J.L. Wilson & N. Haritos 6.Earthquake and wind engineering Investigating the effect of pounding for inelastic base isolated adjacent buildings under earthquake excitations M.E. Uz & M.N.S. Hadi A study of wind drags on straight and twisted towers J.W. Tang, Y.M. Xie & P. Felicetti Seismic performance assessment of lightly reinforced concrete columnsA. Wibowo, J.L. Wilson, M. Fardipour, N.T.K. Lam, K. Rodsin, P. Lukkunaprasit & E.F. Gad Seismic assessment of asymmetrical buildings in low to moderate seismicity regions E. Lumantarna, N. Lam & J. Wilson In-plane racking performance of point fixed glass facade systems S. Sivanerupan, J.L. Wilson, E.F. Gad & N.T.K. Lam Evaluation of variation in dynamic response of a building from seismic records using system identification F. Butt & P. Omenzetter Seismic analysis of strength degraded structures B. Kafle, N.T.K. Lam, E.F. Gad & J.L. Wilson Seismic assessment of existing structures by displacement principles M. Fardipour, K. Thinley, E. Lumantarna, N. Lam, E. Gad & J. Wilson Wind induced excitation of box girder gantry frames N. Haritos, C. Nguyen & T. Ngo Ductility capacity of existing RC bridge piers in Australia M.N. Sheikh & H.H. Tsang Infrastructure protection by scrap tyre-soil mixturesH.H. Tsang, W. Xiong, S. Yaghmaei-Sabegh, M.N. Sheikh & N.T.K. Lam Displacement based seismic assessment of cable stayed bridges H. Agheshlui, N.T.K. Lam & E.F. Gad Seismic performance evaluation of a concrete gravity dam in Nepal D. Wagle, J.L. Wilson & K. Abdouka Seismic behaviour of concrete moment resisting buildings on soft soil considering soil-structure interactionB. Samali, B. Fatahi & H.R. Tabatabaiefar 7.Fibre composites Structural properties of composite T-joints reinforced with z-pins T.M. Koh, S. Feih & A.P. Mouritz A comparison of the shear behaviour of a fibre composite sandwich structure in the transverse and in-plane directionsA.C. Manalo, T. Aravinthan & W. Karunasena The effect of modulus of elasticity on the behaviour of railway turnout sleepers A.C. Manalo, T. Aravinthan, W. Karunasena & N. Stevens Behaviour of fibre composite sandwich panels under uniformly distributed loading M.M. Islam & T. Aravinthan Effect of chemical treatment on the mechanical and thermal properties of hemp fibre reinforced thermoset sandwich composites M.M. Kabir, H. Wang, F. Cardona & T. Aravinthan Preliminary development of polymer based filler materials for GFRP tubular connector C.S. Sirimanna, M.M. Islam & T. Aravinthan Experimental investigation into gomuti fibres/polyester composites A. Ticoalu, T. Aravinthan & F. Cardona Behaviour of fibre composite pile under axial compression load E.J. Guades, C.S. Sirimanna, T. Aravinthan & M.M. Islam Towards calculating the load-deflection response of anchored FRP-strengthened RC slabs S.T. Smith & S.J. Kim Natural fibre composites with QLD based fibres and vegetable oils N.W. Manthey, F. Cardona, T. Aravinthan, H. Wang & T. Cooney Strength design of CFRP-reinforced steel tubular beamsJ. Haedir, X.L. Zhao, R.H. Grzebieta & M.R. Bambach Stress-strain model for high strength concrete confined by FRPW. P. Lokuge, S. Setunge & J.G. Sanjayan Development of pressure-impulse curves for fiber reinforced polymer strengthened reinforced concrete wallsA. Mutalib & H. Hao 8.Fire engineering Fire resistance of connections in timber structuresP.J. Moss, A.H. Buchanan, T.M. Nilsen & M. Fragiacomo Numerical modelling of load bearing steel stud walls under fire conditionsS. Gunalan & M. Mahendran Fire resistance modelling of prestressed concrete hollowcore floors using multi-spring connection elementsJ-K. Min, P.J. Moss, R.P. Dhakal & A.H. Buchanan Performance of high strength concrete walls subjected to fireT.B. Ta, T. Ngo, P. Mendis & N. Haritos Dimensional characteristics of various types of fibres in fire resistant concreteY.S. Heo, J.G. Sanjayan, C.G. Han & M.C. Han 9.Geomechanics and foundation engineering The analysis of engineering properties of compacted