History of Havana

History of Havana : Cuba Libre! Havana's History from Christopher Columbus to Fidel Castro

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Get to know the ups and downs of Havana

Are you planning to visit Havana for your next vacation, to cool off your brain as you learn about Havana's culture and history?

Have you read many confusing stories about Havana, or worse still read for several weeks without getting the real picture of Havana in your previous reading escapades?

This book "History of Havana: Cuba Libre! Havana's History from Christopher Columbus to Fidel Castro" by Carlos Fernando Alvarez is the right reading resource to quench your historical thirst on Havana.

This book details the discovery and establishment of Havana and shows the people behind Havana's establishment and the specific timelines. It also captures the location, the colonial masters and the activities therein.

Havana was and still is one of the most strategic and adventurous city in the world. Havana has a lot of history to give to the world. Despite the difficulties, Havana was and still is able to compete with other major cities.

As I wrote in this book, the economic experts estimate that tourism will be able to produce 12% of the country's total GDP. This could be true if a saying by the former president (Fidel Castro) is anything to go by. Fidel Castro said that tourism could save Cuba as a country. In 2008, an all time high tourism record tipped to near 2.7billion. With the emergence of foreign investors, majorly investing in hospitality industry the tourism index is set to rise to new levels. More income will be required though, to take care of City's infrastructure. The City is having a facelift to attain status of modern tourist destination hub with around 10% under rehabilitation. There is still more work that needs attention in order to reap maximum benefits from tourism.

Why you should read this book?

As is with other books, this book gives all the basic historical information about Havana; however, the book summarizes and compresses all the facts into six easy to read chapters.

The book is meant to give quick and insightful information. The tone and format are reader friendly. The book relates well with day-to-day modern city experience and a guide to aspiring visitors or tourists.

This is what you will be able to learn

The discovery and the establishment of HavanaThe attacks and how the colonial administrations respondedThe century of peaceThe seven years of war because of political and economic alliancesHow foreign invasion affected the economic and demographic landscapeHavana under the rule of Fidel Castro

This book is an insightful historical resource on Havana. Whether you are planning a visit to Havana or need to learn more about Havana, this should be your guide. Why rely on hearsay or stories without facts, read the book now! Havana is the place, please be my guest as we go through the pages together.

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