The Hellenistic Settlements in the East from Armenia and Mesopotamia to Bactria and India

The Hellenistic Settlements in the East from Armenia and Mesopotamia to Bactria and India

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This is the third volume of Getzel Cohen's important work on the Hellenistic settlements in the ancient world. Through the conquests of Alexander the Great, his successors and others, Greek and Macedonian culture spread deep into Asia, with colonists settling as far away as Bactria and India. In this book, Cohen provides historical narratives, detailed references, citations, and commentaries on all the Graeco-Macedonian settlements founded (or refounded) in the East. Organized geographically, Cohen pulls together discoveries and debates from dozens of widely scattered archaeological and epigraphic projects, making a distinct contribution to ongoing questions and opening new avenues of more

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About Getzel M. Cohen

Getzel M. Cohen is Professor of Classics and Director of the Tytus Visiting Scholars Program at the University of Cincinnati. He is also Director of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies. Among his other works, he is the author of The Hellenistic Settlements in Europe, the Islands and Asia Minor and The Hellenistic Settlements in Syria, the Red Sea Basin and North Africa (both UC Press).show more

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Praise for the author's previous volumes on the Hellenistic settlements: "A major piece of scholarship. It will be constantly consulted and will take a place among the leading reference works available to the growing number of scholars and students now working on the Hellenistic age.""American Journal of Archaeology" "An important work for professional classicists and historians interested in Hellenistic cities, city founding, and political history. Indeed, [it] will become the standard reference work on Hellenistic city foundations.""History" "A monumental compendium. . . . [It] will become a standard reference work for the next generation of Hellenistic historians; it can also serve as a model for the distillation and presentation of a massive, scattered, and difficult body of evidence and scholarship on one of the most difficult, but surely most important, aspects of Hellenistic civilization.""Bryn Mawr Clasical Review""show more

Table of contents

Preface The Sources Mesopotamia Bactria and India An Overview Armenia Mesopotamia and the Gulf Region Assyria and Apolloniatis The Iranian Plateau Bactria India I. Armenia Arsamosata Artaxata Artemita Epiphaneia on the Tigris Nicea Nialia Nikopolis Philadelpheia Tigranokerta II. Northern Mesopotamia Alagma Alexandreia in Mesopotamia Alexandreia in Mygdonia Amida Anthemousias Charax Sidou Antioch Arabis Antioch in Mygdonia Apameia on the Euphrates Dara/Dora Diospage Edessa/Antioch on the Kallirhoe Ichnai Kallinikon Karrhai Kirkesion Makedonoupolis Nikatoris Nikephorion Constantina/Constantia Nikephorion (Raqqah) Polyteleia Selok Stratonikeia Zenodotion III. Assyria and Apolloniatis/Sittakene Alexandreia Arbela Alexandreia in Assyria Antioch Apameia Apollonia Artemita Atousia Beth Nikator/Nikator Station Chala Demetrias Diadochoupolis Karka de Beth Selok Ktesiphon Laodikeia Natounia or Natounisarokerta Nikator Selok near Karka Juddan Sittake IV. Southern Mesopotamia and the Persian Gulf Alexandreia/Antioch/Spasinou Charax Alexandreia near Babylon [Alexandreia] near the Pallakopas Alexandreia on the Tigris Alexandrou Nesos Arakia Altars of Alexander Antioch in Persis Antioch on the Ishtar Canal Apameia in Mesene Apameia near the Seleias Apollonia Arethousa Artemita Babylon Bahrain Chalkis Ikaros Karrhai Larisa Neapolis on the Euphrates *Nikatoropolis Portus Macedonum Seleukeia on the Erythraean Sea Seleukeia on the Euphrates (Babylonia) Seleukeia on the Tigris Seleukeia ??? ???SO? Trapezous Uruk Zetis V. Elymais, Susiana, Persis, and Carmania Alexandreia ??? S??S??S Alexandreia in Carmania Alexandreia in Susiana Alexandreia ???S ???S?S Alexandrou Nesos Arakia Altars of Alexander Antioch in Persis Arbis in Gedrosia Gabai Hermoupolis Ionaka Polis Laodikeia Masjid-i Sulaiman Methone Portus Macedonum Seleukeia in Elymais Seleukeia near the Hedyphon Seleukeia on the Erythraean Sea Seleukeia on the Eulaios Stasis Tanagra Tragonike Zetis VI. Media, Hyrcania, and Parthia Achaia in Parthia Alexandropolis Apameia Bisitun Charax Charis Epiphaneia Ekbatana Eumeneia Europos Rhagai Hekatompylos Herakleia Kalliope Kangavar Karafto Khurha Laodikeia in Media Laodikeia Nihavand Nisaia (Nigaia) Settlements Founded by Alexander among the Kossaioi Sirynx Soteira VII. Aria, Sogdiana, Bactria, and Arachosia Achaia in Aria Ai Khanoum Alexandreia/Alexandropolis in Sakastane Alexandreia/Antioch in Margiana Alexandreia/Antioch in Scythia Alexandreia/Antioch Tharmata Alexandreia Eschate Alexandreia in Arachosia Alexandreia in Aria Alexandreia in Opiane Alexandreia in Parapamisadai Alexandreia in Sogdiana Alexandreia Kapisa Alexandreia near Baktra Alexandreia of the Caucasus Alexandreia on the Tanais Alexandreia Oxeiana Alexandreschata in Scythia Antioch Arigaion Artakoana/Artakaena Demetrias in Arachosia Demetrias in Sogdiana Eukratideia Herakleia/Achais (Achaia) Iasonion Kadrusia/um Kampyr Tepe Marakanda Nikaia Prophthasia Rhoitia in Bactria Soteira Tetragonis Thera in Sogdiana VIII. India Alexander's Harbor Alexandreia [?] at the Junction of the Akesines and Indus Alexandreia by Poros Alexandreia in Makarene Alexandreia ???? ??? ?????? ?????? Alexandreia of the Oreitai Alexandreia [?] of the Sogdoi [Alexandreia] on the Akesines Alexandreia ???? SO??????S Alexandreia Rhambakia Alexandropolis Antioch Tharmata Arbis Asterousia Barke Bazira Boukephala Byzantion Charis Daidala Demetrias in Sind Iomousa Kalliope Leuke Massaga [Chief City of] Musikanos/oi Nagara Dionysopolis Nikaia Nysa Ora, Massaga, and Bazira Orobatis Pantipolis Patala Pentapolis Pushkalavati Sagala Euthymedia Salagissa Taxila Theophila Xoana Xylinepolis Appendices I. Founders II. Settlements in Mesopotamia and Iran Attributed to Alexander III. Greek and Macedonian Toponyms and Names/Words That (Re)appear in Mesopotamia and Regions Farther East IV. Refoundations and New Foundations V. Foundations at or near Major Religious Centers VI. Civic Institutions and Offices VII. Ethnics and Toponyms VIII. The Toponymy of the Hellenistic Settlements IX. Polis Hellenis X. The Ethnic "Babylonian" Abbreviations Select Bibliography Index Mapsshow more