Hydrogen Power: Theoretical and Engineering Solutions

Hydrogen Power: Theoretical and Engineering Solutions : Proceedings of the Hypothesis II Symposium held in Grimstad, Norway, 18-22 August 1997

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This volume contains selected contributions to the second Hydrogen Power, Theoretical and Engineering Solutions, International Symposium (HYPOTHESIS II), held in Grimstad, Norway, from 18 to 22 August 1997. The scientific programme included 10 oral sessions and a poster session. Widely based national committees, supported by an International Scientific Advisory Board and the International Coordinators, made every effort to design and bring together a programme of great excellence. The more than one hundred papers submitted represent the efforts of research groups from all over the World. The international character of HYPOTHESIS II has been augmented by contributions coming from seven countries outside Europe. The contributions reflect the progress that has been achieved in hydrogen technology aimed primarily at hydrogen as the ultimate energy vector. This research have already yielded mature technologies for mass production in many areas. These and future results will be of increased interest and importance as global and local environmental issues move higher up the political agenda. In order to facilitate new contacts between scientists and strengthen existing ones, the symposium incorporated an extensive social program managed by the Conference Administrator, Ms. Ann Y stad.
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Table of contents

Hydrogen Air Fuel Cell Powered Passenger Car FEVER - Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle for Efficiency and Range.- Hydrogen Technology for Mobile Applications Market Launch Concept.- Hydrogen and Natural Gas Buses in the USA. The Cleanest Machines ever Built.- New Opportunity for Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicles.- Methanol/Methyl formate Couple as a Hydrogen Storage and Carrier.- Investigation of Mixture Formation and Combustion Processes in a Hydrogen Fuelled Diesel Engine.- Hydrogen as an Additive to Methane for Spark Ignition Engine Applications.- A Kinetic Examination of the Effects of the Presence of some Gaseous Fuels and Preignition Reaction Products with Hydrogen on its Autoignition Characteristics in Engines.- Effects of Temperature and Time of Exposure on the Flammability Limits of Hydrogen - Air Mixtures.- Hydrogen Production from Fossil Fuels.- Hydrogen Production by Electrolysis.- Electrocatalytic and Hydridic Theory for Hydrogen Electrode Reactions and Prediction of Synergetic Catalysts in the Light of Fermi Dynamics and Structural Bonding Factors..- Stand-Alone Solar Hydrogen Production.- The Advanced Process for Steam Catalytic Conversion of Hydrocarbons in Hydrogen Production.- Hydrogen Production from Methane via Direct High-Power Irradiation of Catalysts.- Plasmabased Hydrogen and Energy Production.- Hydrogen Evolution at Activated NiSx - Cathodes in Water Electrolysis.- A Novel Hydrogen Production Unit Producing Hydrogen under Pressure without the use of a Hydrogen Compressor or Asbestos Membranes.- Photophysical and Photochemical Properties of some Porphyrins used in the Photosensitized Reduction of Water.- Photochemical Studies of In2O3 Admixed Nanostructured TiO2 in Regard to Hydrogen Production through Photoelectrolysis.- The Composite Zirfon (R) Separator for Alkaline Water Electrolysis.- Investigation of the Steady State and Transient Operating Behaviour of a 20 kW Pressure Electrolyser.- Hydrogen Evolution on Ni-P alloys. The Effect of Deposition Conditions.- Production of Hydrogen by Radiolysis.- Decomposition of Water over Zeolites with Possibilities for Measuring Mass Variation of Zeolite during Irradiation.- Ruthenium Catalysts for high Temperature Solar Reforming of Methane.- Hydrogen Production from Hydrogen Sulphide Using Membrane Reactor.- The Behaviour under Vacuum and UV Irradiation of some Ag Zeolites used in Hydrogen Generation.- Pressure and Temperature Effects on Water Dissociation Reaction for Hydrogen Production over Zeolites.- Electrochemical Performance of Zr-Mn-V-Ni Based AB2 Laves Phase Alloys as the Negative Electrodes of Ni/MH Battery.- Application Properties of AB2 - Type Hydrogen Absorbing Alloys.