fill using finite element modelling techniquesG. Ren, J.M. Fernandes & J. Li Case study of mudflow using Flo2dB. Widjaja 10.Masonry structures Assessment of debonding failure models for FRP retrofitted URM structuresY. Zhuge & K.X. Yeap Major factors in reinforcing stone masonry for sustainable construction practiceR. Pun, B. Samali & B. Shrestha 11.Mechanics of materials High-cycle fatigue life prediction issues in helicopter componentsS.L.H. Chan, U.H. Tiong & G. Clark Low-strain integrity testing of rock anchorsH. Mohammed & N. Haritos Dynamic analysis of generalised stress intensity factors at multi-material wedgesC.M. Song, I. Chiong & F. Tin-Loi Particleboard production using mixtures of softwood and hardwood residuesK.K. Wong, S. Setunge & M. Jollands Deterioration mechanics - The competition between abiotic and biotic processesR.E. Melchers & R. Jeffrey Effect of heat treatment on the maximum recovery stress of shape memory alloy under cyclic heatingM.B. Wong, H. Sadiq, X.L. Zhao & R. Al-Mahaidi 12.Shock and impact loading Numerical simulation of high-performance SCS panels under static and impact loading conditionsS.Y. Kong, A.M. Remennikov & B. Uy Preliminary study of the structure and support forms to mitigate blast and impact loading effectsH. Hao Approximate solutions to impact of a spherical object on the surface of a flat steel plateY. Yang, L. Zhang & N.T.K. Lam Deflection damage criteria for concrete elements under blast loadingZ.I. Syed, P.A. Mendis, T. Ngo & N.T.K. Lam The ballistic impact characteristic of sandwich panel consisting of Kevlar woven fabric and titanium chipsY.C. Wong, D. Ruan, M.L. Sesso & S.Y. Kim Hypervelocity impact of steel balls into metallic blocksH. Bornstein, K. Ackland & C. Anderson Blast loading of metallic plates with polyurea coatingsK. Ackland, C. Anderson & S. Warne Preliminary investigation into the post repair performance of Ti-6Al-4V after occurrence of Foreign Object Damage (F.O.D.)N. Orchowski, R. Mohammed & G. Clark Prediction of blast-induced window glass fragmentsH. Hao Responses of anchorage zones in cable-stayed bridges under blast loadsW.Y. Lua, T. Ngo, L. Zhang & P. Mendis 13.Steel and aluminum structures Fatigue testing of subsea pipeline steel connections under combined actionsH.B. Liu, X.L. Zhao & Z.G. Xiao Bolted beam-column moment connections between cold-formed steel membersA.H. Hazlan, M.Md. Tahir, A. Sulaiman & M. Mahendran Effect of corrosion inhibiting compounds on fatigue of riveted jointsI.G.A.A. Jaya, U.H. Tiong & G. Clark Split Hopkinson pressure bar testing of aluminium alloy 6060 T5M.A. Kariem, J.H. Beynon & D. Ruan Modelling of multi-panel transmission tower retrofitted with leg reinforcementY. Zhuge & J. Mills The influence of plastic zone size in stable tearingM.F. Ab Rahman, R.D. Mohammed & G. Clark The effect of medium strain rates on the mechanical properties of high performance steelsS.Y. Kong, A.M. Remennikov & B. Uy Analysis of defects in laser cladding of high strength steel for aerospace applicationS.D. Sun, R. Mohammed, M. Brandt, G. Clark, Q. Lui & M. Janardhana Blind bolted side connection to unfilled hollow section columnsJ. Lee, H.M. Goldsworthy & E.F. Gad Effects of opening in the cross girders of the flat bottom rail wagons to the load transferring mechanisms when used as road bridge deckL. Jamtsho, Manicka Dhanasekar, N. Palliyaguru & W. Bayissa Shear strength of LiteSteel beams with web openingsP. Keerthan & M. Mahendran Shear strength and design of LiteSteel beamsP. Keerthan & M. Mahendran Investigation of the influence of post installation of vertical braces in the lateral capacity of jacket type offshore platformsH. Agheshlui High rate compressive behavior of aluminum foams by modified SHPB techniqueS. Xu, J. Shen, J. Beynon, D. Ruan & G. Lu 14.Structural health monitoring Thermogravimetry analysis of deteriorated timber bridge elementsS. Venkatesan, M. Pannirselvam, M. Jollands, R. Shanks & P. Slatter A system for bridge