Holy Path of Science & Spirituality

Holy Path of Science & Spirituality : (Theory of Self-Realization)

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About the book: Holy Path of Science & Spirituality The book Path of Science & Spirituality is an attempt to synthesis both spirituality & the latest scientific knowledge and discoveries. Although, God is one and Truth is one, but there are many different religious paths, philosophies, Shastras, Holy-books and literatures. Moreover, our latest scientific discoveries & knowledge doesn't apparently seem to be in agreement with Spirituality. Our mind is puzzled and doesn't accept contradictions. But God is an absolute truth and doesn't create contradictions. The contradictions are due to Maya and our limited scientific knowledge, which is at childish stage. This book explains how the sciences & spiritualism are leading to the same ultimate truth. It is an attempt to remove the confusions between Science & Spirituality. One can be both scientific & spiritual after reading this book. This is an advanced complete theoretical book on Yoga, which synthesis Sciences & Yoga. Author has beautifully answered questions like: Who am 'I'; from where we came; who imprisoned us in our body; what after death? What is the purpose of life? Who are Guru, Teacher and Instructor? What is the difference between Avatara, saint and man? What is this mysterious universe around us? Who made the scientific laws governing the universe? What is the purpose behind creation & destruction of universe? What is God? Is it possible to contact & know God? How to know God and how to contact Him? The author has tried his best to satisfy all such eternal quarries in this rare book. Author explains both the spiritual & scientific view of universe. The book explains how the latest cosmological discoveries of Dark-Matter, Dark-Energies, Big-Rip, Expanding Universe, Black-hole, White-hole, Quasar, Galaxies etc. have changed our scientific view of universe. Strangely, it tallies with the Vedas. This book explains both the spiritual and scientific views of universe separately. We are now sure that universe is not different from God & is the physical body of God under his full control. We are not different from God only Maya has separated us. It further explains how the separation can be removed.
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  • Paperback | 416 pages
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  • black & white illustrations
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  • 9781508745259

About Sri Dharam Vir Mangla

Sh. D.V. Mangla, M.Sc. M.Ed. PGDCA, retired Principal got his master's degrees from University of Delhi. He is religious and extraordinary combination of spiritual and scientific bent of mind. He is practicing 'Kriya Yoga' since 1969 & has opportunity of the company and blessings of great saints. He has devoted his life in the pursuit of God, spiritual studies and yoga. He served as lecturer in Mathematics at University of Aden and worked as Principal in Delhi. He is a scholar of Scriptures, Science, Mathematics, Education and Philosophy. He has the ability to correlate Sciences, Shastras, Spiritual Science and God. His books are rare masterpieces based upon his spiritual inner experiences and vast studies, which are useful for both believers and non-believers. Besides his scientific-cum-spiritual discourses he conducts seminars on yoga & stress management. He is founder of the 'God Realization Foundation' (GRF), and gives spiritual guidance to the members on the basis of various e-Spiritual Tests. His writings are commendable research work and a reservoir for further spiritual researches. He is a renowned author of various advanced level spiritual books, which have been appreciated by thousands of reputed readers throughout the world. Sri Mangla is now the author of ten advanced level rare books on yoga, you will love to read. Visit: www.Mangla2God.blogspot.com or www.godrealization.cc.cc
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