- On-Board Hydrogen Storage System Using Metal Hydride.- Thermodynamic and Structural Changes of an AB2 - Laves - Phase Alloy (Ti0.98 Zr0.02 V0.43 Fe0.06 Cr0.05 Mn1.52) During Extended Thermal Cycling.- Optimisation of Fabrication Conditions of Metal Hydride Electrode Rechargeable with Hydrogen Gas.- Absorption and Capacity of Hydrogen with a La-Ni Alloy Particle Bed.- On the Development of new Hydrogen Storage Materials FeTi(Zr), Mg-xwt% CFMmNi5 and Mg2Ni (Nanoparticle) for Improved Hydrogenation Characteristics.- Thermodynamic Properties and Cyclic-Stability of the System Mg2FeH6.- Characterisation of the Electrochemical Properties of Metal Hydrides by AC Impedance.- Hydrogen-Induced Phase Transformations in H-Storing Alloys of Zirconium.- Effect of Hydrogen Thermo-Sorptive Activation by Metal Hydrides: Main Lines of Investigations and Perspectives.- Industrial Metal-Hydride Continuously Operated Compressor.- Cryo-Hydride Hydrogen Compressor for Pressure up to 4 kbar.- Fracture Mechanics in High Pressure Hydrogen for the Thermomechanically Treated Steel X70.- Neutron Diffraction Studies of the Ti3Al/D System.- The Effect of Improvement Hydrogen-Sorption Properties in Multiphase Polymetallic Compositions.- Comparative Study of Surface State and Electrochemical Properties of TiFe Hydrogen Storage Alloy as well as TiFe2 Alloy by XPS and Polarisation Curves Methods.- Study on the Hydrogen Embrittlement and Corrosion of Stainless Steels Used as Ni/MHX Battery Containers.- Metal Hydrides for a Compressor with Strict Boundary Conditions.- Compatibility of Stainless Steel Type 136L with Molten LiH under Hydrogen Pressure.- Mechanical Alloying and Characterisation of Nanocrystalline Mg2Ni.- Operating Experiences of a Two-Stage Metal Hydride Hydrogen Compressor.- Hydrogen Absorption - Desorption and Crystallographic Characteristics of CeNi5-x (x=0.3-0.85) Intermetallics.- The Importance of Safety in Achieving the Widespread Use of Hydrogen as a Fuel.- An Economical Hydrogen Detector for Passenger Vehicles.- Set-Up of HY-TU View Apparatus for Hydrogen Turbulent Flame Study - First Experiments.- Catalytic Mixed Packing for H2 - O2 Recombination at low Temperature.- WE-NET: The National Hydrogen Program of Japan Vision and Status.- The Euro-Quebec Hydro-Hydrogen Pilot Project (EQHHPP).- Interdisciplinary Perspectives Toward Providing Renewable, Hydrogen-Based Energy to Isolated Communities Worldwide.- Evaluation Tool for Selection and Optimisation of Hydrogen Demonstration Projects.- Public Demonstration of PEM Fuel Cells as Miniature Household Co-Generation Plants in Munich.- Role of the NHA in Strategic Planning for the Hydrogen Economy: An International Initiative.- Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Action Plan in Romania.- Introducing Hydrogen Economically to City Centres.- The Solar Energy Conversion Studies and Systems in the Republic of Armenia.- Application of Hydrogen Energy in the Tourism Development Strategy of the Croatian Islands.- A Steam Cycle with Direct Combustion of Hydrogen and Oxygen and an Isothermal Expansion.- A Study of Advanced Hydrogen / Oxygen Combustion Turbines.- Liquid Hydrogen Technology Present State and Future Fuel Application.- Sea Transportation of Hydrogen Present Status and Future Aspects.- Investigations Into the Operating Behaviour of a 61 m3 Liquid Hydrogen Tank.- An Experimental Feasibility Study of a Cryogenic Fluid Piston Pump Operated by a Linear Oscillatory Actuator Installed in a Cryogenic Liquid Tank.- Studies about the Separation of Molecular Species of Hydrogen's Isotopes by Cryogenic Distillation in a Plant for Heavy Water Detritiation.- Application of Small Scale Fuel Cells in Combined Heat/Power Cogeneration.- Dynamic Modelling of a Catalytic Methanol-Steam Reformer for Fuel-Cell Hydrogen Production.- Hydrogen Utilisation Efficiency in PEM Fuel Cells.- Advanced CO Tolerant Anodes for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells (PEFCs).- Mathematical Model of PEM Fuel Cell Catalytic Layer.- High Temperature Proton Conductors; Applications and Materials.- Ethanol Fuelled Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell: Technical Feasibility Evaluation (Research and Development).- Combinations of Concentration and Strain Gradient Hydrogen Diffusion Factors in Palladium Alloy Membranes.
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