IUTAM Symposium on Segregation in Granular Flows

IUTAM Symposium on Segregation in Granular Flows : Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Cape May, NJ, U.S.A. June 5-10, 1999

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Segregation is a pervasive phenomenon whereby a flowing granular mass consisting of particles with diverse physical properties becomes spatially inhomogeneous. In the industrial sector that deals with the handling and processing of bulk solids, this non-uniformity is highly undesirable since blend homogeneity is generally a stringent requirement of most products. In the arena of geophysical flows, segregation can enhance the destructive capabilities of natural events such as avalanches and landslides. During the last 15 years, these issues have provided motivation and fostered collaborations between the communities of mathematicians, engineers, industrial researchers, and physicists to develop predictive models of segregation by integrating the perspectives and approaches of each. The collection of unique papers brings to light many of the perplexing scientific and technical issues in our current understanding of this complex phenomenon. It addresses advances in experiment, computational modeling and theory. This volume is one of the very few books devoted entirely to problems of segregation of particulate solids.
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Table of contents

Experiments. Chairs: A. Caprihan, E. Fukushima, M. Nakagawa. Segregation Mechanisms in Condensed Granular Flows: A Summary of Some Fundamental Experiments; J. Bridgwater. Segregation Mechanisms and Their Quantification using Segregation Testers; S. de Silva, et al. Particle Segregation in Granular Flows Down Chutes; J.W. Vallance, S.B. Savage. Visualization of Segregation in Granular Matter Inside Silos; A. Samadani, et al. Segregation During Gravity Filling of Storage Bins; D.B. Hastie, P.W. Wypych. Study on the Mixing of Discs in a Galton's Device; L. Bruno, et al. Size Segregation in Snow Avalanches: Observations and Experiments; J. McElwaine, K. Nishimura. Analyzing and Overcoming Industrial Blending and Segregation Problems; J.K. Prescott, J.W. Carson. Microgravity Segregation in Collisional Granular Shearing Flows; M.Y. Louge, et al. Size-Segregation and Mixing Phenomena in Powders Fluidised by Acoustic Vibrations; A.P. Marland, L.V. Woodcock. Segregation of Binary Mixtures in a Vertical Shaker; S.S. Hsiau, H.Y. Hu. Mixing and Segregation in Vertically Vibrated Granular Layers; A. Alexeev, et al. Mixing and Segregation of Grains Studied by N.M.R. Imaging Investigation - Application to a Turbulence Mixer: The Turbula Blender; P. Porion, et al. Velocity Fluctuation Measurements of Granular Media in a Rotating Cylinder by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging; A. Caprihan, et al. Axial Migration of Two Species of Particles in a Horizontal Cylinder; M. Nakagawa, et al. Signatures of Chaos in 2D Tumbling Mixers; K.M. Hill, et al. Size Segregation in Cylindrical Couette Flows of Particles: Experiments and Simulations; A. Karion, M.L. Hunt. Coupled Size and Density Effects in 2D-Rotating Cylinder: Two-Dimensional Radial Segregation; J.H. Egger, D. Wu. The Kinetics of Segregation in Fluidised Beds; M.C. Leaper, et al. Using Gas Flows to Probe Segregation in Moving Granular Beds; W.R. Paterson, et al. Theory. Chairs: D.L. Blackmore, J.T. Jenkins. Particle Segregation in Collisional Shear Flows; B.OE. Arnarson, et al. Origins of Some Size Segregation Phenomena: `Why the Brazil Nuts Are on Top' (in a nutshell!); L.V. Woodcock. The Mechanics of Particle-Fluid Flows at High Solids Volume Fraction; E.B. Pitman. Dynamics of a Two Species Oscillating Particle System; D.L. Blackmore, et al. Shock Waves and Particle Size Segregation in Shallow Granular Flows; J.M.N.T. Gray, et al. Simulations. Chair: P. Singh, C. Wassgren. Mixing in a Mono-Disperse Granular Bed Subject to Vertical Vibrations; C. Wassgren. Impact-Regulated Mixing and Segregation in Poured Granular Heaps; U. Tuzun, et al. Segregation of Polydisperse Granular Media in Presence of a Temperature Gradient; S. Luding, et al. A Simple Method to Mix Granular Materials; S. McNamara, S. Luding. Mixing and Segregation in Rotating Drums: A Numerical Study; G.H. Ristow. DEM Study of Segregation in a Rotating Cylinder; K. Yamane. Air Entrainment and Segregation in Powder Flows; R. Mudryy, et al. Author Index. Participants.
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