Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI)

Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI)

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  • Paperback | 318 pages
  • SAE International
  • Society of Automotive Engineers,U.S.
  • Warrendale, United States
  • 0768014786
  • 9780768014785

Table of contents

2004-01-1897 Balancing Cylinder-To-Cylinder Variations in a Multi-Cylinder Vcr-Hcci Engine; 2004-01-1898 A Study of Gasoline-Fuelled Hcci Engine Equipped With An Electromagnetic Valve Train; 2004-01-1899 Influence of the Variable Valve Timing Strategy on the Control of a Homogeneous Charge Compression (Hcci) Engine; 2004-01-1900 An Investigation of the Relationship Between Measured Intake Temperature, Bdc Temperature, and Combustion Phasing for Premixed and Di Hcci Engines; 2004-01-1901 Investigation of the Hcci/Cai Combustion Process By 2-D Plif Imaging of Formaldehyde; 2004-01-1902 Analysis of the Effect of Charge Inhomogeneity on Hcci Combustion By Chemiluminescence Measurement; 2004-01-1904 Progress in Diesel Hcci Combustion Within the European Space Light Project; 2004-01-1905 Some Observations on the Effects of Egr, Oxygen Concentration, and Engine Speed on the Homogeneous Charge Combustion of N-Heptane; 2004-01-1906 Potential of Premixed Combustion With Flash Late Injection on a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine; 2004-01-1907 Premixed Compression Ignition (Pci) Combustion for Simultaneous Reduction of Nox and Soot in Diesel Engine; 2004-01-1908 Influence of Reformed Gas Composition on Hcci Combustion of Onboard Methanol-Reformed Gases; 2004-01-1909 Numerical Study of Hcci Combustion in Diesel Engines Using Reduced Chemical Kinetics of N-Heptane With Multidimensional Cfd Code; 2004-01-1910 Spatial Analysis of Emissions Sources for Hcci Combustion At Low Loads Using a Multi-Zone Model; 2004-01-1911 An Investigation Into the Operating Mode Transitions of a Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine Using Egr Trapping; 2004-01-1912 A Chemical Mechanistic Analysis on Compression Ignition Process of Straight Chain Alkanes; 2004-01-1913 Analysis of Premixed Charged Compression Ignition Combustion Using Pdf Method With Multidimensional Cfd; 2004-01-1914 Combustion in a Two-Stage Injection Pcci Engine With Lower-Distillation-Temperature Fuels; 2004-01-1966 Effects of Fuel Properties on Combustion and Exhaust Emissions of Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (Hcci) Engine; 2004-01-1967 The Influence of Prf and Commercial Fuels With High Octane Number on the Auto-Ignition Timing of An Engine Operated in Hcci Combustion Mode With Negative Valve Overlap; 2004-01-1968 Experimental Study on Hcci Combustion Characteristics of N-Heptane and Iso-Octane Fuel/Air Mixture By the Use of a Rapid Compression Machine; 2004-01-1969 The Available and Required Autoignition Quality of Gasoline-Like Fuels in Hcci Engines At High Temperatures; 2004-01-1970 Relevance of Research and Motor Octane Numbers to the Prediction of Engine Autoignition; 2004-01-1971 Hcci in a Variable Compression Ratio Engine - Effects of Engine Variables; 2004-01-1972 Effect of Hydrogen Addition on Natural Gas Hcci Combustion; 2004-01-1973 Residual Gas Trapping for Natural Gas Hcci; 2004-01-1974 A Study of High Combustion Efficiency and Low Co Emission in a Natural Gas Hcci Engine; 2004-01-1975 The Effect of Natural Gas Fuel Composition on Ignition-Combustion at HCCI Engine; 2004-01-1976 Hydrogen as Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine Fuel; 2004-01-1977 Premixed Compression Ignition of Formaldehyde-Doped Lean Butane/Air Mixtures in a Wide Range of Temperature; 2004-01-1978 A Study of the Combustion Completion on the 2-Stroke Hcci Engine With N-Butane/Air Mixture - Investigation of the Composition and the Exhaust Mechanism of the Exhaust Gas.show more