Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality : Diversity in Contemporary America

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This introduction to human sexuality features a unique organization that integrates essential coverage of ethnic, cultural, gender, and sexual orientation differences and similarities. The text maintains a psychosocial approach, but also provides a balanced treatment of the biological, psychological, sociological, anthropological, and historical aspects of human sexuality.
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Table of contents

1. Perspectives on Human Sexuality Sexuality, Popular Culture, and the Media Media Portrayals of Sexuality / Television / Music and Music Videos / Hollywood Films / Computer Sex and Dial-a-Porn Sexuality across Cultures and Times Sexual Impulse / Sexual Orientation / Gender Societal Norms and Sexuality Natural Sex / Normal Sex / Think About It Sexuality: A Biological and Evolutionary Perspective / Think About It Am I Normal? / Sexual Behavior and Variation 2. Studying Human Sexuality Sex, Advice Columnists, and Pop Psychology Information and Advice as Entertainment / The Use and Abuse of Statistics / Practically Speaking Evaluating Pop Psychology Thinking Critically about Sex Value Judgments Versus Objectivity / Opinions, Biases, and Stereotypes / Confusing Attitudes and Behavior / Common Fallacies: Egocentric and Ethnocentric Thinking Sex Research Methods Research Concerns / Clinical Research / Survey Research / Observational Research / Experimental Research The Sex Researchers Richard von Krafft-Ebing (1840-1902) Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) The Theory of Personality / The Theory of Psychosexual Development Havelock Ellis (1859-1939) Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) William Masters and Virginia Johnson / National Health and Social Life Study Emerging Research Perspectives Feminist Scholarship / Gay and Lesbian Research / Directions for Future Research Ethnicity and Sexuality African Americans / Latinos / Asian and Pacific Islander Americans 3. Female Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Response Female Sex Organs: What Are They For? External Structures (The Vulva) / Internal Structures / Practically Speaking Vaginal Secretions and Lubrication / Other Structures / The Breasts Female Sexual Physiology Reproductive Hormones / The Ovarian Cycle / Practically Speaking Medical Care: What Do Women Need? / The Menstrual Cycle / Practically Speaking Relieving Menstrual Symptoms Female Sexual Response Sexual Response Models / Desire: Mind or Matter? / Experiencing Sexual Arousal / Think About It The Role of the Orgasm 4. Male Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Responses Male Sexual Organs: What Are They For? External Structures / Internal Structures / The Breasts and Other Structures Male Sexual Physiology Sex Hormones / Think About It Does Testosterone Cause Aggression? / Spermatogenesis / Semen Production Male Sexual Response Erection / Ejaculation and Orgasm / Practically Speaking Can an Erection Be Willed? / Emission / Expulsion / Orgasm 5. Gender and Gender Roles Studying Gender and Gender Roles Sex, Gender, and Gender Roles: What's the Difference? / Sex and Gender Identity / Masculinity and Femininity: Opposites or Similar? / Gender and Sexual Orientation Explaining Gender Roles Sociobiology / Gender Theory / Gender-Role Learning / Theories of Socialization / Gender-Role Learning in Childhood and Adolescence / Gender Schema: Exaggerating Differences Contemporary Gender Roles Traditional Gender Roles / Changing Gender Roles / Androgyny / Think About It Androgyny and Health: A Closer Look When Gender Is Ambiguous: Intersexuality, Transsexuality, and Transgenderism Intersexuality: Atypical Chromosomal and Hormonal Conditions / Think About It A New Approach in the Treatment of Sexual Ambiguities / Transsexuality / Think About It Transsexual Surgery / The Transgender Phenomenon 6. Sexuality Over the Life Span Infant Sexuality and Childhood Sexuality Childhood Sexuality / The Family Context Sexuality in Adolescence Psychosexual Development / Think About It The "Origins" of Homosexuality / Adolescent Sexual Behavior / Adolescent Pregnancy / Think About It Reducing Adolescent Pregnancy / Sex Education / Think About It Sex Education: A Cross-Cultural Perspective Sexuality in Early Adulthood Developmental Concerns / Premarital Sexuality / Establishing Sexual Orientation / Think About It Bisexuality: The Nature of Dual Attraction / Being Single / Think About It Common Misconceptions about Homosexuality / Cohabitation Sexuality in Middle Adulthood Developmental Concerns / Marital Sexuality / Extramarital Sexuality / Divorce and After Sexuality in Late Adulthood Developmental Concerns / Stereotypes of Aging / Sexuality, Partner Availability, and Health / Male and Female Differences / Think About It What Physicians (and the Rest of Us) Need to Know about Sex and Aging 7. Love, Intimacy, and Sex Love and Sexuality Men, Sex, and Love / Women, Sex, and Love / Gay Men, Lesbians, and Love / Sex Without Love / Love Without Sex: Celibacy as a Choice How Do I Love Thee? Approaches and Attitudes Related to Love Attitudes and Behaviors Associated with Love / Styles of Love / The Triangular Theory of Love Jealousy What Is Jealousy? / Managing Jealousy / Think About It The Web of Deception and How It Affects Relationships The Transformation of Love: From Passion to Intimacy Think About It Making Love Last: The Role of Commitment 8. Communicating About Sex The Nature of Communication The Cultural Context / The Social Context / The Psychological Context / Nonverbal Communication / Practically Speaking Touch: Overcoming Differences Sexual Communication Sexual Communication in Beginning Relationships / Think About It Negotiating Safer Sex / Sexual Communication in Established Relationships Developing Communication Skills Developing Self-Awareness / Think About It Communication Patterns and Relationship Satisfaction / Talking About Sex / Think About It Ten Rules for Avoiding Intimacy Conflict and Intimacy Sexual Conflicts / Practically Speaking Guidelines for Giving Effective Feedback / Conflict Resolution 9. Sexual Expression Sexual Attractiveness A Cross-Cultural Analysis / The Halo Effect Revisited / Sexual Desire / Practically Speaking Sexual Desire: When Appetites Differ Sexual Scripts Cultural Scripting / Intrapersonal Scripting / Interpersonal Scripting Autoeroticism Sexual Fantasies and Dreams / Masturbation Interpersonal Sexuality Touching / Think About It Chimps Do It, Humans Do It: Cross-Species Sexual Behavior / Kissing / Oral-Genital Sex / Sexual Intercourse / Anal Eroticism Summary Suggested Readings 10. Atypical and Paraphilic Sexual Behavior Atypical Versus Paraphilic Behavior Think About It The Myth of Sexual Addiction Atypical Sexual Behaviors Incidence of Atypical Sexual Behaviors / Domination and Submission / Think About It Body Play: Tattooing and Piercing The Paraphilias Noncoercive Paraphilias Fetishism / Transvestism / Think About It Cross-Dressing: What's in a Name? Coercive Paraphilias Zoophilia / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Telephone Scatologia / Practically Speaking Dealing with Obscene Phone Calls / Frotteurism / Necrophilia / Pedophilia / Sexual Sadism and Sexual Masochism 11. Contraception and Birth Control Risk and Responsibility Think About It The Psychology of Risk Taking / Men, Women, and Birth Control: Who Is Responsible? / Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases Methods of Contraception and Birth Control Birth Control and Contraception: What's the Difference? / Choosing a Method / Practically Speaking Guidelines for Choosing a Contraceptive Method / Sexual Abstinence and Outercourse / Hormonal Methods: The Pill and Implants / Think About It Unreliable and Mythical Methods of Contraception Depo-Provera (DMPA) / Barrier Methods: The Male Condom, Female Condom, Diaphragm, and Cervical Cap / Practically Speaking Hints for Effective Condom Use / Spermicides / The IUD (Intrauterine Device) / Fertility Awareness Methods / Sterilization / Practically Speaking Is Sterilization the Right Choice for You? / Emergency Contraception Abortion Methods of Abortion / A Decline in the Prevalence of Abortion / Women and Abortion / Men and Abortion / Research Issues 12. Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth Fertilization and Fetal Development The Fertilization Process / Development of the Conceptus Being Pregnant Pregnancy Tests / Changes That Occur During Pregnancy / Think About It Sexuality During Pregnancy / Complications of Pregnancy and Dangers to the Fetus / Think About It Pregnancy and Drugs Don't Mix / Diagnosing Abnormalities of the Fetus / Pregnancy Loss Infertility Female Infertility / Male Infertility / Emotional Responses to Infertility / Infertility Treatment / Think About It The Ethics of Reproductive Technology / Surrogate Motherhood Giving Birth Labor and Delivery / Choices in Childbirth / Think About It The Question of Circumcision / Practically Speaking Making a Birth Plan / Breast-Feeding / Practically Speaking Breast Versus Bottle: Which Is Best for You and Your Child? Becoming