network condition assessment and predictionB. Samali, K.I. Crews, K. Aboura, W. Ariyaratne & P.B. Manamperi A strategy for data collection and SHM for better asset management of bridges - A New Zealand outlookP. Omenzetter, S. Bush, T. Henning & P. McCarten Damage evaluation of a repaired timber beam using modal-based methodB. Samali, J. Li, K. Crews & F.C. Choi Identification of added mass on a two-storey framed structure utilising FRFs and ANNsU. Dackermann, J. Li & B. Samali A practical approach to Fourier analysis for monitoring structural integrityM. Lamb, V. Rouillard & D. Ainalis An adaptive impulse response technique for evaluating the performance of structural elementsM. Lamb, V. Rouillard & D. Ainalis ANN-based structural element performance model for reliable bridge asset managementJ.B. Son, J.H. Lee, H. Guan, Y.C. Loo & M. Blumenstein Corrosion performance of embedded steel in fly ash geopolymer concrete by impressed voltage methodM. Olivia & H.R. Nikraz A new damage feature based on wavelet packet transform for damage detection under ambient vibrationG. Wang, Z.S. Liu & G.Y. Yan 15.Structural optimisation Shape optimization applied to aircraft wing structuresV. Anand & C. Bil Multi-objective design optimization of an innovative fibre composite sandwich panel for civil engineering applicationsZ.K. Awad, T. Aravinthan, Y. Zhuge & F. Gonzalez Design of new generation magnetorheological pinsY. Li, J. Li & B. Samali Matlab implementation of 3D topology optimization using BESOR. Huang & X. Huang 16.Sustainable materials Photocatalytic construction materials: An overview of recent developments and their application to permeable concreteJ.R. Bolt, Y. Zhuge & F. Bullen Mechanical properties of high-strength self-compacting concreteM. Soleymani Ashtiani, A.N. Scott & R.P. Dhakal Sustainable civil engineering materialsD. Ionescu Compressive strength and drying shrinkage of cellular lightweight concrete as affected by moisture content of the exposed environmentH.Y. Lee, S. Setunge, M. Xie & S.L. Mak High-strength rice husk ash concrete incorporating quarry dust fine aggregatesS.N. Raman, T. Ngo, P. Mendis, H.B. Mahmud, C.H. Lee & T.T. Nguyen The application of controlled permeability formwork to reduce the curing time of concreteJ.M. Fernandes, D. Law, T.C.K. Molyneaux & I. Patnaikuni Effects of fly ash source and curing procedure on strength development of geopolymersZ. Zhang, H. Wang, A. Reid & T. Aravinthan Design of Experiments (DOE) for investigating particleboard production using hardwood sawmill residuesG. Nirdosha, S. Setunge & M. Jollands Improving the damping properties of concreteS.F. Nabavi, B. Bhattacharjee & A. Madan Effect of clogging on the water permeability of pervious concreteR. Sriravindrarajah, H.M. Do, L.D. Nguyen &Y. Aoki A novel multi-functional expansive additive for drying shrinkage reduction in mortarsP. Hamedanimojarrad, G. Adam, A. Ray, K. Vessalas, P. Thomas & S. Nejadi 17.Timber engineering A feasibility study of New Zealand radiata pine crosslamA.L. Fortune & P. Quenneville Tension perpendicular to grain strength of wood, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), and Cross-Banded LVL (LVL-C)M. Ardalany, B. Deam, M. Fragiacomo & K.I. Crews Investigation of the embedding strength of New Zealand timber and view for the NZ standardS. Franke & P. Quenneville Modern trends in long span timber flooring systemsZ. Zabihi, K. Crews & B. Samali Finite element evaluation of non-destructive testing methods for embedded timber poles in serviceA. Zad, J. Li, B. Samali & K. Crews Non destructive assessment of in service timber utility polesS. Baraneedaran, K. Abdouka, J.L. Wilson, E.F. Gad & I. Flatley Repair and strengthening of LVL beams with carbon FRPT. Tat, B. Samali & R. Shrestha Development of an expedient moment connection for large span portal frames in LVL or GlulamF. Scheibmair & P. Quenneville Structural performance of low grade timber slabsW. Karunasena & C.J. Summervilleshow more