a Parent Think About It Gay and Lesbian Parents 13. The Sexual Body in Health and Illness Living in Our Bodies: The Quest for Physical Perfection Eating Disorders / Retreating from Sexuality Alcohol, Drugs, and Sexuality Alcohol Use and Sexuality / Drug Use and Sexuality / Think About It Anabolic Steroids: Not All They're Pumped Up to Be Sexuality and Aging Women's Issues / Men's Issues Sexuality and Disability Physical Limitations / Vision and Sight Impairment / Chronic Illness / Developmental Disabilities / The Sexual Rights of People with Disabilities Sexuality and Cancer Women and Cancer / Think About It Assessing Medical Risk / Men and Cancer Other Sexual Health Issues Toxic Shock Syndrome / Endometriosis / Think About It The Unkindest Cut? Female Circumcision / Lesbian Health Issues / Prostatitis / DES Sons and Daughters 14. Sexual Enhancement and Therapy Sexual Enhancement Self-Awareness / Intensifying Erotic Pleasure Sexual Disorders and Dysfunctions Sexual Disorders / Male Sexual Dysfunctions / Female Sexual Dysfunctions Physical Causes of Sexual Dysfunctions Physical Causes in Men / Physical Causes in Women / Treatment of Physical Problems Psychological Causes of Sexual Dysfunctions Immediate Causes / Conflict Within the Self / Think About It Sexual Abuse, Assault, and Dysfunctions / Relationship Causes Treating Sexual Problems Masters and Johnson: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach / Think About It Cultural/Ethnic Differences and Sex Therapy / Helen Singer Kaplan: Psychosexual Therapy / Other Therapeutic Approaches / Practically Speaking Kegel Exercises / Gay and Lesbian Sex Therapy / Seeking Professional Assistance 15. Sexually Transmitted Diseases X-rated Diseases: The Psychological Impact of STDs Practically Speaking Attitude Scale The Std Epidemic Social Factors / Biological Factors Principal Stds Chlamydia / Gonorrhea / Urinary Tract Infections / Syphilis / Think About It The Tuskegee Syphilis Study: "A Tragedy of Race and Medicine" / Genital Warts / Genital Herpes / Hepatitis / Vaginal Infections / Other STDs / Parasites Stds and Women Biological Sexism / Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) / Cystitis Preventing Std Risk Taking / Abstinence / Think About It The Health Belief Model / Good Health, Safer Sex / Practically Speaking Safer and Unsafe Sexual Practices 16. HIV and AIDS What is AIDS? Aids Myths and Facts / Conditions Associated with AIDS / Symptoms of HIV Infection and AIDS / Understanding AIDS: The Immune System / The Virus / AIDS Pathogenesis: How the Disease Progresses Epidemiology and Transmission of HIV Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS / Myths and Modes of Transmission / Sexual Transmission / Drug Use / Mother-to-Child Transmission / Uncommon Modes of Transmission / Factors Contributing to Infection AIDS Demographics The Gay Community / Women and HIV / Children and HIV / Teens and College Students / Older Adults / Poverty, Ethnicity, and HIV Prevention and Treatment Practically Speaking HIV Prevention Attitude Scale / Protecting Ourselves / Getting the Word Out / HIV Testing / Treatments Living with HIV or AIDS If You Are HIV-Positive / If You Are Caring for Someone with HIV or AIDS 17. Sexual Coercion: Harassment, Aggression, and Abuse Sexual Harassment Flirtation Versus Harassment / Harassment in School and College / Harassment in the Workplace Anti-Gay/Lesbian Harassment, Prejudice, and Discrimination Heterosexual Bias / Prejudice, Discrimination, and Violence / Ending Anti-Gay Prejudice Sexual Aggression The Nature and Incidence of Rape / Myths About Rape / Forms of Rape / Motivations for Rape / Think About It Roofies: The "Rape Drug" / The Aftermath of Rape Child Sexual Abuse General Preconditions for Child Sexual Abuse / Forms of Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse / Children at Risk / Effects of Child Sexual Abuse / Think About It The Memory Wars: Recovered Versus False Memories / Treatment Programs / Preventing Sexual Abuse 18. Commercial Sex: Sexually Oriented Material and Prostitution Sexually Oriented Material in Contemporary America Is It Pornography or Erotica? Is It Obscene? / Sexually Oriented Material and Popular Culture / The Effects of Sexually Oriented Material / Censorship, Sexually Oriented Material, and the Law / Think About It Rock, Rap, and Righteousness: Censorship and Popular Music Prostitution Females Working in Prostitution / Males Working in Prostitution / Prostitution and the Law / The Impact of HIV/AIDS Each chapter includes: Summary Suggested Readings
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